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Product Details

Softcover: 464 pages
Publisher: Enterbrain, Inc.
Product ID: ISBN4-7577-2258-3


biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho

biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho (バイオハザード4解体真書). A "Revised Edition" (Kaitei-ban) was published for the release of the game on the PlayStation 2

CHARACTER OF biohazard4

Leon S. Kennedy (Page 006-007)

Ashley Graham (Page 009)

Ada Wong (Page 010-011)

A beautiful woman of Asian origin who met Leon in the Umbrella Incident and fell in love with him, although she appeared to lose her life due to a wound, her age, identify, purpose, all are wrapped in mystery. However, this time she appears before Leon who visited the village on the Ashley search mission and takes enigmatic actions, sometimes supporting him by giving advice. "Ada Wong" is a temporary name that she gave Leon six years ago, and her real name is unknown at present and she is active as a spy of "The 3rd Organization", and seems to be aiming for the sample of the parasite which the Los Illuminados cult has....

Luis Sera / Ingrid Hunnigan (Page 012)

Jack Krauser (Page 013)

A soldier who was close to Leon.

The muscular American is fortified with his combat uniform. An ex-comrade to Leon, Krauser was suspected dead in an accident two years before but showed up during Leon's mission to save Ashley. He is working for Saddler, but is in contact with "The 3rd Organization.” He feels him and Leon are two sides of the same coin, while they have similarities there are things that contrast.

*Krauser accepted the power of the cult and gained the ability to jump greater then human ability and his left arm is able to take a different shape.

*Krauser has been trying to get Leon as if he had a grudge against him. They were close friends on the battle field, what could have happened to them...

*When Krauser was given an order from Saddler he secretly contacted Ada. What could this intense conversation mean?

Key point: The Man Named Albert Wesker

The man named Albert Wesker leads in "The 3rd Organization" to which Ada belongs. Ostensibly he was the Captain of the Special Forces S.T.A.R.S., but in fact, Wesker was a special agent of Umbrella. In the "Mansion Incident", as commanding officer, he dispatched S.T.A.R.S. for the resolution of the incident and drove them to destruction while controlling from behind the scenes. He as believed to have died in the middle of the incident, however, in the biohazard incident that occured on the European solitary Rockfort Island, his survival was confirmed. What's his position now? And "The 3rd Organization" is......?

*Wesker acquired incredible strength and achieved resurrection. Is he planning the revival of Umbrella which he once belonged to?


Ganado (page 060)

Humans who are controlled by the parasite "Plaga". The parasite assimilates the hosts' nervus centralis and controls their mind, and will attack people due to the life instinct of Plaga. In this condition, the hosts can preserve their intelligence and abilities to communicate. During combat, they can also use all sorts of weapons, set traps, and hunt their target in group.

Ganado (Chainsaw) (page 101)

The Ganados holding lumbering chainsaws. The assimilation with the Plaga is very perfect, letting them be controlled by an extremely aggressive impulse, and will swing their chainsaws to kill their enemies. Their bodies are also tougher than common Ganados, which can let them endure much more damage from bullets.

Ganado (Arma de Gatling) (page 104)

The Ganados armed with gatling guns. When enemies are spotted, they will fire the terrible machine guns and attack any people in their sight. Originally, a heavy weapon like this is fixed on a mount, but the parasite gives them the strength to use it only with their hands. Also,their bodies are very tough to damage, even a head-shot with the rifle can't kill them easily.

Ganado (Plaga) (page 106)

The form the Plaga come out of the Ganado's body. When the host receives serious damage and lose his brain functions, the parasite will control the human's body itself, but the action is quite mechanical. The larval parasite is manifested as a long tentacle with sharp end. When it nearly grows to an adult, it can spit out acid liquid and crunch the prey with its strong jaw.

Plaga (page 110)

The Plaga parasite without its host. In this state, the parasite can act individually, but can only live for a short time, and will gradually become weaker and weaker until death. The parasite crawls and looks for a new host. Once an appropriate host is found, it will get into the creature's body immediately.

Colmillos (page 111)

The dogs parasited by Plaga. The assimilation makes their fangs overgrow and come out of the mouth. They are very swift while hunting, and will cut the prey's throat in a flash. The parasite can burst from their body and use the tentacles to attack. Perhaps due to fact the hosts are social animals, the controlling of them through the Plaga parasite is very stable. And the collective aggression with a number of dogs is also a conspicuous feature of them.

Novistador (page 114)

An insect-man created through application experiments of Plaga parasites. It can change the color of its carapace at will and blend in with the background to wait for its prey.  Although based on humans, its body is just like that of an insect. It has been observed making giant nests to reproduce. There are a large number of a weaker type which lacks camouflage ability, but with wings on their back, and fly in swarms when they attack enemies.

Garrador (page 118)

The experimental hosts using Plaga to enhance the bodies. Though the experiments succeeded in giving them very strong physical ability, they become very aggressive and will attack any creatures nearby. Without other choices, their eyes are stitched, and they are strictly restrained. The loss of vision makes their hearing ability highly developed. Once released in battle, they can find the enemy's direction according to the sound, and destroy them with their iron claws.

Armadura (page 121)

An armor in the castle which is controlled by the Plaga inside. The parasite pursuing a host gets inside the armor and turns to a sleeping state to sustain its life, and will reactivate if any creature comes close. The tentacles of the parasite expand in the armor and act as muscles, allowing it to walk and swing its weapons just like a man is inside. However, due to its slow movement, this creature seems to be very embarrassing.

Regenerador (page 124)

A monster created out of experiments of infecting a human with multiple Plaga parasites. As a result, it has amazing regenerative capabilities, and is able to regrow lost body parts in a flash. However, only a vague human shape remains on it, and the body constitution has been completely changed. The changes also influence its brain, which makes it lose the ability of thinking like a hunman.

Iron Maiden (page 124)

The improved creatures based on the Regeneradors. With amazing regenerative capabilities, many sharp needle-like thorns can stretch out from their body. During battle, they will capture their prey with the long elastic arms and pierce its body using those thorns. Due to the similarity with the torture instrument in 16th century Europe, they are given the same name of "Iron Maiden".

El Gigante (page 132)

A giant created during the application experiments of the Plaga parasite. Through genetic modifications to a parasited human, the host eventually grows to 4 times larger than a normal man. Along with the giant body is the extremely strong power and toughness, allowing it to ignore common gun fire. However, just like with Del Lago, it is very furious and difficult to control. So only a few of these creatures are produced.

Bitores Mendez (page 139)

The form of Mendez with the power of his parasite fully unleashed. His exposed vertebra has completely combined with the Plaga, and become a centipede-like creature. The two big front legs on his back are very strong, and Mendez can shred his enemies into pieces with the giant claws on them. Mendez also has extreme dogged vitality, even when the vertebra is broken, he can still perform with half of the body.

Del Lago (page 129)

A giant aquatic creature that exceeds 20 meters in length. It was originally an aquatic salamander (also called waterdog) that became a sample in an applied experiment using Plagas. As the strange creature continued to grow, it became enormous and in addition, acquired the ability to move through water like a fish. However, its actions could not be controlled due to Plagas and had to be sealed away in the lake in the village.

Verdugo (page 144)

A terrible executioner without mercy, which is called "right hand" by its master Salazar. It has very high combat abilities, and is considered to be the final form of application experiments with insect genes. Along with the great strength and agility, it is covered by an indestructable carapace, which even can deflect bullets to its enemies. The carapace also has perfect flexibility, allowing it to pass whether under bed or through ventilation ducts. Using its tail with a sharp billhook-like end, it can launch an attack from any angle at will.

Ramon Salazar (page 148)

The form after Salazar fused himself and a Verdugo with the mother parasite. His own body is hidden inside the shelter in the center of the giant creature, and controls 3 long tentacles to attack. Among these, the tentacle in the center which has a similar face with Salazar's follower at the end of it has very strong and deadly fangs. What's more, on the root of it are many spore-like organs, which will breed the Plaga parasite from it.

U-3 (page 152)

A life form created by combining human, reptile and insect genes with Plagas. It became very distorted and ugly in appearance as a result of not adjusting the characteristics of each respective species. The tentacle of the left hand can form a whip-like action that is far too quick for the eye of the prey to catch a glimpse. A large-size Plagas lies hidden in the spinal cord of the human part and as for the large jaw, it’s not only possible to slash enemies, but to burrow into the earth and advance.

Jack Krauser

Was Leon's partner, as well as a Martial Arts specialist with a knife. By his own will he put Las Plagas into his body and gained powers beyond human capacity. When he uses the power of the Las Plagas his arm transforms into a hard blade and attacks his enemies with great power. This blade can also be used as a wing-like shield that is hard enough to defend even from rockets.

Osmund Saddler (page 163)

The true form of Osmund Saddler as the master of all Plagas. 4 giant legs burst out of his body with uncountable tentacles, and his head with a strong jaw is in the center position. Many eye balls are exposed on the joints of his legs, so he has no blind angle on vision. Also, the carapace of this creature is extremely tough, which makes him almost invincible while under attack.



Is there anyone who can forget the events of October 1, 1998, six years before now?

It was a day that changed everything. A day in which a portion of territory was lost, of a country that had led the world through its military and economic might, since the end of the cold war. It was a day on which anyone could see how the world makeup was starting to crumble, something that should have been very strong. On that day, the small American Midwest city known as Raccoon City disappeared from the face of the earth, together with its 100,000 citizens. The horrible event caused by the spread of the bioweapon "t-virus" that turned people into people-eating monsters - facing a city filled with almost all zombies, and fearing a further outbreak, the U.S. Congress decided on a "eradication strategy" using missiles. For the first time in history, weapons of mass destruction were used on United States territory, and the entire city was cleansed in a column of fire and blast of hot wind, like the town of Sodom that suffered the punishment and fury of God.

Umbrella was banned from the marketplace. The sudden drop in share prices as the result of a global order to suspend business completely suffocated the massive corporation that had armed itself with massive capital. The company's routine illegal and inhumane activities were gradually exposed, and the company was broken up. The "evil" was destroyed, together with the horrible weapons...or so it seemed.

However, those memories cannot be forgotten. There is no technology to go back in time and erase the events that happened in Raccoon City, or the fact that even the United States could be shaken to its core.

Since then, terrorism became more common throughout the world. Even as it became stronger, pride and ideology came more into conflict with each other. Conflicts began to flare up everywhere, and people who had power in Umbrella were secretly active behind the scenes.

The world certainly did change that day...

... as did the destinies of those people who made it out of Raccoon City alive...

Even though it is daytime, the thickening clouds are painted black.

A fog has begun blocking the view, ever since turning off onto the unpaved mountain road. The road is heavily potholed and the tired suspension of the outdated wagon is hardly able to absorb the shocks.

Leon S. Kennedy is riding in the rear seat, looking at the seemingly endless, monochromatic view. As the wagon hits a bump in the road, his chin is knocked off his elbow, causing him to curse quietly. The police officer that is driving looks at him in the rear-view mirror and smiles.

Flamenco music has been loudly playing inside the vehicle for hours since they left the police station. To Leon, it all sounds the same. The singer sings along to the peppy guitar chords and castanet rhythm. The unshaven officer in the passenger seat sometimes loudly sings along, and sometimes is quiet.

It was clear that neither of them were enthusiastic about the trip. They had been talked into going by their superior, forced into the role of playing guide for Leon.

Furthermore, even these local cops seemed as if they could rot away in the cold backcountry town with nothing to do for entertainment.

Letting loose a sigh, Leon again gazes out the window. The fog was growing thicker... as if to highlight Leon's mission.
Several days had already passed since the kidnapping of Ashley Graham, the president's daughter. As a federal agent, Leon's task was to find and rescue her.

This was a case that would normally be handled by a large-scale search team and personnel with hostage rescue special training, not a case that would be handled by an agent working alone, such as himself. However, it was clear that this kidnapping occurred based on some extremely confidential inside information. In other words, there was a traitor at work here, who had access to important data - until this traitor could be identified, a larger rescue team would risk making the situation even worse.

So, Leon was singled out. If she had not been kidnapped, he would have been assigned to her as bodyguard duty, so his thinking, history and background had already been checked out for a long time - the government had already completely proven that he could be trusted. His ability to carry out the mission was also backed up by his previous track record. He was the perfect man for this job.

-- A survivor from hell...

In his heart, Leon felt somewhat hesitant. He felt like he had experienced the emotions of an entire lifetime in that city where he had been just assigned as a new police officer. That Leon, who survived that hell that was worse than a nightmare, and who was just becoming an adult at only 20 years of age, had died. Since that day, there was a giant hole in the bottom of his heart. The wagon crosses a suspension bridge hung across a canyon, and finally stops. Just ahead is a beautiful house on the edge of the town that appears to be the destination.

Leon feels has low confidence in intelligence that a girl resembling Ashley was seen in this European countryside. He would probably do nothing more than questioning the locals. Kidnapping the president's daughter was the same as declaring war on the most powerful nation in the world. He felt that this was a crime that seemed to have nothing to do with this place, where nothing had changed for 200 years.

The police officers, who had been given no detailed information about Leon's mission, suddenly take notice of something. They concentrate on stopping a monster that has stepped over the boundary.

The Raccoon City survivor sets foot in a new place of disaster.

... The curtain had already been raised on the new tragedy...

Plague Origins

Once the Plaga parasite begins to rapidly multiply and spread throughout the world, there is no technology in existence for humanity to resist it. Persons who have become Ganado or hosts are easily detected in small towns or close-knit communities where unusual words or actions are quickly detected, but they easily blend in to the crowd in large cities where even neighbors don’t know each other. Powerful monsters for which a gun is no match can blend into society and increase their numbers. Even if discovered, it would be impossible to take the same eradication action in a major city using mass destruction weapons, as was used in Raccoon City. This quiet infection would eventually reach the ranks of national government. And think of the possibilities of developing parasites capable of more advanced deception, or joining forces with an important person who has been infected with a dominant strain Plaga that retains the consciousness of the human, and who agrees to become under the control of Saddler…

This bargaining for power is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil. Leon feels that even worse is for a person in whom society has placed trust to have such aspirations.

Ramon was a descendent of the rulers of this area from ages ago, and even in the 21st century in which such sovereign rulers were all but extinct, his was one family that had continued to hold de facto power over a large and fertile region. He could even be called the king of this land. From the time they were born, the villagers had no choice but to declare their loyalty to the Salazar family. Unless they made a decision to never return to their hometown again, there was no escaping the ages-old convention of being tied to the land.

In return for this right of holding a high stature, and ruling/financial power, families normally were responsible for protecting the people. They were obligated to use force to fight off outside attacking enemies, and to fairly judge crimes within the land, treat the citizens well, and lead them to peaceful lives. In the most ideal case, they should firmly deny their own status as rules continuing to live in the old ways because such responsibilities are being managed by the national government in modern days. If they don’t, such families in the region are nothing more than parasites sucking the blood from the poor.

In the past, the Salazar family sealed away the Plaga, which was a dangerous indigenous creature, and fought against the dark cult of Los Illuminados, who worshiped this power. While people were enticed by Saddler’s charming charisma, the contemporary Ramon did the forbidden and released the Plaga, exposed the innocent villagers to become living sacrifices, and this caused Leon to harbor unspeakable anger.

Behind a large set of side-by-side opening doors, inside a space with a domed ceiling resembling a cathedral, is a frightening scene engraved on the minds of humans. A giant living thing, with roots embedded in every wall, full of sticky liquid, some combination of plant and mollusk. This is the mother of all Plagas. The root of all-evil which must not be touched.

“I respect your strong will.” Ramon laughs as he gives himself up to the twisting tentacles. Already undergoing a transformation, the crazed leader began fusing with the Plaga queen.


The long, stifling night finally ended.

The morning fog gradually lifted, and, like millions of jewels, the rippling lake surface shimmered brilliantly.

The death battle had ended.

Leon succeeded in his mission to rescue Ashley Graham, and the horrible Las Plagas parasites that had attached to Leon and Ashley were removed in the knick of time.

The discovered Las Plagas were used as a tool of domination, dashing the hopes of the Los Illuminados cult to control the United States, and thereby control the world. All of those who had been infected with the dominant strain, that allows control of humans while they retain consciousness, and who were used in the central role of the cult's plan, were sent to a place fitting for their disfigured appearance. They were sent to the grave after having been given suitable last rites.

Leon had survived hell for a second time. His body had been pushed beyond the limit, and was enveloped in severe fatigue. He felt crazed at the incredulousness of the events and at battling them with a human body. Those who survived will remember for the rest of their lives.

However, the rising morning sun he saw here appeared entirely different to the one he saw over the suburbs of Raccoon City on that day in the past, and in this he felt hope. The darkness of the past 6 years had finally lifted, and he finally felt the empty feeling in his heart start to fill. Leon felt like he had been reborn as a human. With the return of this part of him that had been missing, he felt a fresh sense that everything in the world had been renewed. His five senses regained their clarity, and the extreme fatigue, and pain from bruises and cuts becomes a memory of the past.

With Leon and Ashley as passengers, the powerful, heavily customized jet skis easily power over the lake. The shadow of the lonely island slowly disappears into the mist.

Los Illuminados headquarters -

The research facility spread out on this lonely island, built for the purpose of modifying Las Plagas into bioweapons and desecrating life, was enshrouded in flames and turned to dust and ashes. The massive amounts of explosive charges that were set totally destroyed the strategic spots of the island, completely erasing the results of experiments that were conducted there. It is likely that Ada Wong and her organization had made secret preparations there.

Leon recalls the final appearance of Osmund Saddler, the leader of the cult.

He wonders if it could even be still called by the name of Saddler. The dominant strain Las Plagas was developed out of repeated genetic modifications, in order to maintain the awareness of the host human - however, Saddler's ultimate form was about as distant as one could be from appearing human.

The parasite cells that were densely compressed within his body suddenly deformed and expanded outside the body, forming the shape of a giant tentacle creature. Saddler's body, which hangs suspended from the middle, had the appearance of a cocoon that was discarded by an insect that had grown into adult form. The master and servant roles of the parasite and the host had become reversed, resulting in a horrible monster that makes one cringe to call it the leader of a new world.
Even Saddler, who had attempted to remain in control of everything, might have been used by the mysterious parasite known as Las Plagas - this ironic thought was running around inside Leon's head.

Las Plagas were only weak parasitic organisms that could only survive by infecting other living creatures. Because this method could not be called symbiotic by any means, it had been locked away as a malignant strain in an age before science took hold. But now, in this age, the fact that someone wanted to spread it throughout the world was a blessing for Las Plagas, who/that had been locked away in a state of semi-hibernation.

If the world were to be dominated by Las Plagas, it would become more stable than now, with different hosts being able to share thoughts, resulting in the birth of a perfectly balanced bio-organism. On a global level, the existence of such a parasite might not be such a terrible "Plagas" (plague).

However, Leon felt that this was unacceptable. He saw value in the inconsistencies of humans, in building and maintaining diverse societies. He could not imagine a humanity in which all is given over to Las Plagas and the self withers away. He believed that the will to avoid extinction would enable humanity to exist into the future even when the world is subjected to hate and evil.

Ada stole the modified Las Plagas sample. And again, there remained the existence of a strain capable of giving birth to another one like Saddler. However, Leon was not disappointed. He felt that the probability was low of a worst-case scenario arising from what she took. He believed in his heart that Ada's motives were different than those of Wesker.

The distance between Leon and Ada was growing. Even with like hearts, their paths in life would run parallel to each other for far into the future.

Perhaps their footsteps would cross again someday in the future. Only if they survive...Only if the world survives.

-- I will make sure it survives. I have regained a reason to fight. I'll go to hell and back as many times as it takes.


He hears Ashley call from behind him, her wet hair disheveled by the wind. "You said that pretty woman was a vision inside your heart. Does that mean you have feelings for her?"

Leon felt relieved that this young woman had a stronger psyche than it appeared. Ashley may have been emotionally damaged, but she had a natural strength and did not let it show. 

"You sure are persistent. I said before - maybe." 

"You said something like she is a part of you that you can never cast away. Looks like the makings of a beautiful romance. Tell me all about it on our way back to America, OK? I'll tell my dad to make it your mission up until then." 

"I'll make you cry."

Leon laughed a little, realizing that his relationship with Ada at Raccoon City was no longer a tragic memory to be kept locked away.

Report about Ada

Ada is wrapped in "mystery."
No accurate information has been disclosed about her. Nothing is known about when and where she was born, her nationality, race or exact age, or even the name given to her at birth.
Only the woman who calls herself Ada Wong knows the truth about herself.

Her outstanding beauty and smooth pearl-like skin harkens to her Asian origins. The complex curves of her alluring body seem perfect and without waste, without losing any of her feminine appeal, and with perfect proportions. But, all of this, squeezed into a thin dress, is no more than an "enigma" hiding her true quality. Like a form of powerful thought control over those who gaze at her.

That's right, Ada is camouflaged. In the beautiful female spy. As long as her duty is devotedly carried out with absolute certainty, her true intentions cannot be guessed. Both her thoughts and ideologies are hidden behind her enigmatic smile, and she gets one step closer to her true purpose.

The deception continues.

The rulers of the "organization", which maneuvers secretly in the background of global affairs, truly couldn't help their puzzlement at first when Ada attempted to contact them. A spy built up with false footprints and most of her career unknown except for her outstanding capabilities, only her uniquely clear history and raw luck from the cursed town Raccoon City proved it.

Even the word "hell" isn't enough to express the devastation that struck the land. A city of the dead erased out of fear to close the lid on the madness out of control there. Therefore, the immoral product brought back from there, the "G-Virus", was the steadfast evaluation of the woman who had accomplished that extremely difficult recovery mission. The name Ada Wong became a legend among those engaged in espionage.

That female spy's approach. This was believed to be the work of another agency, and there were quite a few voices within the organization insisting they should dispose of her.

However, the organization was already holding an uncontrollable spark which may burn it from within. A man who now couldn't be ignored, who had entered the center of the organization and reached the point of holding influence with the gift of the research results of the giant corporation Umbrella, the ringleaders of the Raccoon City biohazard---- former Raccoon Police Department Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. Captain Albert Wesker. In order to suppress this malignant tumor, the rulers adopted a stratagem to draw in Ada.

Although there was no reason to trust her unconditionally, if she functioned as a watchdog to Wesker, even if Ada harbored treachery, it would be beneficial. If the two kept each other in check, the most inconvenient actions as double agents would be naturally restricted for the organization ------- they judged so.

Then, Ada handled the role adequately. While being cautious, she approached Wesker making the most of the position she kept at the organization and was recognized as a capable intelligence gathering agent if used as a pawn. The self-confident man Wesker appointed and personally chose people favoring earnestly faithful, clever wolves with piercing fangs more than foolish hounds------- alternatively, he perceived she had a character he liked, and skilfully built an alliance in order to put her under his control. He wanted to use Ada as the most highly capable "piece" in the crucial aspects of the plans he devised.

Of course, Wesker was also cunning and sufficiently assumed his own movements would be handed down to the top brass of the organization through Ada. Information may leak, and in fact, he conversely actively wanted information to leak, and a fact vaguely arose. Wesker was planning something------- faint traces of this created an unnatural rut in the accumulation of information, reminiscent of the shadow of a huge, thick umbrella blocking out the rays of the sun......

Within the intricately interwoven mixture of speculation, only Ada was able to maintain complete mystery. Only her purpose cleanly fell through, as if through a gaping hole. As if she truly and completely served the "organization." As if her greatest pleasure was accomplishing her mission.

The deception continues.

There was a moment Ada's eyes carried a sparkle of truth. A glimmer of her will directly connected with hidden thoughts she couldn't disguise.

There, the life and death of one man inevitably affected her. Six years ago, at the bottom of the darkness near between Raccoon City's destruction, the bare feelings of an upright young man and the female spy wrapped only in falsehood collided------- the life of Leon S. Kennedy. While often ordered by Wesker to eliminate him as an obstacle to accomplishing her mission, she created a plot in which she didn't need to do so. She occasionally jeopardized her own life and held out her hand to Leon's plight from the shadows.

Now this time also------- Ada ran in the huge tower built with steel frames and caught the desperate struggle between Osmund Saddler, who had turned into a monster, and Leon who fought bravely. The beautiful leopardess ran at full speed inside the framework and defeated the crowding Ganado in defiance of the detonator that had already begun to operate. Saddler's measures demonstrated his abnormal vitality------- In other words, a rocket launcher equipped with a special warhead she held in her hands was used as the way Leon survived.

All of this may have been measures in order to get closer to the true purpose she holds. There are none who see the truth other than Ada. There is a possibility that Leon's survival may just be one pave-stone with great usefulness.
However, in the moment she threw him the rocket launcher, strong déjà vu struck Ada.

A flashback to a memory sealed in her mind. That day, Ada, who had disguised her own death, threw a weapon to Leon in the same way during his difficult battle with an immortal monster in the underground laboratory while hiding... -------She laughed. It hasn't changed either.

For just a moment, a smile flashed on Ada's face, lit up by the flash of light of the special rocket exploding. Leon wasn't able to catch the expression, but it was surely the real face of she who had forgotten the veil of "mystery" there.