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William Birkin (biohazard 0)
Birkin G2 Concept Art 1 (Resident Evil 2)
William Birkin Concept Art (Resident Evil 0)
Birkin G1 Concept Art 1 (Resident Evil 2)
William Birkin (Resident Evil Zero)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1962
Date of Death: 23/09/1998
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 66.7 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White


William Birkin

Dr. William Birkin was the leading scientist of the Umbrella Corporation and creator of the G-virus. He was gifted in science and displayed remarkable talent in his early teens, leading to his invite to the Umbrella Executive Training Center as an executive candidate and research scholar taught by James Marcus. He subsequently became a chief researcher of the Arklay Laboratory where he further developed Marcus' t-virus.

Though a brilliant and capable scientist, he was prideful, vain and immature and aimed to achieve superior results to other scientists. His ultimate goal was to use the G-virus to create and breed an evolved superhuman species of "G-Humans." He fell into conflict with Umbrella executives over the G-virus and was fatally wounded, but injected himself with the virus and transformed into a new life form known only as "G." 1 2 3 4


Executive Candidacy (1977)

Birkin displayed significant talent in science during his early teens and his brilliance in the field of virology was recognized by the Umbrella Corporation.

In 1977, he was scouted as a research scholar and executive candidate employee at the Umbrella Executive Training Center in the Arklay Mountains. At the time, he was the youngest researcher and caught the eye of his teacher and the facility's director, James Marcus, who encouraged a rivalry between him and another executive candidate, Albert Wesker. He was also noticed by the assistant director who gave him the nickname "Scholarly Will." 5

Arklay Laboratory (1978-1986)

In 1978, Birkin worked with Wesker under the orders of Umbrella CEO Oswell E. Spencer to steal the new "t" virus strain developed by Marcus. On July 29, Spencer shut down the executive training school and appointed Birkin and Wesker as chief researchers at the Arklay Laboratory in charge of the "t-Virus Project."

On July 31, Birkin arrived at the Arklay Laboratory with his attention fixed on Ebola virus research documents, but he had no intention of studying Ebola due to its many weaknesses. He was interested in Ebola because he intended to insert its immuno-suppressant genes into the t-virus in order to strengthen its DNA transmutation attribute. After witnessing the test subject Lisa Trevor, he stood in awe and mumbled something. A sample of Ebola was received by the laboratory and Birkin successfully combined it with the t-virus. 6

On July 27, 1981, it was announced that ten year old Alexia Ashford of the aristocratic Ashford family was assigned as chief researcher of the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory. This sparked jealousy in Birkin, who prided himself on previously being the company's youngest chief. He remained in the Arklay Laboratory aimlessly repeating experiments, an attitude which stalled t-virus research. He devised the "Hunter" B.O.W. concept in light of Spencer's request for an independent weapon able to exterminate 100% of humans.

On December 31, 1983, it was announced that Alexia Ashford was killed due to accidental infection with her t-Veronica virus. This news returned Birkin to normal, but he vehemently opposed Wesker's proposal to acquire a sample of t-Veronica. In 1986, Birkin married fellow Arklay Laboratory researcher Annette Birkin and fathered a child, a girl named Sherry Birkin.

t-Virus Project - Third Stage (1988-1998)

In July 1988, Birkin and Wesker were ordered by Spencer to assassinate James Marcus. The two led Umbrella agents into the executive training center and ordered them to open fire. As his teacher lay dying, Birkin gloated that he would take over the t-virus and stole his research results. Using them, Birkin played a breakthrough role in stabilizing the t-virus with the βII-strain and formulated the "Tyrant Project", a new B.O.W. concept derived from Marcus' conclusion that humans were the most suitable B.O.W. host. In order to develop a Tyrant, the human host had to retain a level of intelligence, the decline of which was a side-effect of the t-virus. To conquer the problem, Birkin extracted a new variant that suppressed the virus' influence on the brain to a minimum if it completely adapted to the host's body.

However, there were few humans with the genes to adapt to the variant. In order for the research to progress, a strain that enabled more humans to become Tyrants was required. In order to create this strain, a human who completely adapted to the new variant was essential to study. The research came to a deadlock. Around the same time, Birkin opposed Wesker's proposition to acquire the prototype of the NE-α Type ("Nemesis") B.O.W., a parasitic organism developed by the Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory. However, he eventually relented. After administering the parasite to Lisa Trevor, he discovered mutated genes in her body containing a new virus strain evolved from the initial TYPE-B Progenitor virus over 21 years. Birkin extracted the new virus from Lisa Trevor and named it the "G-virus" (God Virus) upon noticing its potential. 7

In 1991, Birkin formulated the G-virus development project and approached Umbrella Headquarters, gaining approval particularly from Spencer. He continued t-virus development while advancing the project. Construction on a giant underground laboratory to serve as the base for G-virus research began in Raccoon City while Birkin and Annette were temporarily transferred to the secret France branch of Umbrella under the direction of executive Christine Henry. With Marcus dead and Alexia Ashford presumed likewise, Birkin gained power and influence as the scientist responsible for creating and successfully mass-producing the Hunter and Tyrant. With these successes, the Chicago branch gained significant influence within the corporate hierarchy, and furthermore, his announcement regarding his next evolution in B.O.W. research, the "Creation of G-Creatures", enabled the Chicago branch to assume what amounted to dictatorial control over the company.

In 1993, Birkin became director of the Umbrella chemical plant in Raccoon City and was transferred to the underground laboratory. He was given full control over the company facilities within the city and served as the primary contact to Chief of Police Brian Irons to coordinate the systematic cover-up of the company's illegal activities within the city. He continued to make periodic visits to the Arklay Laboratory and his work on the G-virus caused him to emotionally neglect his daughter. On the fourth Friday of odd months, Birkin passed through the Raccoon City sewers to the Chicago branch to attend meetings and conduct training seminars.

Birkin intended to use the G-virus to become an Umbrella executive, through which he would possess a significant level of funding to explore his research. However, he began formulating an ultimate goal independent of Umbrella. While studying the G-virus, he noticed increased potential for evolution and devised a concept to create and breed an evolved superhuman race of "G-Humans" through successful adaptation of the virus to the human body. He began to disagree with Umbrella executives over the virus' direction and the Chicago branch was slowly losing control over him, leading to the beginning of a last resort plot to assassinate him.

Biohazard (1998)

On May 11, 1998, the t-virus leaked in the Arklay Laboratory. The railway line for transporting primary research materials from the annexed mansion laboratory was heavily used by Birkin and his wife before the intervention of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) and they were able to escape with materials from the Arklay Laboratory by using the sewer system transport passage, moving the materials to the underground laboratory but unknowingly allowing contaminants carrying the t-virus to flow into the sewer. 8

Birkin believed he would be blamed for the t-virus leak in the Arklay Laboratory that led to the exposure of sensitive research data. He expected agents would be sent into Raccoon City under the guise of hunting down S.T.A.R.S. with the true motive to kill him and steal the G-virus. In June, Birkin attempted to prevent this assault by increasing the levels of infected waste generated from the underground laboratory to such amounts that it overloaded the waste incineration plant, creating a biohazard state and ignoring the plant manager's concerns. 9 These biohazard conditions unleashed the t-virus, infecting the employees within. However, the damage extended beyond the facility as the virus began spreading throughout the city. 10

In July 1998, Birkin and Wesker led the Reclamation Project aimed at investigating the abandoned executive training center as a replacement for the Arklay Laboratory. They commanded two investigation units deployed to the facility but both were wiped out by B.O.W.'s infesting the facility, and the two soon became aware of the "revival" of James Marcus. In response to the t-virus leak, Wesker informed Birkin of his plan to leave the company while Birkin resolved to complete the G-virus and declined to follow Wesker. Before parting ways, Birkin supplied Wesker with an experimental t-virus variant he developed. 11 This variant was also utilized by Spencer as a screening method for the Wesker Project. 12

On Friday, July 24, Birkin attended a meeting with the Chicago branch and announced the combat data recorded in the Arklay Laboratory. 13 After the Mansion Incident, the Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory created the advanced Nemesis-T Type. Disturbed by this European "threat", the Chicago branch placed enormous pressure on Birkin to complete the G-virus and demanded regular progress reports, but this only increased his displeasure with the company. He feared a leak of information on the unfinished G-virus while holding growing antipathy and doubt toward Umbrella. He became distrustful and even more estranged from the company, incurring further displeasure as he selfishly continued development.

At the beginning of August, Birkin instructed Chief Irons to monitor S.T.A.R.S. In the middle of the month, he transferred a bribe of 10,000 dollars to the chief and ordered him not to allow any of the S.T.A.R.S. members near the chemical plant as the G-virus neared completion. 14

Death (September 1998)

On September 15, Birkin severed ties with Umbrella and planned to monopolize the G-virus. He contacted United States military authorities and requested protection and access to a government research institute to continue his research in exchange for providing the t-virus, G-virus and Umbrella's research data. The military jumped at the chance to gain Umbrella's most brilliant mind which would allow them to sever their illicit ties with the company and develop their own biological weapons. However, Umbrella collaborators in the government leaked this development and the Chicago branch immediately requested Umbrella HQ to seize the virus.

That same day, Umbrella HQ sent the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service) into Raccoon City to seize the G-virus under the command of Christine Henry. 15 The squad's objectives were to assassinate or capture Birkin and seize or destroy the G-virus in order to prevent either from falling into the military's hands. As a means to protect Birkin, the government secretly deployed a Delta Force team to rescue him. 16 Meanwhile, Albert Wesker formulated his own plan to rescue him and bring him to join Umbrella's rival company with the G-virus as a gift, in part to elevate Wesker's own status within the organization.

On September 23, Umbrella's misinformation within the government led Delta Force to take a lift to the wrong facility at the waste incineration plant instead of the underground laboratory. With this distraction, the U.S.S. penetrated the laboratory, capturing Annette and confronting Birkin as he prepared his escape. He was fatally shot and a case containing the G-virus and t-virus was acquired by the U.S.S. Realizing he would die, Birkin gambled and injected himself with a sample of the G-virus. 17

The virus failed to stabilize in Birkin's body and he failed to become a G-Human. He mutated into a monstrous new life form simply named "G", gradually losing his sense of self. He destroyed part of the laboratory, causing the t-virus to leak within, then tracked down and killed most of the U.S.S. in the city sewers, smashing vials of the t-virus in the process. The virus subsequently leaked throughout the city at an unprecedented rate. Driven by the virus' breeding instinct, he wandered the police station in search of his daughter and caused many more casualties such as Brian Irons and Ben Bertolucci. He repeatedly mutated upon being defeated by Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, eventually reaching a final form before being completely eradicated in the explosion of the underground laboratory.


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