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Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Publishers: Capcom
Platforms: Gamecube, PlayStation 2, PC, Wii, Cell Phones

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biohazard 4

biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4) is the long delayed and critically acclaimed entry in the series. Often praised as a revolution to the series, Resident Evil 4 sees a major departure from the core of what Resident Evil represents. Gone are zombies, gone are the static controls and gone is Umbrella. The story sees the now fully trained spy Leon S. Kennedy go head on with strange parasitic infected "Ganado" in his mission to rescue the President's daughter who was kidnapped by a religious cult. Resident Evil 4 has split the fan base of the franchise but won over nearly all critics with near flawless reviews.

Plot Synopsis

After the Racoon City Incident of 1998, rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy was taken in by an unidentified branch of the U.S. government and given special training. His first duty saw him assigned to guard the family of the American President. It was not long before he was due to begin this task that the First Daughter, Ashley Graham, was kidnapped. As her top bodygaurd, Leon investigates the only lead the government have on Ashley's wherabouts, a sighting of a girl matching her description in rural Spain. Leon travels with two Spanish police officers to the village where Ashley was spotted. Just outside of the village proper, the officer driving the Land Rover stops up and informs Leon the village is up ahead. The other officer claims they're going to stay behind and watch the car as to avoid "get(ting) any parking tickets." Leon scoffs at this and leaves the vehicle to head for the lone house just at the end of a short path in front of him to begin his search.

Leon has barely gone a few steps when the house's occupant notices him coming, and heads off back to his dining room. Leon sees that an old flatbed truck is blocking the road to the village, so he takes his only option and goes inside to question the occupant. Upon entering the house, Leon attempts to get the man's attention to no avail. He further attempts by showing the man a photograph of Ashley and asking if he's seen her. The man angrily swears at Leon in Spanish, which Leon takes simply as irritation on the local's part. He apologises and proceeds to leave, whereupon the man attacks Leon with a hatchet, ignoring the calls to freeze. Knowing he's in danger, Leon shoots and kills the man. He hears commotion outside and observes the truck ramming the police officer's Land Rover into the small valley it was parked near. Some more villagers barricade the house's front door, so Leon heads further into the house. He stumbles across a box filled with human body parts and realises that the village must have a history of murders and hopes that Ashley is okay. He heads upstairs and kills a villager from the window before jumping down to confront another. Having eliminated the immediate threat he investiagtes the wreckage to see both the truck and the Land Rover lying in ruins in the river below, though the officers are nowhere to be seen.  Now without his (somewhat unreliable) backup, Leon heads on towards the Pueblo, following the guideposts, to continue his mission.