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Morgan Lansdale

Morgan Lansdale was the founder and commissioner of the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission). He had absolute and deadly authority in the FBC and his attitude towards problems was perceived as overbearing and firm, but there was no one in the FBC who could oppose him.

He was known for his intelligence, charisma, strong will and leadership ability and commonly voiced heavy-handed and hard-line measures in dealing with bioterrorism. He was also extremely meticulous and worried over the smallest potential problems, an attribute which led him to plan things to the minutest detail. His cunning and silver hair earned him the nickname Silver Fox.


Lansdale began his career in the U.S. military and engaged in foreign espionage over many years in the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). He was viewed as monstrous due to his considerable charisma, even in the underground community. He eventually retired and served as an advisor to the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies.

In 2001, Lansdale used a wave of public opinion to appeal to Congress for stronger measures against the increasing risk of bioterrorism due to the leak of biological weapons onto the black market after the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation. He requested the formation of a specialized agency to take charge of countermeasures. Acceeding to his requests, Congress passed the National Biological Defense Act and established the FBC. Lansdale was elected FBC Commissioner and National Biological Defense Community Director by the National Security Council. Firmly rooted in these positions, he became a major player in international public health and biological defense.

In 2004, he was requested by TRICELL to supply three cruise ships seized from a bankrupt Umbrella subsidiary to a research team studying The Abyss virus and developing a weaponized strain ostensibly to prevent bioterrorism. However, Lansdale's motives deviated from those of TRICELL and he schemed to use t-Abyss to cause a man-made pandemic fully displaying the threat of bioterrorism to the world, expanding the FBC's jurisdiction and giving the research team enough data to develop a vaccine, believing his motives to be noble and for the sake of the greater good despite the heavy innocent casualties it would involve.

Terragrigia Panic (2004)

In 2004, Lansdale contacted Jack Norman, leader of the Italian terrorist group Il Veltro. He suggested they attack the marine city of Terragrigia and supplied them with eight samples of t-Abyss, UAVs to disperse it, Hunter B.O.W.s and the use of the Queen Zenobia and its two sister ships as bases of operations.

He suggested the attack on Terragrigia because according to the conditions stipulated in the treaty outlining the city's governance, both the U.S. and Europe had equal authority during a terrorist attack, but only "during the event of bioterrorism" did the FBC assume a leadership role that would allow Lansdale to have full control over countermeasures. The attack was carried out and the FBC took complete control, making its name known all over the world and building a strong position with the intention to use the incident to support expanding the FBC's jurisdiction.

Lansdale announced that EU involvement would not be tolerated, but European authorities pressed him to respect their rights in the matter and convinced him to allow Clive R. O'Brian of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) to support the FBC as an observer. Lansdale ignored the BSAA used the incident to gather data on the spread and mutation of t-Abyss. After three weeks, he ordered the use of the city's Regia SOLIS (Solar Integrated System) satellite to scorch the city and exterminate the virus and infected organisms.

Before the FBC's evacuation, Lansdale ensured that t-Abyss was leaked on the Queen Zenobia and its sister ships in order to wipe out Veltro. He was threatened by Jack Norman about the release of recordings of his interactions with Veltro, but the sinking of the Queen Dido buried this possibility. He then sent the t-Abyss research team to the Queen Zenobia in order to observe the virus in a controlled environment and develop the vaccine, then publicly announced that the FBC had successfully disbanded Veltro in a mop-up operation on their hideouts.

Following the incident, Lansdale ordered Jessica Sherawat to transfer to the BSAA as a spy. The FBC was cemented as the world's leading anti-bioterrorism organization and its jurisdiction was expanded by Congress.

Queen Zenobia Incident (2005)

In 2005, the t-Abyss research team developed the prototype vaccine. When Lansdale was informed, he showed uncharacteristic felicity. As soon as he was sent the research data, he locked the doors to the Queen Zenobia's laboratory and awakened the B.O.W.s from their stasis to murder the research team able to link him to the Terragrigia Panic.

At some point, Lansdale became aware that Clive O'Brian and FBC agent Raymond Vester were investigating him. Shortly thereafter, strange mutated corpses began to wash up on the shore of a coastal town close to Terragrigia. Knowing the source was the sunken Queen Dido, Lansdale sealed off the area sent an FBC team to the sunken ship in order to seize the evidence held by Jack Norman, but the team was killed.

Soon after, information was leaked with sufficient reason to suspect the involvement of Veltro, and the location of their new hideout. Startled, Lansdale used Sherawat to ascertain the hideout's location of the hideout and immediately sent B.O.W.s to the area as part of a clean-up measure. He ordered the use of the Regia Solis to destroy the Queen Zenobia and Queen Semiramis, and also ordered Sherawat to activate their self-destruct systems in the event of failure.

He appeared before Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine via monitor in the Queen Zenobia's laboratory and attempted to kill them by releasing more B.O.W.s. When this failed, he left their fates to Sherawat's activation of the ship's self-destruct system. He then ordered the FBC to raid the BSAA Headquarters and arrested O'Brian on suspicion of collaborating with Veltro. Soon after, Norman's evidence was broadcast by Redfield and Valentine, exposing Lansdale's involvement in the Terragrigia Panic.

Lansdale was arrested by O'Brian and taken away by FBC agents. TRICELL cut ties with him and refused to use its political connections to defend him.

Legacy (2011)

After his 2005 arrest, Lansdale retained a considerable following among individuals favoring similar hard-line measures against bioterrorism. One individual was his apprentice Neil Fisher, a member of the NGO TerraSave.

In 2011, Fisher contacted Alex Wesker and offered to supply TerraSave employees as test subjects in exchange for a sample of the Uroboros virus, which he intended to use to cause a bioterrorism incident on the same scale as Terragrigia in order to force the U.S. government to once again establish an organization like the FBC which could once again exact hard-line measures refused by the BSAA.