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Sacred Snakes

The Sacred Snakes was a South American crime syndicate led by Javier Hidalgo. 1


Organized and led by Javier, the Sacred Snakes was a crime syndicate with a firm presence in South America, known to have a code of absolute obedience to their leader based on a system of "control through fear" which brutally punishes traitors without exception. Since 1991, after Javier contacted a researcher with ties to the Ashford family, the Sacred Snakes developed deep ties to the Umbrella Corporation and Albert Wesker. The syndicate purchased samples of the t-virus and t-Veronica virus, as well as many B.O.W.s.

By 2002, the Sacred Snakes had a firm hold over the small country of Amparo. They became heavily involved in kidnapping and black market organ trafficking, and were extensively investigated by the U.S. government, culminating in a secret military detachment known as "Operation Javier". With the death of their leader following Operation Javier, the entire organization has since completely dissolved.


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