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Source: BSAA Remote Desktop
Translated by: Prime Blue




Chris Redfield brought some information late last night.
3/5 of Ricardo Irving's transactions are carried out in the autonomous region Kijuju.
The trading partners are Americans.

The West African Branch requested to execute an independent operation, but because the trading partners are Americans, because there is a possibility of Irving having a connection to the incident here, because Mister Redfield obtained this information and, above all, because of his burning desire to participate in the operation himself, this will be a joint operation of the North American Branch and the West African Branch.
As expected, the strong influence of the original eleven counts a lot in such a situation.

However, the West African Branch will do the fundamental planning of the operation and will execute it. Mister Redfield will stay and participate as an observer of the operation. He seems to agree with this.

I will conduct the analysis of the intelligence received from the West African Branch and will take on the task of communicating it to Mister Redfield.

Well, seems like I'll be busy.