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WilPharma Corporation Ltd.

Type: Public
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Headquarters: Harvardville, U.S.A.
Area served: Worldwide


WilPharma Corporation

WilPharma Corporation Ltd. was the world's second largest pharmaceutical company. Following the bankruptcy and subsequent collapse of Umbrella Corporation in 2003, WilPharma became the industry leader. It was purchased by TRICELL Inc. two years later.


In 1998, during the Raccoon City incident, a special U.S. Senate committee voted on the "Sterilization Operation" to eradicate the city. Senator Ron Davis, a stockholder and special advisor to WilPharma, voted in favor of the operation in order to destroy the collusive relationship between the Umbrella Corporation and the American government. In doing so, WilPharma would become the industry leader and gain a relationship with the government.

In 2002, former Umbrella scientist Frederic Downing joined WilPharma after erasing his past. He advanced development of a t-virus vaccine using knowledge on the virus from his time in Umbrella. He secretly posed as a black market virus trafficker and sold the t-virus to a terrorist group in India, causing a bioterrorism incident. Based on the disaster in Raccoon City, the U.S. government received an aid request from India to introduce WilPharma's developmental vaccine and it was introduced to neighboring areas. It succeeded in keeping the spread of the infection to a minimum.

Due to the vaccine's success in India, WilPharma earned the government's trust and was secretly contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to complete the vaccine in a one billion dollar anti-bioterrorism program, with the money used to fund the vaccine's development and construction of a new research facility. In order to increase the vaccine's maturity, WilPharma continued clinical trials in India where cheap and skilled labor was plentiful. Over time, there were some victims of the experiments, but the government tolerated these failures with silent acceptance based on the mindset of "no prosperity without sacrifice" and regarding all such tragedies in India as necessary evils despite the trials being illegal.

Due to his position with the company and his influence in Washington, Ron Davis attracted WilPharma to the industrial hometown of Harvardville in the American Midwest. The company purchased land in the mountain valley far from the city's residential areas and constructed its corporate headquarters there. The decision was also made to construct the new research facility there. After this decision however, NGO TerraSave member Curtis Miller aggressively pressured WilPharma into releasing information on their clinical trials in India, eventually breaking into one of their offices. As a result, Miller was charged with obstruction of business and blackmail. Construction of the research facility began as if nothing had happened.

In 2003, Umbrella went bankrupt and WilPharma quickly rose to the top of the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, construction on the new research facility and the secret development of the t-Vaccine rapidly advanced with Frederic Downing as chief researcher. In 2005, the t-Vaccine and construction of the facility were completed. All that remained was to wait for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. However, in August the NGO TerraSave uncovered photographic evidence of the clinical trials in India and posted them on its home page. Protest demonstrations escalated and TerraSave warned that if the government didn't launch an investigation into WilPharma, it would appeal to the ICC (International Criminal Court). This accusation caused WilPharma's stock prices to plummet and the government to have second thoughts about the t-Vaccine's approval. WilPharma was forced to delay the vaccine's planned national medical supply stockpiling.

In order to dodge the brunt of public opposition, Senator Davis desperately planned a national pharmaceutical conference in Harvardville. Just as he was visiting the airport, Curtis Miller contacted the government with a bioterrorist threat. He demanded that the President publicly announce the government's collusion with Umbrella or the t-virus would be released in cities throughout the United States. Later that day, a bioterrorism incident occurred in Harvardville Airport with the rapid spread of the t-virus, creating several Zombies.

Following the resolution of the incident through the efforts of Leon S. Kennedy and several others, it was revealed that Frederic Downing and Curtis Miller were responsible for the incident. Afterwards, Davis resigned from the Senate after being charged with insider trading of WilPharma stock. The company went bankrupt and was purchased by TRICELL and absorbed into its pharmaceutical department while TRICELL personnel recovered the remains of the mutant Curtis Miller, acquiring the G-virus.