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Production Information

Developer: Capcom Mobile (USA)
Publisher:   Capcom Mobile (USA)
Platforms:  Mobile/Cellular Phone

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Resident Evil Genesis

"The Resident Evil franchise has a long and storied history with Capcom," said Midori Yuasa, President, Capcom Interactive, Inc. "Resident Evil: Genesis delivers on the promise of thrilling, frightening and exciting gameplay that has become the hallmark of the series."



Development History


 In-Game Elements




Newspaper 1: Article About The Construction Of The Mansion:
Ground was broken today at the remote site of Lord Ozwell E. Spencer's mansion.
The mansion is located in an isolated part of the forest, just outside Raccoon City.
Dr. Ozwell Spencer is one of the founders of the Corporation along with Dr. James Marcus and Sir Edward Ashford.
The company develops cosmetics and consumer products, and employs many researchers.
The company's presence in Raccoon City will hopefully spur some economic growth in the area.
Prominet New York architect George Trevor was on hand to tell us a little about the mansion. (Continued on Page 5)


Newspaper 2: Article About S.T.A.R.S.
Residents of Raccoon City will now be able to sleep more soundly.
Mayor Michael Warren has announced an addition to the Raccoon Police Department, the STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) team. This part of his campaign "A Bright 21st Century For Raccoon" has been founded by the Umbrella Corporation.

Letter 1: About the Keycard:
As per our arrangment, I have provided a keycard to the second floor. The passcode, as I'm sure you have guessed, is our illustrious Lord's last name. Please depost the remainder of my payment in the bust, and retun the necklace to the dining room cabinet.

Letter 2: Half-Burned Letter:
...managed to crack the safe I wrote...a gun and some papers in there now, but...changes the passcode regulary, so...
Ashford's portrait in invisisble ink. I'm sure you'll know how to reveal it. Please destroy this letter after...

Letter 3: About Grand Piano in the Lobby:
Installation of the modified piano is complete.
The song that was previously discussed. Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", has been provided and the piano will function as specified when the song is played. An invoice will be sent via fax.
Thank you for your business!

Letter 4: "The Gemstones"
White is the beginning, its back to the door
Black faces off from the opposite shore
The two are surrounded, on both of their sides
By that which is seen, after the sky cries

Letter 5: Letter to someone:
My dear daughter,

I apologize for taking so long to write back. Work has been hetic, but I know that is no excuse.
As usual, I have prepared another anagram for you:


I had to change the security passcode to the laboratory today, and it's been on my mind so I made an anagram out of the word.

Stay our of the rain.


Letter 6: Jessica's Anniversary Card:
November 8, 1967
Happy 18th anniverary. Lisa and I have been missing you at the mansion.
It's equisite George, a masterpeice.
Once you arrive, we'll celebrate our 18 years and this great achievement.

Love Always,

Letter 7: About The Attic Door:
The man in sunglasses won't even let me make a phone call. I don't have the luxury of time to explain everything that's happened. There has been an accident in the lab and my colleagues have become infected with a terrible virus.
This virus robs its victims of their humanity, forcing them to walk the corridors of this wretched mansion as mindless zombies.
I can hear them, pressing against my door like demonic, hungry animals. Sadly, I too am infected. I feel hot and itchy all over, and I am slowly loosing my mind.

I know there is no hope for me, but I have left help for others who may come to this place. My access is limited to the experimental subject in the attic. If someone can get in there, I'm certain there is enough evidence to shut Umbrella down for good. I have disabled the biometric thumb scanner on the door by removing a microchip.
It took all my courage, but I severed my thumb and placed it in the freezer.

I hope this will help anyone who reads this note. If so, it will be my last saving grace as a human.

Memo 1: Memo Regarding Biohazard Suit Policy:
New procedure to beenacted immediately. Due to a recent accident in the lab. all members of this facility are required to wear biohazard suits, which will be provided. Please advise the medical staff without delay if you are experiencing any skin irritation.

Report 1: Report About Oversized Plant:
Plant at Point 42 is growing at an amazing rate. The effects of the T-Virus are the strongest we have observed.
The plant's anatomy and size have drastically mutated. Due to it's accelerated growth, the plant requires additional nutrients that are supplied through two hydroponic tanks. The head/blossom of the plant requires special nutrients, and is suspectible to strong sedatives. We have employed the practice of sedating the plant before examining it, as it can expel deadly poisons when agitated. The entire root system of the plant is connected to the second tank. Despite the observable strength of the roots, they require careful maintenance and remain susceptible to all forms of herbicide.

Report 2: Virus Experimentation:
Subject Status:

November 10, 1967
Progenitor Virus admistered
Jessica: Virus Type-A
Virus Fusion:
Action: Disposed

Lisa: Virus Type-B
Virus Fusion:
Positive, but delayed fusion
Body Modification: Observed constant results
Status: Continue protective observation

Action: Terminated

Report 3: Origin of Crimson Heads:
Specimen: V-ACT (Crimson Head Zombie)
Status: There is now evidence that when a host loses consciousness, the body goes into a dormant state. During this time the virus becomes active and reconstructs the basic compisiton of the body to become more agile and aggressive.
Action: Specimen too dangerous to keep in standard labortory cage. Since further research required freezing the specimen in stasis unit 1B.

Report 4: G-Virus Memo:
The newest version of the protoype parasite administered to the sample specimen. Initially, no results were apparent.

Recently, we have determined that our orignal findings were innacurate. The virus has spent many years incubating in the sample specimen, and now has experienced significant anatomic mutations.

The information has greatly fuled my research into our latest experimental endevor, the G-Virus, which surpassed the performance of the T.

Once the virus has stablized, I will formally announce my findings.
William Birkin

Picture 1: Color Formulas:
It is a picture of a pool table with the following formula written on the back


Book 1: "Currency and Counterfeit"
Chapter 7: Ink And It's Uses the use of watermarks or other special inks, you can create additional security on the monetary bill. To the naked eye, these effects are invisible, and may elude the potential counterfeiter. Unfortunately, there are many common solutions one may use to reveal ink of this kind.
Some inks react to heat, flourescent inks react to ultraviolet rays, and others become visible after chemical reaction with elements such as ammonia fumes, red cabbage, water, or iodine.

Book 2: "Fundamentals Of Science"
Chapter 3: Light
...rainbows are the result of the Sun's light being refracted through droplets of water in the atmosphere, usually occuring after a rainfall or in sprays of water, such as fountains or waterfalls. The colors of the rainbow are generally accepted to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark blue), and violet (purple).

Chapter 7: Materials
...Liquid Nitrogen is a unique substance that causes rapid or even instant cooling of elements it comes in certain contact with.
Certain elements such as metals become brittle due to the application of Liquid Nitrogen, and may shatter easily.
Among other things, it can be used for cryogenic preservation, as a general purpose refrigerant, or for cracking and breaking certain metals.

Diary 1: George Trevor's Diary:
Nov 24, 1967
They have transfered me to the basement of the mansion. Now a guard brings me my food and I'm confined to these few rooms. At least, that's what the guard thinks. Every time he's on break, I have been exploring. I found an entranceway to a series of catacombs behind the fireplace. Maybe in there I can find a way out.

Nov 26, 1967
My god...
Words cannot describe the horrors I have seen in those dark passageways. Ghastly, mutated creatures...mindless and aggressive. The strangest part being that each one is tagged like a lab rat. As though they aren't just monsters...they are experiments. I can't bare to think of going back in there, but it's my only hope.

Nov 27, 1967
Some mild success.
In the caverns I encounted a man in a lab coat attacked him. I cracked his head with a rock and stole a keycard of some kind. I still don't know what it's used for.
To think, me attacking an innocent man. What have I become?

Nov 29, 1967
I think that they have caught wind of my little adventures in these caves and installed an extra security feature on the fireplace. There is now a small keypad where you can enter a password. Fortunately, I overheard how to program the unit. As a passcode I entered our anniversary MMDDYY. Time to resume exploring.

Nov 30, 1967
yesterday they added more security to the fireplace. You now need soome object to enable the keypad.
I'm trapped. Why have I been so careless?
Today a man in a lab coat approached me and said that tomorrow I would visit the doctor.
Something tells me they have something else in mind. I won't become one of their experiments.

Nov 31, 1967
Here's where everything ends...
Forgive me, Jessica, I didn't want it to come to this.
I'll die before I let them turn me into one of those...things.
With my last breath...I will pray that you and Lisa are safe.


George Trevor

Diary 2: Lisa's Diary:
Nov 14, 1967
I feell dizzy after that shot they gave me. I don't see mom. Where did they take her? She promised that we would escape together. Did she escape alone and leave me behind?

Nov 15, 1967
I found mom. We ate together. I was very happy. But she was a fake. Not my real mom. Sane face, but different inside.

Nov 17, 19 7
from inside box
scent of mommy
maybe true mother there
stone box hard. it hurt

iNside reD and sLimy whiTe and haRd not true moM wheRe

why? jst want to b with her

Fax 1: Orders
Attn: Cheif of Security

Execute the following procedures within one week:
1. Lure STARS to the estate, and obtain BOW's raw combat data against STARS.
2. Collect one sample from each experimental specimen. Dispose of the Tyrant.
3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Laboratory including all personell and test animals. Disguise their deaths as an accident, then report to HQ.
Contact A. Wesker for details regarding STARS and the Tyrant model

Good Luck,
Umbrella HQ




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