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B.O.W. Model: "Nemesis-T Type (Pursuer)"
Base Organism: Human


Nemesis-T Type

The Nemesis-T Type, also called Pursuer, was a B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) developed by the European branch of the Umbrella Corporation using the NE-α Type parasite on a Tyrant host to create a B.O.W. with superior combat abilities and the intelligence to carry out commands autonomously. Its improved intelligence also allowed it to use a variety of weapons. 1 2 3 4


On July 25, 1998, William Birkin announced the B.O.W. combat data acquired in the Mansion Incident during a meeting with the Umbrella Chicago branch. Based on the results, the B.O.W. research teams realized that the intelligence of most B.O.W.'s created by the t-virus was critically low, making them insufficient to be sold as products. Even the Tyrant (T-002 Type), though considered the ultimate life-form, broke free of control by gaining a sense of self while isolated during the incident.

Against this result and in opposition to the American branch's dominance of infantry-type B.O.W.'s led by Birkin, the research teams of each European branch under the direct control of Umbrella Headquarters united to respectively research unique concepts seeking possibilities in improving B.O.W. intelligence through different approaches. Having continued research for some time, an answer was presented by a French laboratory, a unique biological remodeling process said to completely place the brain under control while strengthening a B.O.W.'s capabilities by allowing an organism of an entirely new species to take control of it.

The Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory reinvigorated the decade-old Nemesis Project by developing a strain of the parasite able to attach to and control any vertebrae. The laboratory ordered several of the Tyrant (T-103 Type) from the American branch for use as test subjects, as well as the chemical VT-J98 suited to their cultivation. 5 During the culture process, one test subject gained a sense of self and attempted to escape the facility with others. This incident showed that the intelligence of the test subject had drastically improved and suggested a risk that a B.O.W. could become a new intelligent and sentient organism and rebel against humanity.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (Sep. 1998)

In late September 1998, a biohazard outbreak of the t-virus occurred in Raccoon City. The European branch staged a field test seeking to showcase its superiority using a single Nemesis-T Type trained in specialized armaments and educated with visual materials with a mission to kill surviving officers of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service). If it succeeded, it would've been deemed superior to the American-made Tyrant previously destroyed by the officers. The armaments were placed in Raccoon City by monitor agents and the B.O.W. was deployed into the city via helicopter.

The Nemesis-T Type killed Brad Vickers and hunted Jill Valentine throughout the city while also engaging members of the U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) and encountering at least one monitor agent 6. However, it was defeated multiple times and mutated twice due to damage from Valentine. Although it eventually went berserk, it never lost sight of its mission but was ultimately killed. Combat data was collected by Umbrella and the rival company Albert Wesker and Ada Wong belonged to. 7 8

Rockfort Island Incident (Dec. 1998)

A Nemesis-T Type developed by Umbrella U.S.A. was shipped to Rockfort Island via submarine as an extra layer of security for the island in response to the increasing threat of attack by Umbrella's rival company. The fate of this specimen was unknown as it was not encountered by Claire Redfield. 9

Although the Nemesis-T Type greatly exceeded the Tyrant's specifications, its grotesque appearance and lack of elegance as a weapon prevented it from being mass-produced and sold as a product. Umbrella's management considered the Tyrant's mass-production paramount and denied the Sixth Laboratory the budget to perfect the Nemesis-T Type. If a more human appearance were realized, commercialization would be possible.


First Form

As the parasite led to the development of intelligence, the Nemesis-T Type was capable of using a variety of complex weapons, the most prominent of which was a specially-designed rocket launcher too large for a human to carry. It was highly skilled in its use, able to take down a moving helicopter with a single rocket. The specially designed coat provided protection against bullets and explosions and acted as a fail-safe to prevent the B.O.W. from going out of control. With education through human trainers, it was able to carry out orders precisely and independently, able to make its own decisions and adapt to changing situations. Without trainers however, it would merely be a fierce B.O.W. that killed indiscriminately. 10

The regenerative powers of the Nemesis-T surpassed a normal Tyrant due to the influence of a cell activation composition secreted by the parasite, but a side-effect of this composition was a grotesque appearance barely resembling a human. In the process of healing itself, the speed of its mutation increased causing the creature to undergo strange and awkward mutations which were completely unpredictable. Like other creatures infected with the virus, the Nemesis-T could also infect other creatures. The t-virus incubating within its body was a stronger form affected by the parasite's cell activation composition and capable of turning a host into a Zombie even with the destruction of the brain, such as in the case of Brad Vickers. Its method of transmitting the virus was through its tentacles, which protruded from the host's body, which required significant levels of surgery that gave it a grotesque and monstrous appearance.

Second Form

Following the loss of its protective coat, the Nemesis-T's full power was unleashed. The parasite became larger causing its tentacles to develop at an alarming rate, with its hands no longer able to use weapons. Instead, it began to rely exclusively on its tentacles as weapons. The increased size of its tentacles led to an increase in aggression, and in addition, the enlargement of the Nemesis' body can be seen as it trying to adapt to the critical life or death situation it faced after being wounded. Increased secretion of the cell activation composition caused its appearance to deterioate further while healing its wounds.

Third Form

The second mutation of the Nemesis-T was the result of severe damage, including the loss of its head and one of its arms. The destruction of its Tyrant brain activated its defensive instincts. It feasted on the corpse of a nearby Tyrant, ingesting t-virus cells that enabled it to regenerate once more. With the cells from the Nemesis parasite and the Tyrant opposing each other, it continued to mutate until it reached a gigantic size. As the brain of the parasite attempted to protect its predatory abilities, it eventually mutated into an all-consuming digestive organ with a single purpose to hunt prey, with large bubbles of acidic liquid forming on its back. Its survival instincts overwrote its attack programming but despite this, it still attempted to carry out its original order to eliminate S.T.A.R.S.


The Nemesis-T Type was named after the Greek Goddess of Vengeance by its development team at the Sixth Laboratory, representing their desire for revenge against S.T.A.R.S. for destroying the prototype Tyrant T-002 during the Mansion Incident. It was also called "Pursuer" after its ability to hunt and chase its targets.


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