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Zombie Dog (biohazard 0)
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Accidental B.O.W.: "Zombie Dog"
Base Organism: Doberman Pinscher 

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: C. lupus
Subspecies: C. familiaris


Length: 60 - 70 cm (approx)


Zombie Dog

The secondary infected variation of the "Cerberus", dogs which have been infected with the t-virus. Despite not being developed as B.O.W.s, they possess roughly the same features and combat abilities. 1 2


On May 14, the first actual "Zombie Dogs" escaped their confinement at the Arklay Laboratory into the Arklay Mountains. These dogs were not test subjects for the t-virus, but became infected after eating contaminated food. Like the Cerberus, they were originally military-trained dogs, so they possessed naturally high combat abilities and were indistinguishable from their B.O.W. counterparts. 3

Raccoon City Incident (Sep., 1998)

During the Raccoon City incident, countless dogs became infected with the t-virus and began to run amok in the city. Most of them were pets, but among them were the Raccoon City Police Department's highly trained Doberman police dogs, which became infected after eating contaminated food, breaking free from their kennels on September 29. Unlike the Cerberus, these dogs have not received military training and are therefore not as strong as their B.O.W. counterpart. However, they had undergone police training to be more effective in apprehending criminals, still making their attack power and combat ability following infection is still considerably high while retaining the ability to corner a target gained through their training. 4

Sheena Island Incident (Nov., 1998)

Similar to the outbreak in Raccoon City, the t-virus leak on Sheena Island in November 1998 caused the island's countless number of Doberman pinscher sentry and guard dogs to become infected, running wild among the city and killing many citizens. Like the dogs in Raccoon City, these subjects did not receive military or police training and are therefore weaker than their B.O.W. and Raccoon City counterparts. 5

Rockfort Island Incident (Dec., 1998)

During the attack on Rockfort Island on December 27, 1998, the island's guard dogs which had been bred and trained to become either police or military canines and placed to defend the prison detention center and Ashford palace were all infected with the t-virus after feasting on contaminated corpses and drinking contaminated rain water. Unlike other Zombie Dog cases, these dogs only show skin decay whilst muscle degradation is virtually non-existent. This is due to the physical strength they acquired in their lives as military dogs, making them the strongest type of Zombie Dog with little difference to the Cerberus B.O.W. 6 7 8


The attributes, capabilities and features of the Zombie Dog are all identical to their B.O.W. counerpart; "Cerberus". However, Cerberus B.O.W.s are generally stronger than Zombie Dogs, as Cerberus are only developed on dogs which have received first-class military training.


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