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Country: U.S.A - Mid West
Population: 100,000+


Raccoon City

Raccoon City was an urban community located in the American mid-west. At its peak, it had a population of over one hundred thousand. While existing as a town initially, it was thanks to the many donations by Umbrella that Raccoon prospered into a full fledged city in the late 20th century. Following the T-virus outbreak that afflicted the city in September 1998, the entire community was destroyed by an experimental nuclear weapon by the United States government, as part of Mission Code: XX (Bacillus Terminate).



Situated in the mid-west of the United States of America, Raccoon City started out as a small rural town community that through the many developments ushered in by Umbrella, soon flourished and prospered into a city. Prior to Umbrella's actual involvement, Raccoon was built upon the hard work of its citizens. In 1969, the Kite Brothers established the first underground railway system. While the system was initially very basic, it was fully supported by the citizens of Raccoon who used the railway regularly and made many contributions towards its success. Building upon this, they soon created their own company. Another early contributor was Michael Warren, an electrical engineer who moved to the town in 1961. During his time, Warren worked on the pre-existing cable car systems and was also in charge of maintaining the town's growing electrical requirements.

By 1968, Raccoon had developed into a city. From this point on, it would be known as Raccoon City.

A New Mayor

In 1988, Michael Warren was elected as the new mayor of Raccoon City. With his many personal contributions towards the city's development, Warren was a popular choice of the citizens. Unfortunately, it was believed that he was also under the influence of Umbrella, whose control over the city was increasing dramatically. As part of his administration, Warren accepted a number of monetary donations from Umbrella, and worked with them in modernising the city and establishing a number of public services that would later prove vital to Raccoon City. This campaign was known as "A Bright 21st Century for Raccoon City" and was wholly supported by Umbrella themselves. Part of this extensive development project was the construction of a municipal building, as well as a new hospital in 1992. The Kite Brothers Railway was also renovated, now sporting 8 stations and stretching over 8.5 miles.

Thanks to Warren's support of Umbrella, the insidious company continued to shower the city with financial contributions and eventually gained total control over the entirety of Raccoon City. It is no doubt thanks to Warren that Umbrella's activities in the Arklay forest region were kept secret by his administration. In 1996, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) established a branch in Raccoon City. By 1998, Raccoon City was considered "Home of Umbrella".

In April 1998, the city's water supply was reported to be contaminated. While it is unknown exactly where such contamination originated, it can be theorised that the P-12A Incinerator Facility (Dead Factory) was a primary contributor.


Due to the outburst of Queen Leech (under the guise of James Marcus) in May 1998, the T-virus was leaked throughout the Arklay Research Facility buried within the adjacent Arklay Forest. With this act, the virus slowly began to seap into the surrounding area, infecting countless forms of plant life and slowly making it's way towards Raccoon City itself. Guard dogs from the Arklay Research Facility also managed to break loose, and the ensuing months were littered with reports of mysterious, grisly murders caused by countless organisms from the facility. The explosion caused by the self-destruct mechanism within the Arklay Research Facility became public knowledge, but the exact details were covered up by Umbrella and the Raccoon Police Department.

On September 11th, large mutated insects were reported having attacked campers in the forest. Zombies soon began to roam the forest, and countless Cerberus began to prowl. Eventually, the mutilated corpse of a young woman was discovered. Soon enough, more reports began to surface, including the murder of a family of three in the western area of the Arklay Mountains, a 39 year old man in the Mendez River dock area and an elderly couple. Eyewitness reports of creatures matching the descriptions of Zombies and Cerberus were also on the rise. By July, over 30 murders had occured.

Umbrella itself immediately took an interest in the reports, and with the Arklay Research Facility now completely decimated due to the outbreak, began the "X-Day" procedure. The destruction of the facility (or rather, the mansion) was covered in local news, but the exact details behind the incident were insidiously covered up by Umbrella.

More and more sightings of strange creatures surfaced in Raccoon City at an alarming rate and by late September, the T-virus that had been slowly leaking into the city from the outbreak caused by James Marcus had reached critical levels in Raccoon City. On top of this, the recent G-virus retrieval mission was met with failure, and William Birkin had transformed into a towering creature and smashed countless T-virus vials in the sewers. Subsequently, rats began to spread the virus throughout the city sewer system, and into the city itself. This brought the outbreak to critical levels, and soon enough, most of the city was infected.

Zombies littered the streets, leaving many citizens completely helpless. As the Raccoon Police Department staged countless attempts to quell the horror, they were all met with failure thanks to Chief Brian Irons meddling with the ammunition and weapon stockpile, causing a mismanagement which would prove deadly. However, zombies were not the only creatures the helpess citizens of Raccoon City had to contend with. The city was crawling with monstrosities like Cerberus, Lickers, Scissor Tails and more horrific mutations such as the Grave Digger. Mayor Michael Warren escaped just prior, and the National Guard quickly set up barricades around Raccoon City to prevent entry and escape. These barricades were finally completed around September 30th.

Raccoon City became Umbrella's personal playground, and was used as the first wide-scale test for the effectiveness of their bioweapons. On September 26th Umbrella had dispatched several units of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service into the city to gather ample combat data against the creatures infesting the city. Within these units, Umbrella included Supervisors (also known as Monitors) to take care of more secretive missions such as data retrieval and the destruction of incriminating evidence of Umbrella's involvement such as the Raccoon General Hospital. One such operative was Nicholai Ginovaef, who carried out the majority of these missions while also eliminating the other Supervisors along the way. These Supervisors were also used to collect the B.O.W. combat data, which Nicholai gathered large amounts of.

By September 31st, the United States Government issued the order for the commencement of Operation: Baccilus Terminate in an effort to stop further viral outbreak, as well as conceal their own involvement in the affair. A special commitee within the Senate (of which Ron Davis was a member) decided upon this action, which was pushed through by the President. On dawn of October 1st, Raccoon City was wiped completely off the map by an experimental nuclear weapon, vaporizing the town and the surrounding forest.


Being a corporate and industrialized town, over 1/3 of the Raccoon City population was employed in some form or another by Umbrella, who were largely responsible for the city's rapid growth and economic success.

The city celebrated the "Michael Festival" on September 29th each year, derived from Saint Micheal in a Christian appreciation of the harvest season. The clock tower is named after Saint Michael.


Civilian buildings

City Hall

Raccoon City Hall was a municipal building housing the city's primary politcal figures. A statue of Mayor Michael Warren was erected following the refurbishment of the building thanks to funding from Umbrella in 1992.

The Apple Inn

The Apple Inn was hit hard during the outbreak thanks to previous issues with the boiler system. The inn was turned into a living hellfire, and became infested with Lickers. One unique Licker specimen encountered here was the Regis Licker. The Raccoon Fire Department managed to extinguish the fires in the inn. Ada Wong was scheduled to meet a contact there from The Organization during the outbreak in Raccoon City, though the contact was already dead by the time she arrived.

J's Bar

Located in the center of Raccoon City, J's Bar is well-known for having several popular brands of wine on hand. Raccoon City police officers often visited the bar during their down-time. Among them were Kevin Ryman and Barry Burton.

Kendo Gun Shop

Owned by Robert Kendo and located not far from the R.P.D., Kendo Gun Shop was the only gun store in Raccoon City and was often employed by the R.P.D. to produce custom firearms for the S.T.A.R.S. unit.

St. Michael's Clock Tower

The clock tower on the east side of town was a popular tourist attraction commonly featured in postcards.  During the Raccoon City Incident, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service planned to use the tower as an evacuation point, but most UBCS members died before reaching the site.  The clock tower was partially destroyed when a UBCS helicopter was destroyed by the Nemesis and crashed into the tower.

Raccoon City Park

Located on the east side of town, the city park was located adjacent to St. Michael's Clock Tower and Raccoon City Hospital.  A small cemetery was located on the far side of the park.

Raccoon City Dam

Douglas Prison

A prison located within Raccoon City, presumably on the outskirts. It sufferred from outdated security and a poor infrastructure, which led to many escape attempts.

The Raccoon Press

The head office for one of Raccoon City's main newspapers. During the outbreak, the entire building was left in flames. An R.F.D. crew which attempted to extinguish the flames were killed in the process.

Raccoon University

Raccoon University was a small local university with a well-funded biology department.  Several faculty members, including Umbrella employee Greg Mueller, used the university's facilities to develop an antiviral reagent for use against the T-Virus.  The university also housed clandestine Umbrella Corporation research space in the sub-basement, in which Ma-124 Gamma Hunters were grown, and in which the Thanatos Tyrant was developed.  Tunnels beneath the university led to Raccoon City's subway system.  The University was destroyed by Umbrella Monitor Nicholai Ginovaef during an operation to retrieve a sample from the Thanatos Tyrant.

Umbrella facilities

Umbrella Chemical Plant

Located near the city limits, the Umbrella Chemical Plant was the main public presence of Umbrella within the city, contributing to a vast majority of the city's economy with many citizens being employed.

P-12A Waste Incineration Plant ("Abandoned Factory")

Colloquially known as the "Abandoned Factory", the P-12A Waste Incineration Plant was an Umbrella-owned waste disposal plant that had been tasked with the destruction of disused hazardous materials from the underground research facility beneath Raccoon City used by William Birkin. In May 1998, the facility came under the jurisdiction of a new manager, though eventually it was overrun with waste materials and suffered from staff neglience. By late July, the T-virus had leaked and contaminated the whole plant.

Umbrella Underground Research Facility

In 1991, Umbrella authorised and funded the construction of an extensive underground research facility where virologist William Birkin would carry out his research into the G-virus. A whole network of laboratories were housed in this facility, extending as far down as eight sub-basement levels. Birkin transferred to the facility in 1993. In September 1998, a failed assassination attempt on Birkin by members of the Umbrella Security Service resulted in a leak of the T-virus throughout the facility. The entrance was tucked away in the industrial block of the city.

Umbrella Raccoon City Headquarters

Located at the very heart of Raccoon City, Umbrella maintained a central headquarters from which to manage their operations through the city that they controlled. These clandestine laboratories were responsible for the creation of a number of biological weapons such as the Tyrant (T-0400TP). It was also equipped with numerous cutting edge security systems, as well as a B.O.W. training area.

Umbrella Sales Office

A small civilian sales office that sold a number of Umbrella products, namely pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. On September 28th 1998, Jill Valentine took refuge here while searching for the necessary components to power a cable car.

Raccoon City Hospital

The Raccoon City Hospital was built thanks to funds and grants provided by Umbrella in 1992. Umbrella had close ties to the hospital, having deliberately connected it to the Underground Research Facility through the sewer system beneath the hospital. Many of the staff were also connected to Umbrella. As well as this, the lower levels of the hospital contained a T-virus research facility, with one room in particular containing MA-124 Hunter Gammas in stasis. The hospital staff worked diligently on a vaccine for the T-virus following the outbreak, but while the vaccine was completed, the entire staff had already succumbed to the virus. The hospital was destroyed on the night of September 31st by Nicholai Ginovaef in order to conceal any sensitive material.

Arklay Treatment Plant

This treatment plant was closed down years ago, but part of its underground structure was later refurbished and expanded to create the Underground Research Facility.  A large part of the plant remained abandoned, however, and it gradually became infested with escaped early B.O.W. experiments such as Lurkers and Plague Crawlers.  Following Dr. Marcus's resurrection in 1998, he took up residence in the lower levels of the facility.  The abandoned part of the treatment plant was destroyed on July 23, 1998, when its self-destruct charges were set off by Wiliam Birkin.  The adjacent Underground Research Facility was left intact.