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TerraSave is a non-profit NGO whose mission is to come to the aid of victims of bioterrorism or medication-related health disasters. Claire Redfield, a survivor of both Raccoon City and Rockfort Island, joined this organization in 1998.


Formed immediately following the Raccoon City tragedy, the majority of TerraSave's protest activities were conducted either in the form of demonstrations or on the home page of its website.

Following the decision in 2002 for the pharmaceutical corporation WilPharma to construct a state-of-the-art research facility in the American mid-western town of Harvardville, one member of the organization called Curtis Miller uncovered something suspicious about WilPharma's research and began to use aggressive tactics in order to get WilPharma to release information to the public. Instead, Curtis was arrested and charged with blackmail and obstruction of business, and WilPharma began construction of the research facility like nothing had happened.

On August 11, 2005, TerraSave discovered the clinical trials conducted by WilPharma in India and posted pictures of several victims. It then warned that if the United States government did not launch an investigation into WilPharma, it would appeal to the International Criminal Court. The accusation brought forward by TerraSave caused WilPharma's stock prices to fall dramatically, and the US Government began having second thoughts about approving the t-vaccine.

In November 2005, in order to dodge the brunt of public opposition, Senator Ron Davis desperately tried to hold a National Pharmaceutical Conference. Likewise, TerraSave was also waiting outside the airport holding a mass protest demonstration. Just as he was visiting the airport, a mysterious terrorist contacted the United States government with a threat. The terrorist demanded that the United States President himself announce the truth behind Raccoon City incident that the government had concealed seven years before. If the demand was not met, the t-virus would be released all over the United States. 

During the resulting incident, it was revealed that TerraSave's protests and accusations against WilPharma were a primary reason why the t-vaccine was not supplied for medical supply national stockpiling, as the government delayed its approval of the vaccine in response to the controversy.