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Neo Umbrella

Neo Umbrella was an underground B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) manufacturer and bioterrorist organization formed by Carla Radames using the resources of The Family. It was responsible for the 2013 bioterrorism incident in Lanshiang, China. Under this "umbrella", she began C-virus strengthening experiments and made preparations to destroy the "stable world" The Family protected. 1


In 2011, Radames used a fanatical Neo Umbrella researcher as the host of the utlimate B.O.W. Ustanak. 2

In 2012, Radames conducted a field test of a certain C-virus strain at the elite Marhawa School in Asia ostensibly under the order of Simmons. A tissue fragment was recovered from test subject Nanan Yoshihara which enabled The Family to develop an aerosol form of the virus capable of creating strengthened Zombies.3

In December, Radames was ordered by Simmons to infiltrate the Republic of Edonia under the cover of the civil war to ensure the survival of Sherry Birkin as she attempted to extract Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker who held antibodies capable of creating a C-virus vaccine. Instead, she abducted them and reported them dead. They were brought to a secret Neo Umbrella confinement facility in Lanshiang and six months of experiments on their unique physiology gave Radames clues to creating a strengthened C-virus. 4 5

Additionally, she encountered Chris Redfield of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), revealing herself as "Ada Wong" and killing all but one on his team after luring them into a trap. However, the BSAA's subsequent investigation was advanced cautiously since there was nothing proving the existence of an organization named Neo Umbrella during the Edonian civil war, and the words of "Ada Wong" may have been fake.

On June 27, 2013, Radames contacted Ada Wong while she was investigating The Family, via a proprietary digital cube which she used to digitally disguise her appearance and voice to resemble Simmons. She lured Wong to her submarine which she recently hijacked and informed her of her plan to cause bioterrorism incidents in Lanshiang and the American city of Tall Oaks. Two days later, Radames continued to direct Wong to The Family's underground laboratory beneath Tall Oaks Church where the video of her "rebirth" resided. 6

On June 29, Radames' army launched a conventional attack on Lanshiang. As Neo Umbrella formally issued a claim of responsibility and the presence of its leader "Ada Wong" was confirmed, the BSAA called in Alpha Team of the North America branch due to their prior experience with the organization in Edonia. In the chaos, she used the BSAA as combat test subjects against a range of B.O.W.'s.


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