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Project Umbrella Translation


July 1998
Arklay Laboratory is destroyed. Losing his precious gift, Wesker still manages to join The 3rd Organization.

August 1998
Ada sneaks into the underground lab in Raccoon City; she then obtains the information that "G" is almost finished.

September 30, 1998.
Under Wesker's order, Ada succeeds in retrieving the "G" sample.

December 27, 1998.
Taking a number of B.O.W.s with him, Wesker and his force strikes Umbrella's base on Rockfort Island.

December 27, 1998.
Wesker sneaks into Umbrella's South Pole Base; his target is "T-Veronica".

Unknown Date, 2004.
Ada arrives in Europe and sneaks into an island which is controlled by the Los Illuminados.

Unknown Date, 2004.
Ada succeeds in retrieving the "Plaga" sample from the Los Illuminados.

Wesker Bio

Precious information obtained through espionage.

The final result is "G".

Under some orders, Wesker made a plan to obtain the Tyrant, which was anticipated to be the ultimate mass production B.O.W., and to join The 3rd Organization. In the coming July, his plan was going well, but his most precious gift was eventually destroyed by S.T.A.R.S.

Two months passed after the mansion incident. The organization wants to test Wesker's loyalty, and for him, this is a chance to retrieve his loss. The female spy Ada who sneaked into Umbrella got the information that the "G-Virus" is almost finished. On this information, he turned to focus on retrieving "G" with Ada. During their mission, the appearance of Leon the new cop overset their plan, and they had to change it. But finally, Ada still managed to retrieve the G-Virus.

Personal Resume of Albert Wesker

Umbrella Corp. Associate Researcher
Umbrella Corp. Chief Researcher
Umbrella Intelligence Agent
S.T.A.R.S. Unit Captain
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team Leader
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