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Ricardo Irving Concept (Resident Evil 5)
Ricardo Irving Observation Photo

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1980 (approx.)
Date of Death: March 8, 2009
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Ricardo Irving

Ricardo Irving was an employee of the Natural Resource Development Division of the Africa branch of Tricell Incorporated, and was director of the Tricell oil fields. He also secretly played an enabling role as a merchant of death by supplying B.O.W.s developed secretly by Tricell to the black market. Crude and arrogant, he possessed an insatiable desire for the accumulation of wealth and considered himself a business man. It is these traits along with his unique resourcefulness that had most likely made him Tricell's ideal agent in dealings with selling B.O.W.s to black market individuals. 1 2 3


Early History

Little is known about Irving's early history, although he was rumored to have been in Raccoon City during the biohazard in September 1998. The rumor cannot be confirmed, however. He is also believed to be connected with Ada Wong, but details of this relationship are unclear.

Merchant of Death (2003~2009)

At some point February 2003, Irving was chosen by Excella Gionne as a pawn to serve as Tricell's black market broker to buy and sell biological weapons in order to amass funds for the research of Albert Wesker, which were also invested by Tricell Africa back into their bio-weapons R&D. Because operational trials and demonstrations of the products were also conducted out of the African location, he was one of a handful of people with knowledge about the entire bio-weapons development business. Since the vast profits earned through illicit trading were used by the Africa location to pay for bioweapons research and development, Irving is believed to have been a member of the 'Natural Resource Development Division' as a way of concealing the relationship with the pharmaceuticals division from the BSAA.

In 2004, after Wesker brought the "Plaga" parasites to Tricell, Irving noted its potential as a weapon and suggested that its weakness against sunlight be adapted. 4

In 2006, Irving was contacted by Patrick, the butler of Ozwell E. Spencer, who provided information on Spencer's whereabouts and requested that they be passed on to Albert Wesker. He was paid a large sum of money and given the bare minimum of information to fulfill Spencer's request. Irving passed the information onto Wesker, who then set out to confront Spencer. The aftermath of this confrontation inspired Wesker to begin the "Uroboros Project". 5

In 2009, immediately before putting the Type 2 and Type 3 variants of the Plagas on the black market, Irving held a demonstration/operational test to ensure the product met customer satisfaction. The latest Type 3 variant was administered to the indigenous 'Ndipaya' tribe living in the marshlands near the oil fields. He falsely portrayed it as a vaccine against an infectious disease, and causd the entire village to become infected. An operational test was performed for Type 2 in the Kijuju autonomous zone as three tests for infection, containment and engagement. The details of this test consisted of administered the new Plagas to 10 subjects and observing and investigating how fast the Plagas spread, how they could be contained and then their actual combat abilities. Next, data was gathered to understand to what degree the violent tendencies of the subjects could be controlled, and how much of the combat capabilities could be drawn out.

Thanks to a Tricell spy within the BSAA named M. Suzuki, Irving was alerted to the investigation into the strange occurences in Kijuju caused by the operational tests. At the same time, a bio-weapons exchange deal was planned to be held in Kijuju by Irving with a group confirmed to be American. The deal was for a large new Plaga-based B.O.W. named "Popokarimu." At this time, Chris Redfield had discovered the details of the deal while on another assignment and shared the information with the West Africa branch of the BSAA. In response the BSAA had decided to enter the Kijuju autonomous zone with the goal of arresting Irving and his American buyers, believing it to be a simple apprehension operation. The timing of the BSAA's operation was inconvenient, so Irving changed strategy and decided to use the subjects to fight against the BSAA in order to gather combat data.

Irving changed the location of the deal to a mine outside the autonomous zone and prepared a trap for the BSAA by injecting a civilian with a sample of the newly developed "Uroboros Virus". The BSAA did not anticipate the B.O.W. battle and started their operation in the usual way. The first casualty was the Alpha strike team, which was attacked by the Uroboros creature and chased deep into the city by infected local people, and subsequently eliminated. Next, the Bravo Team and Delta Team fought for their lives, allowing Irving to collect more than enough data in terms of actual combat. Irving did not take into account that the Uroboros would be engaged and defeated by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, nor that a hard disk and its data would be seized. The data obtained from the hard disk allowed the two agents to proceed to the actual location of Irving's transaction - the mine.

When confronted with the reality that his plan had failed, Irving was forced to take the following actions. First, he contacted the buyers in the transaction and requested to delay the deal. After which point, he went to the mine to retrieve any documents and materials relevant to the transaction. It was at this point that Redfield and Alomar found him. After being saved by the manipulated Jill Valentine he had on standby, Irving released the Popokarimu against the two agents. It is believed that Irving released this B.O.W. on the agents in retaliation for disrupting the transaction and not to aid in his escape. It was becoming apparent by this point, that Irving's mental stability was in question. Whether his irrational behavior was brought on by the interference of the agents or if the increased stress only brought out hs true tendencies is unknown.

After escaping from the mine, he was discovered by the Delta Team inside the autonomous zone. In order to escape, Irving unleashed another giant B.O.W. named "Ndesu" (based on the El Gigante B.O.W. used in Europe). This B.O.W. was also destroyed by Redfield and Alomar. The frustration of losing two large, valuable B.O.W.s in such short succession was a sharp blow to Irving. After reaching the conclusion that there was nothing more he could do, Irving plotted to escape with his accumulated wealth, but he was overtaken by the manipulated Jill Valentine, who provided him with a vial containing an embryo of the dominant species Plaga as punishment for his failure to kill the two. He was to administer the embryo to himself in order to fight the two agents.

As a final effort, Irving detonated the oil refinery, but the refinery was virtually dry at the time thus limiting the size of the explosion. His hope was that he could destroy all incriminating evidence and kill Redfield and Aomar so he would not have to resort to using the dominant species Plaga. With this final failure, Irving was left with no choice but to administer the injection to himself, at which he underwent an immense and rapid transformation. He mutated into a gigantic aquatic creature capable of surviving in water, but the power he gained from that transformation did not avail him, and he was killed by the two agents.

With his dying words, Irving gave the two agents a new clue which allowed them to progress into the underground cave system where the Africa Laboratory was found.


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