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Neo Umbrella

Neo Umbrella was a faux bioterrorist organization fabricated by Derek C. Simmons using the resources of The Family. Although not a real organization initially, it took form after Carla Radames assumed its name.


Neo Umbrella was the main component of Derek Simmons' plot to control global conflict and bioterrorism by monopolizing the weapons and countermeasures used in them. The organization assumed the name of the Umbrella Corporation due to its notoriety and ability to strike fear into the global community. Simmons used Neo Umbrella to show that giant organizations able to cause large-scale bioterrorism still existed, and also to display the United States' superiority over China as the dominant power in global affairs.

In 2012, Carla Radames assumed the organization's name with access to The Family's resources. Using the C-virus, she amassed an army of the B.O.W. J'avo and produced many biological weapons. The new organization constructed a large underwater facility in Chinese waters to extract magma from beneath the ocean floor from which bacteria and microbes were extracted to enable the development of a B.O.W. able to survive in such hostile conditions, Haos.

In December 2012, in response to an order from Simmons to ensure the survival of Jake Muller, Radames secretly abducted Muller and the agent sent to protect him, Sherry Birkin, claiming they'd been killed. Over the next six months, she and her subordinates experimented on the two who each held unique implications on virus development. Using Muller's genetic makeup, an enhanced strain of the C-virus was created.

In June 2013, Radames enacted the final stage of her plan. She posed as Simmons and contacted Ada Wong, who the world would blame for its destruction due to Radames having been turned into a "clone" of her. Simmons executed a bioterrorism attack on the American town of Tall Oaks and used Neo Umbrella to claim responsibility. Then Radames launched her own attack on the Chinese coastal city of Lanshiang and used Neo Umbrella to claim responsibility, to Simmons' shock. Both Simmons and Radames were killed in the incident, leaving "Neo Umbrella" without a leader while Radames' forces were eliminated.