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Tyrant R (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Tyrant R (Resident Evil Outbreak File 2)
Tyrant R Concept Art 4 (BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2)
Tyrant R (Resident Evil Outbreak File 2)


B.O.W. Model: "Tyrant R"
Base Organism: Human


Tyrant R

The Tyrant R (Code Number: T-0400TP) was a prototype Tyrant created by the Umbrella Corporation. It was a subspecies of the mass-produced Tyrant (T-103 Type) designed with programs as a means of control to replace analog methods such as the use of trainers.


The Tyrant R was developed in 1998 by an Umbrella laboratory in Raccoon City to establish a new Tyrant control system by digitally imprinting pre-programmed orders from several programs stored on interchangeable MO (Magneto-optical) disks. In the event of emergency, the Tyrant was fitted with a bomb controlled by a remote tapped to a unique frequency. 1

The Tyrant was to be combat tested against the Hunter R. However due to the city-wide virus outbreak, this experiment was not conducted and the Tyrant's programming was not field tested, leading to an undiagnosed defect that enabled it to break free of its programming. 2

On October 1, 1998, after the laboratory was locked down due to the escape of the Hunter R's, researcher Carter reprogrammed the Tyrant with the help of civilian survivors including David King. Its new objective was to kill the Hunter R's while ignoring humans. However, it broke free of its control, killing Carter and attacking Linda Baldwin and the civilian survivors.

On Main Street, the Tyrant's limiter was released due to damage and it underwent the "Tyrant Reborn" mutation. It was later absorbed by the Nyx on the highway, but survived even when Nyx was destroyed due to its incredible vitality and regenerative capacity. It was subsequently killed by Ada Wong.


The Tyrant R received further genetic remodeling, strengthening and reinforcement compared to previous models, including the T-002 and T-103. By enhancing its genes, it was possible to create a substitute for the T-103 that maintained the ability to camouflage as a human but with improved control and combat abilities. It was outfitted with a moss green military coat as a limiter, but not the same one issued to the T-103. It also did not wear the gloves or boots of the T-103, similar to the Ivan.

The Tyrant was activated by transmitting the start-up program while it was inside a dedicated cold storage capsule maintained at a fixed temperature and internal pressure. A purpose-built MO disc then input the action program into the start-up control terminal. To ensure confidentiality, it scrambled due to a security code in the program making a thorough direct transfer from the computer room essential.

Tyrant Reborn

The Tyrant Reborn mutation was distinct from the Super Tyrant mutation despite the process being the same. When the Tyrant R lost its limiter, the t-virus became unrestricted and activated every cell in the Tyrant's body starting with the skin. Due to improvements made during development, the virus' increased activity led to the formation of rock-like growths on the skin that provided extra protection. Its speed dramatically increased due to cardiovascular improvement to the point where it was difficult to see with the naked eye when sprinting. It grew large claws on each arm, just like a Super Tyrant. 3 4


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