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B.O.W. Model: "Stinger"
Base Organism: Pena Blanca Scorpion

Category: Arachnid / Scorpion
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Scorpiones
Family: Vaejovidae
Genus: Pseudouroctonus
Species: P. apacheanus


Length: 400 cm
Height: 240 cm
Width [including pincers]: 250 cm



The Stinger was a scorpion-based B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) developed by James Marcus in a t-virus injection experiment on arachnids. 1

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The Stinger drastically increased in size as a result of infection, but due to the creature's weak point, slow movement and lack of intelligence, it fell short of what was expected of a scorpion-based B.O.W. and was abandoned.

In July 1998, the specimen resurfaced in Raccoon Forest and attacked the Ecliptic Express, where it was killed by Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. 2


The scorpion continually repeated ecdysis under the influence of the t-virus and grew to a size dozens of times its normal mature form with amazing speed. With this abnormal enlargement, the exoskeleton encasing its whole body was strengthened with defensive properties matching that of armor, rendering it invulnerable to damage from most firearms. The virus also strengthened the creature's pincers to the extent that they could cut through steel. However, a side-effect of its sudden growth was the development of a major weak point in the head section of its exoskeleton, leaving its brain vulnerable. 3

During combat, the Stinger covered its weak point with its pincers but rendered it vulnerable when using the pincers to attack. Its other movements were mainly slow and clumsy, with its other attack pattern relying on simply charging with its stinger. Due to these factors and the lack of intelligence development common to arthropods, its potential practicality in combat applications was severely limited. In addition, no harmful substance was secreted by the poison gland in its tail. It is unknown whether toxicity wasn't considered when it was chosen as a base organism, or if it was detoxified due to alterations in its genetic information due to the virus. 4


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