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biohazard SAMURAI EDGE History

biohazard SAMURAI EDGE History is a booklet that is included with the "Samurai Edge" gun replica manufactured by Tokyo Marui. It is a document that explains how Joseph Kendo, older brother of gun shop owner, Robert Kendo, built each S.T.A.R.S. handgun.

Project Umbrella Translation

Birth of the Circumstances

April 1996

"Raccoon City". Situated in the American Midwest. In recent years, this town has experienced unprecedented growth due to the intervention of corporations and as a result, has been exposed to various previously unthinkable crimes and urban terrorism.

The Raccoon Police Department failed to address these crimes with regular police and established S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) as a countermeasure, recruiting experts from various fields.

At this time, "Joseph Kendo" was invited as a trainer for his many years of SWAT experience with the San Fransisco Police Department where he is now managing the custom gun shop "KENDO" in the suburbs.

December 1996

When the terms of Kendo's contract as a trainer expired, he returned to San Francisco to became a gun-smith again, but was requested by the Raccoon Police Department to build custom guns for S.T.A.R.S. He accepted the request for custom gun production.

Conditions of production are as follows:

(1) Use of ammunition...

Generally, in law enforcement agencies, 9mm parabellum (9mmx19mm) ammunition is used. Furthermore, one must consider storage and supply of ammunition; often the SMG (sub-machine gun) cartridge provides strength and durability.

(2) The number of cartridges...

Must be able to load 13 or more rounds in the magazine.

(3) Sight...

Durability of fixed types must be considered for fast sighting in close-range combat using 3 dot-types.

(4) Accuracy...

Accuracy must be 2 inches (5 cm) or less within 25 yards (23 m). Furthermore, 3,000 additional rounds fired must have equal accuracy.

(5) Function...

In consideration of gunfire from various situations, the trigger action used must be double-action.  Furthermore, one must be able to operate from left to right, and an ambidextrous safety is required.

(6) Weight...

Weight must be considered for transport in a long-term combat mission and actual weight excluding ammunition must be 35 ounces (1,000 g) or less.

There are very few gun-smiths in the world who can do such work when only certain parts are available on the market, not every piece can be combined and work properly together and require step-by-step assembly, while meeting the work conditions stated clearly on the contract.

One such person is Joe Kendo, who remembers the excitement of a challenge rather than confusion caused by strict conditions.

February 1998

Three gun cases are lined up on the desk of Brian Irons, the Raccoon Police Chief.

One is an aluminum "Kendo Gun Shop" custom case, ordered and built by Joe, of course. The second is a plastic case with the Umbrella logo on it. And the third is the same aluminum "Kendo Gun Shop" custom case as Joe's.

The younger brother of Joe, Robert Kendo, opened a gun shop in Raccoon City which supplies custom guns. Robert heard the story of his friend Barry's latest case and finished the newest custom gun, but it deviated from the original conditions completely, which became a substantial challenge for Joe Kendo and the Umbrella Corporation.

S.T.A.R.S. was selected for the trial test. Chris Redfield was chosen to boast his #1 shooting techniques. He has many marksmen competition titles but lacks experience in actual combat; no other person was better suited for the trial.

First, the accuracy test was done using various types of ammunition, and the Kendo Custom achieved results of 3/4 inches (1.8 cm) every 25 yards. Followed by more than 40,000 rounds of actual gunfire, and in the corrosion-resistance test in seawater and fall test, the Kendo Custom archived high results in all.

Even though performance was sufficient in actual field use, a request was issued for the addition of front serration of the slide and to extend the slide stop.

March 1998

The results of the trial are received and a partially improved Kendo Custom is used for Phase 2 testing by four people, Alpha Team's Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker.

June 1998

The member's personal tests are completed with satisfactory results and the decision is made to adopt the regulation.

The finished product has the S.T.A.R.S. insignia inserted in the grip, the unit name and Kendo name on the slide, and a Japanese person with an oriental sword on the slide, which Joe Kendo named, "SAMURAI EDGE."

This model is provided to the remaining eight people.

Recently, missing person cases and frequent dog-like monsters sightings in the Marble River district of Raccoon City flowing into the Arklay Mountains have been reported to the local paper Raccoon Times.


Samurai Edge Standard Model

Sliding is the origin of the "Samurai Edge" standard model, in order to strongly withstand use of the cartridge, the slide lock section is widened, "Brigadier slide" is adopted. The serration on the side is carved in two places, front and back. The "S.T.A.R.S." and "SAMURAI EDGE" signature appear in between. As for the surface finish, the frame is made from aluminum-alloy, the steel slide is a grey color tone, with a stencil bar barrel that combined creates a vivid dull tone.

The sharp uniform shape and barrel, which fires a bullet that holds the slide open, make it like a "Samurai's Blade" exactly. The right thumb is used to release an empty magazine, which is dropped, and reloaded with the left hand. When the thumb is moved, the slide stop is released. Tactical reload can be done without changing grip, by extending back the slide stop lever. Fast sighting is made possible from the rear sight, which lines up 3-dot types, and enables accurate shots because the distance between front and back sights extends further. Furthermore, a fusion of style-beauty and functionality is wonderfully executed by using a "hybrid custom grip," which absorbs the shock of gunfire, creating only a slight vibration to the shooter.

As proof of ownership, a gold "S.T.A.R.S." medallion is inserted into the center of the grip. The standard model of "Samurai Edge" is the newly adopted basic weapon of S.T.A.R.S. "M92F semi-auto handgun" expertly created by "Joe Kendo," and is an improved combat firearm, equivalent to the "F1" racer-type.

*M92F S.T.A.R.S. Special. The gun has a double safety lock to prevent use by criminals in case of theft. This semi-automatic handgun is also designed with a special sliding bridge, which prevents jamming.*

However, even after the adoption, 4 members (Jill, Chris, Barry, Wesker) requested additional customs on the basis of "style" and additional unique models were born. The remaining 8 people received the BASIC "standard model," which Rebecca Chambers of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team uses.

The existence of the "Samurai Edge" is proven by use from these 8 people. Why then is the existence of the "standard model" a mystery? Immediately after the regulation was adopted the "mansion incident" occurred, so even verification of the existence is difficult. "Birth and hardships" occurred simultaneously, so the fate of the "Samurai Edge" standard model is uncertain. As S.T.A.R.S. members begin to walk a difficult path, will the "deadly swing of the blade" be enough for enclosing enemies?

Jill Valentine Model

Jill Valentine, a member of S.T.A.R.S. who investigated the incident was involved in intelligence tactics and espionage;  she joined the military special forces, similar to the Army's Delta Force, instead of police S.W.A.T.

Jill Valentine is an expert of bomb disposal; she dislikes doing gun battle on the forefront preferring espionage tactics so special construction of a miniature slide stop was required to avoid getting caught on clothes - she's able to holster and upholster her handgun from the rear of her waist during retreat. In addition, the S.T.A.R.S. insignia color was changed to "light blue"; Jill's favorite.

It's not easy having a combination of "real virility" and "masculinity" in a design. Perhaps this is the true identity of Alpha Team's only woman, Jill.

Chris Redfield Model

Chris Redfield is a member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team and Ace #1 marksman. 

A custom gun request for a shooting-competition winner is difficult and requires the highest precision and function.

The final product is beautiful to behold, with a silver-plate finish, and medium slide that makes for exquisite trigger operation [for perfect accuracy regardless of any circumstances]. In the pursuit of greater accuracy, the slide has been replaced by hard steel, and to avoid the change in dimension by the thickness of the coating "Blue finish" * is applied. Also, "no luster" is used to deflect outside light, allowing convert contact with the enemy.

*(The steel surface was coated with a liquid chemical used for rust prevention.)*

Barry Burton Model

Barry prefers high power large-caliber guns, thus has chosen the more powerful .40 S&W bullet over the 9mmx19mm bullet. Furthermore, a custom request for tougher "+P" bullets was made to withstand use.

In order to lighten the intense recoil shock of discharge, 4 port holes are opened in the barrel point, and a "large-size compensator" is made possible using the "stabilizer."

The lower part of the stabilizer is rail-mounted, allowing various adjustments such as "laser sight" and "flashlight."

Adjustments were made to extend magazine size for .40 S&W bullet use.

Albert Wesker Model

Albert Wesker is a man with two faces - S.T.A.R.S. leader and Umbrella secret agent. He is calculating and prefers skillful "covert action" rather than direct combat, and requested a custom gun from Joe Kendo.

The frame is made from duralumin super-steel with adjustments for rail-mounted "laser sight and flashlight" integration of an all-in-one design, including luxurious unique modifications such as the checker ring, square-type trigger guard, beaver tail and silver-color grip.

A large removable silencer which mutes sound sufficiently can be mounted directly to the frame in a one-touch motion.

The silencer type installs directly into the barrel, but accuracy doesn't worsen because a brake is not used on shorter recoil.

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