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Production Information

Platforms: GCN



biohazard (Resident Evil) was the first game to spawn from the Capcom-Nintendo exclusivity deal was a full blown remake of the 1996 classic game. Sporting a brand new storyline as well as extended and new areas of the infamous mansion, REmake (as it is known) is a beautifully realized retelling of the "mansion incident".

Table of Contents [hide]

Plot Synopsis

Freak murder cases have recently occurred in Raccoon City, with outlandish reports of people being attacked and apparently eaten. With the heightened public outcry, Chief Irons orders the elite S.T.A.R.S. unit to investigate the incidents in the Arklay Forest, northwest of the city. Initially Bravo Team, captained by Enrico Marini are jettisoned, but communications are lost. The following night on the 24th July 1998, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team led by Captain Albert Wesker accompanied with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine head into the forest zone, to search and rescue the lost Bravo Team and investigate the recent murders. Whilst in the air, the Bravo Team's helicopter is spotted with smoke rising into the night sky. Nobody was in it, except for the body of its pilot, Kevin Dooley killed by something. Joseph Frost searching the local area, suddenly hears a twig snap, and then is attacked by a vicious dog. Hearing his cries for help, the rest of the Alpha Team run to his rescue, but they are too late. A whole pack of Cerberus are devouring his body.

The pack then turn their attentions to the amazed Alpha Team and begin to chase them through the undergrowth. As they run, Alpha Team's pilot, Brad Vickers takes off leaving Alpha Team alone in the forest. Narrowly surviving an attack from the dogs, the survivors see in the distance the Spencer Mansion and take refuge.

Development History

The Resident Evil remake was the first of 3 titles to be released on Nintendo's GameCube system, and is the first from the exclusivity deal brokered between Capcom and Nintendo. The game was worked on from the ground up, utilizing the graphical capabilities of the GameCube, REmake was a complete overhaul of the classic game featuring polished graphics and a new storyline.

Headed once again by Shinji Mikami, REmake was what was envisagened back in 1996, but realised only now. Every location from the original game was present but this time, with breathtaking pre-rendered backdrops. The detail that a 128bit console could produce on a pre-rendered landscape is astonishing, and as a result REmake still remains a graphically apt game.
Lighting would also play a key role in the title, and most likely for the first time in the series, utilized to a degree where players would become fully emersed in the Arklay Mansion. The decorations looked dusty, and the laboratories looked damp and unused. Most impressively are the character models of both humans and the B.O.W.s. At no time during the mission do the characters feel out of place, or simply placed on top a static area. Players believed that Jill Valentine was in the mansion, and this was a key ambition of the developers.