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Oswell E. Spencer Portrait (BIOHAZARD 5)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1923
Date of Death: 08/08/2006
Gender: Male
Height: 179.4 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: White


Oswell E. Spencer

Lord Oswell E. Spencer was a virologist and prideful multimillionaire aristocrat with absolute power as the world famous Chairman and CEO of the Umbrella Corporation.

As one of the company's three founders, he took part in the search that led to the discovery of the Progenitor virus. A cold, ruthless, elitist and ambitious individual, he mercilessly murdered his rivals and gradually increased his power within the company. His hobbies were hunting and art collecting. 1

He strongly believed he was one of the "chosen ones" and that people should be ruled by someone physically and intellectually superior. He attempted to realize this philosophy on a global scale by creating an evolved human species with the Progenitor virus. He recognized its potential for military application and approved research on the t-virus for B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) development and later approved development of the G-virus.

After the annihilation of Umbrella, he went into hiding and became a figure who struck untold fear in people around the world with an ambition similar to Adolf Hitler. He controlled Umbrella without appearing even to executives, and his personality and true purpose were wrapped in a veil of darkness. 2


In 1939, Spencer attended a university at sixteen years old when he met older student James Marcus. The two became friends and remained close even when Marcus graduated that year.

In 1962, Spencer commissioned New York City architect George Trevor to construct a large European-style mansion in Raccoon Forest, located in the Arklay Mountains region of the American Midwest. The mansion's design was based on a model within Spencer's office, itself was based on the ancestral Spencer Estate castle in Europe.

Progenitor Virus (1966)

In 1966, Spencer read the 72-volume "Natural History Conspectus" by Henry Travis. He took interest in the ethnological side of the books. From a description regarding the king selection ceremony of the Ndipaya tribe, he predicted the existence of the "Stairway of the Sun", a rare flower with which one could obtain great superhuman capabilities by consuming it.

In September, he approached fellow aristocrat Edward Ashford and authority in virology James Marcus with news of the flower. Originally, everyone believed it to be some sort of mere rumor of a fake tale, but Marcus reflected that its superhuman properties could be a phenomenon caused by an unknown virus altering the DNA of those who consume the flower. In order to disprove or confirm the flower's significance, the three organized an expedition to West Africa to find it. 3

On December 4, 1966, the expedition team discovered a virus within the Sun flower, naming it "Progenitor." The resources available to them in Africa were insufficient for studying the virus, and so the expedition team returned to Europe. Marcus and Bailey returned with samples of the flower to cultivate the virus elsewhere. However, these cultivated flowers did not contain the virus and it was discovered that the virus would only manifest in the flower's native conditions.

Spencer ordered the construction of a secret underground laboratory beneath his mansion in the Arklay Mountains. In order to expedite cultivation and research of the Progenitor virus from Africa, Spencer also commissioned the construction of the Africa Laboratory. Although investigation showed that the virus could rewrite genes, modern humans injected with it would die through intense mutations. Spencer devoted himself to research in order to realize immortality, but funding for this research began to run out despite his personal wealth. In order to accumulate this funding, he began to consider the establishment of a company. That was the beginning of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.

Arklay Laboratory (1967)

In July 1967, Spencer returned fro Africa with samples of the Progenitor virus and moved to the near-complete Spencer Mansion. He hired researchers to begin development which led to the creation of two mutant strains, TYPE-A and TYPE-B.

On October 6, Spencer mailed a letter to George Trevor inviting his family to the mansion, intending to use the opportunity to use them as human test subjects. Trevor himself was busy with work in New York City and sent his wife and daughter ahead.

On November 10, the Trevors arrived at the mansion. Spencer gave them a guided tour and allowed them to play the piano. Later that night, he ordered his men to imprison them. Jessica Trevor, George's wife, was administered TYPE-A and died unable to adapt to the virus. Lisa Trevor, George's daughter, was administered TYPE-B and survived but with defects and was kept in the laboratory for research purposes and further examination.

On November 13, Trevor arrived at the mansion. Four days later, Spencer met with three of his researchers to listen to the concept of controlling the Progenitor virus' mutations by using a variant virus which weakened its capabilities, then mass-producing and selling mutants created with this process via cloning to fund the research. However, the researchers noted that this concept was still at a fundamental stage and long-term research was necessary. 4

On November 23, as Trevor was the only other person aware of the mansion's secret traps, Spencer ordered him to be captured and imprisoned for the sake of confidentiality. On December 1, Trevor died within the mansion. Spencer informed Ashford of his death and announced to Ashford and Marcus the plan to develop a variant strain of the Progenitor virus able to mutate modern humans without killing them and realize their goal of immortality. Ashford began the research and laid the foundation of the t-Virus Project, and variant strains of the Progenitor virus became known as "Tyrant."

Umbrella Pharmaceuticals (1968-1978)

In April 1968, Spencer convinced Ashford and Marcus to help establish Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to camouflage and fund their immortality research. He enlisted the financial aid of other noble families in exchange for executive positions within the company, including the Henry and Beardsley families.

In July, Spencer orchestrated the accidental death of Edward Ashford after he was exposed to the Progenitor virus. With the failure of Alexander Ashford to make any advances in t-virus research after succeeding his father, the Ashford family's power and authority within the company faded and Spencer was able to seize further influence. 5

In August, Spencer began to pour his time into the company's management. In order to expedite cultivation and research of the Progenitor virus in Africa, he commissioned the construction of the Africa Laboratory. He also requested Marcus to become director of the company's executive training center. Marcus accepted on the condition that he could continue his research with the Progenitor virus in the training center. However, Spencer's ulterior motive was to manipulate Marcus into creating a new virus, which he would then seize for himself. 6

Spencer expanded the company's connections and gained influence within several national governments, including the U.S. He also implemented a plan to gather several hundred children from around the world born to parents of notable achievement in order to create the perfect model for a new humanity. This was the "Wesker Project", named after the chief researcher at the time. All of the project's children were implanted with a mental fail-safe to seek out Spencer and were given the surname Wesker and dispersed throughout the world with close surveillance.

In 1977, Albert Wesker appeared at the Umbrella executive training center, regarded as the best of the elite Weskers. Spencer viewed him as an acceptable model for his new humanity, but also harbored admiration for another elite, Alex Wesker. As Umbrella continued to profit, the goal of the founders to use the Progenitor virus for evolution became completely shrouded in darkness even among the company's employees.

t-Virus Project (1978-1998)

In 1978, Albert Wesker reported Marcus' poor research management to Spencer, including the use of executive candidate employees as test subjects. Spencer formed a secret agreement with Wesker and another executive candidate, William Birkin, to steal Marcus' developmental t-virus in exchange for promotions as chief scientists as Spencer's own Arklay Laboratory. With the successful robbery of the virus, he shut down the training center.

In 1988, Spencer deemed Marcus no longer necessary and ordered Wesker and Birkin to assassinate him and seize his research results. The credit for the creation of the t-virus was attributed to Birkin. In the summer, he backed Wesker and Birkin in their importation of a prototype specimen of the "Nemesis" parasite from the Sixth Laboratory in France. By the 1990s, Spencer lost the use of his legs and required the use of a wheelchair.

In 1991, Spencer approved the G-Virus Project proposed by Birkin and ordered the construction of a secret underground laboratory beneath Raccoon City. In December, former Soviet colonel Sergei Vladimir contacted Umbrella. After passing the host test for Tyrant adaptation, it was discovered that he was one of the rare individuals with a compatible genetic code for the creation of a Tyrant. In exchange for 10 clones of himself, Spencer appointed Vladimir as an executive officer. Eventually, Spencer stopped visiting the Spencer Mansion and never showed his face in public, removing himself from the day-to-day operations of Umbrella.

In the latter half of the 1990s, Spencer purchased an abandoned American military base on Sonido de Tortuga Island in the South Seas and established a new research facility with many researchers. A photograph with Spencer and the researchers was taken to commemorate the event.

Umbrella's End (1998-2003)

In 1998, Spencer ordered the Reclamation Project to examine and restore the executive training center as a replacement research facility for the lost Arklay Laboratory. Soon after, biohazard outbreaks began to occur throughout the Arklay Mountains, eventually culminating in a city-wide outbreak in the nearby Raccoon City. The city was then eradicated by the U.S. Army.

In November, Spencer ordered the closure of the Africa Laboratory and the assassination of its related employees to conceal the Progenitor virus' location. 7 He also purchased an abandoned chemical plant in the Caucasus region of Southern Russia and commissioned construction of a secret underground laboratory. 8 9

In 1999, an investigation into the cause of the Raccoon City incident began and the U.S. government issued a business suspension decree to Umbrella, and the corporation was faced with many lawsuits. Spencer hired the best lawyers he could afford and managed to shift part of the blame for the incident towards the U.S. government by leaking its secrets and promoting a government conspiracy to the public and the media. 10

In 2003, due to the leak of information from the U.M.F.-013 by Albert Wesker, the company was declared guilty of all charges related to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. With the conclusion of the court trial, Spencer disappeared and became a wanted fugitive pursued by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the Russian MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). He began leading a secluded life growing old in his ancestral castle, the Spencer Estate, one of many hideouts prepared all over the world.

Final Years (2003-2006)

Spencer considered himself worthy of being a god to lead humanity to the next stage of evolution. However, his own body grew old and diseased. He almost completely lost the use of his legs and remained confined to a wheelchair. Dying without completing this mission was not an option.

Depressed that his plan had not yet succeeded and time continued to ravage his body, he spent almost all of his time in his castle's study. His only company were his bodyguards and faithful butler Patrick, whose family served the Spencer family for three generations. However, Spencer remained in contact with a handful of talented scientists, particularly the only other survivor of the Wesker Project, Alex Wesker. 11 12

In 2004, Spencer requested Wesker to develop a virus for immortality, research that was cut short due to the destruction of Raccoon City. He supplied her with funding, equipment, research material, several hundred test subjects and the research facility on Sonido de Tortuga Island. A month later, Spencer received a phone call from Wesker requesting additional test subjects. 13

In 2006, Spencer continued to await news of the virus' success and sent over ten thousand test subjects to the island. However, many of his organs had failed and he was hooked up to a machine. 14 He eventually received word of the experiment's success, but discovered that Wesker betrayed him and disappeared along with the research, test subjects, and scientists. In a desperate last effort, he enlisted Patrick to assist him in the development of a virus using test subjects confined beneath the Spencer Estate. 15

With his own experiments creating several failed Blob mutations, Spencer realized his death was inevitable. He conceded that he would never realize his plan himself and enlisted Patrick to leak information on his location to Albert Wesker, hoping that he would be able to pass on his ambition. He then dismissed Patrick from his duties and was left with only his bodyguards at the estate, waiting for Wesker to find him. 16.

Wesker arrived at the estate and murdered Spencer's bodyguards, then confronted him in the library. Spencer spoke "You're back..." The words barely audible amidst his cough-racked laugh. Appearing to read Wesker's thoughts, Spencer laid out everything about his plan to him and lied, claiming he was the only survivor of the Wesker Project in order to keep him focused on Spencer's goal and stop him from pursuing Alex Wesker.

All Wesker children were programmed to seek Spencer out, which manifested itself as a growing anxiety within each of the subjects. Just as Spencer had predicted, Wesker came to him. However, he made one miscalculation. His fail-safe only worked for as long as he remained a mystery. As soon as the mystery was revealed, Wesker no longer needed to restrain himself. 17

In the end, Wesker killed his "father" and took over his ambition with the development of the Uroboros virus.


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