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B.O.W. Model: "Thanatos"
Base Organism: Human



Thanatos was a Tyrant series B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) developed by Greg Mueller, a rogue chief scientist of the Umbrella Corporation.


Thanatos was developed in 1998 by Mueller in the basement laboratory of Raccoon University using data collected on prior models. It was designed for the sake of perfection in order to oppose Umbrella's mass-production of the Tyrant T-103, which Mueller disagreed with believing that the company's excessive growth would weaken it and a single masterpiece weapon was enough.

Mueller used the blood of Thanatos to aid Peter Jenkins in developing a vaccine against the t-virus named "Daylight." At the same time, the company became aware of Mueller's betrayal and issued a secret order to assassinate him and recover a sample of Thanatos' blood so it could be cloned for mass-production.

On October 1, 1998, Mueller released Thanatos and began a closed field test around the university in order to collect combat data. It decimated a U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) team led by Nikolai Zinoviev and attacked a group of survivors. Zinoviev attempted to retrieve a blood sample from Thanatos which would allow Umbrella to clone it, but failed. Thanatos was caught in Zinoviev's destruction of the university and severely injured, but mutated into a new form known as "Thanatos Type-R." It was killed by the group of survivors shortly before the destruction of Raccoon City.


Thanatos possessed many known attributes of previous Tyrant models including exemplary strength, speed, agility and vitality. It used two additional external hearts similar to the T-001 and T-002 models, this time enclosed in a protective metal casing. Its two enlarged hands could stab or strike targets, but possessed smaller claws than previous combat models.

Thanatos Type-R

After the destruction of Raccoon University, Thanatos was nearly killed, causing the removal of its internal limiter. It lost its left arm, and a compensating mutation occurred which allowed it to revive into an even more powerful state similar to the "Super Tyrant" form of the T-103 series. The right arm became larger and more flexible. This form was officially called "Thanatos Type-R", "Thanatos Reborn" or simply "Thanatos R."In this form, Thanatos doubled in size and mass and its abilities were enhanced.


Thanatos earns its name from the Greek God of Death.