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Product Details

Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD
Released: March 31, 2005
Product ID: ISBN4-906582-31-1
Pages: 352


biohazard archives

biohazard archives (バイオハザードアーカイブス, known as resident evil ARCHIVES outside of Japan) is a "Bible" book detailing the mythology of the BIOHAZARD series, covering the majority of the games in the series between 1996~2002. A "Revised Reprint" was published as a smaller and cheaper book, and released on February 18, 2010. The information in the book was edited and approved by Yasuhisa Kawamura, the scenario writer of BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE, and the R&D teams of each game covered in the book took part in its creation.

Project Umbrella Translation


ALBERT WESKER (Page 134-136)

Captain of S.T.A.R.S. and leader of Alpha Team. With a formidable and grandeur-filled appearance, he is cool-headed and his trademark deep-black sunglasses give the impression that he cannot be approached easily. He wears a tactical vest on his uniform. His side is equipped with a pouch with spare clips and a radio is attached to his chest. The Samurai Edge mounted in his leg holster was customized for him. His shooting skills are on par with the ace, Chris Redfield. A specialist in biotechnology, he once belonged to the Arklay Laboratory with William Birkin, who later became developer of the G-Virus. Their objective was t-Virus research. However, the two men's fates were greatly divided since betraying James Marcus, the director of the executive training center. Wesker submitted himself to a position as an intelligence agent whereas William rose and began to shine as a central figure in Umbrella. Afterwards, he was inaugurated as Captain at the same time S.T.A.R.S. was established. He began espionage to prevent S.T.A.R.S. digging into the truth.

Wesker's turning point came when the dispatch request to the Arklay Mountains was given. Then, Wesker planned to reversely use his secret orders to eliminate S.T.A.R.S. and collect combat data. For a long time, he had planned to defect to Umbrella's opposing company and awaited an opportunity to produce a gift. However, his scheme was ruined due to the activities of Chris and Jill, and out of necessity, Wesker put his next plan into action. It was to seize the G-Virus, of which William pushed forward research. When two months passed since the Mansion Incident, Wesker took action in cooperation with the spy Ada Wong. Also at this time, they encountered interferences from Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and also the Umbrella Security Service, and it did not result in the seizure. But, the G-Virus was finally recovered from a remaining corpse. He succeeded in escaping from Raccoon City just before the bombing.

After seizing the G-Virus, although Wesker had regained his honor, he was not satisfied with it. The next place Wesker aimed at was the Antarctic underground laboratory. This was to acquire the genius scientist Alexia Ashford herself, who had awoken there. Wesker attacked Rockfort Island with his secret organization's special operations unit to obtain the new virus "t-Veronica" she developed. He plunged the island into chaos. And in his subversive activities, he reunited with his former subordinate Chris, his biggest rival. As a new life-form deviating from the natural world as a human...

ADA WONG (Page 143)

A beauty of Asian origin encountered by Leon S. Kennedy during his search of the police station. She said she came to Raccoon City looking for her missing lover, but it was mere deceit. Ada had another face as a female spy, as she belonged to Umbrella's rival company where Albert Wesker placed himself. As she received special training, her movement and shooting techniques are professional themselves. Even in unusual situations, she carries out her mission silently showing not even the slightest unease. Ada infiltrated Umbrella from before, continued espionage and came into contact with John, chief scientist at the Arklay Laboratory. She had achievements from having collected information about the t-Virus. Then when William Birkin furthered G-Virus development, she obtained information and set out to recover the virus at Wesker's order.

A sample of the G-Virus was hidden in the pendant owned by Sherry, William's daughter. Based on that information, Ada searched in Raccoon City where Zombies roamed. And then she met Leon S. Kennedy, who was also by chance looking for an way to escape there, and she schemed to use him. By pretending to cooperate with Leon, she successfully obtained the pendant at last. However, the false joint quest with Leon had gradually and unknowingly brought a change to Ada's heart. She loved Leon. The fluctuation of her emotions served as an enmity and Ada jeopardized her life before an attack from G. Ada, who awakened to forbidden love, chose her own death before Leon's critical moment. But did she truly die? It is not certain.


The discoverer of the G-Virus and general director of the virus development project. He was a talented scientist prided by Umbrella, but while advancing the G-Virus Project, he stopped getting along well with headquarters and contacted the U.S. government (military authorities). It was timely for the government (military authorities). They purchased B.O.W.s from Umbrella, but if an excellent, talented person like William was available, they judged that it was no longer necessary. However, because William was going to monopolize the project, he was attacked by the Umbrella Security Service and left in a predicament. Since he injected the virus into his own body just before dying, he became the bizarre organism "G" and drove his body to ruin.

William began to follow a path as a researcher in his teens. His superior scientific talent was recognized and he became an executive candidate employee of Umbrella, assigned at the executive training center. At this time, he met Albert Wesker. Afterwards, at the instructions of Chairman Spencer, the two were transferred to the Arklay Laboratory and continued researching the Progenitor Virus to completion. The 16 year old youth William was selected as chief scientist of the t-Virus Project and propelled the project with pride. However, three years after the research began, his smooth sailing life of research was disturbed one day by a single existence. The genius Alexia Ashford produced by "CODE:Veronica." Since she was only 10 years old and was director of the Antarctic Laboratory, William was jealous of her and began repeating unplanned research and experiments out of competitive envy and impatience. There was no progress and time merely passed over the research, this continued until there was a report that Alexia was infected and died in an accident. However, fortunately the straying would later give the turning point for the t-Virus Project. He aimed at a comeback and succeeded in stabilizing the Progenitor Virus. He produced several superior B.O.W.s such as the Hunter. And though exposed to repeated injection experiments, as a result of administering the immortal test subject Lisa Trevor with a parasite (former prototype developed in the Nemesis Project), the mysterious virus "G" (primitive form of the G-Virus) was discovered within her body. Due to this, William drew up a new virus development project and received approval from headquarters. He was given the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, which had a complete set of modern facilities, and moved the devilish research on the "G-Virus" Project there with his wife Annette.


The only daughter of William Birkin, the central figure of the G-Virus Project. Since she was raised without being shown much love from her parents, she is unable to show her feelings very much and is not very talkative. After the biohazard outbreak in Raccoon City, she called for help according to the instructions of her mother, Annette, but therefore happened to encounter a group of police officer Zombies, and started running from place to place.

It was Claire Redfield, who visited the town to search for her older brother, that protected the isolated and helpless Sherry. Although Sherry was afraid of her at first, when Claire identified herself as a human, she relaxed and they came to work together. However, there was a strange shadow relentlessly pursuing Sherry while trying to escape from the police station. It was the mass production type Tyrant dropped into the police station by Umbrella. The purpose of its pursuit was recovery of the G-Virus. A sample of the virus that William concealed was stored in the locket worn around Sherry's neck. There was no way Sherry could've known such a thing was in her personal effects, she could merely try to escape... While the Tyrant's pursuit continued, Ada Wong, a female spy sent in not from Umbrella but from another organization, gained the locket in question. She was also waiting for a chance to seize the G-Virus. Although it seemed Sherry was no longer a target due to the locket being taken, a further threat of evil design began and the situation became increasingly aggravated. The threat was her father William Birkin, who became the monster "G." He had lost his human heart due to the virus' power and, dictated by his instinct, attempted to implant his embryo into his child to make her a vehicle for the virus.

Faced with Sherry's crisis, it was her reliable partner Claire that rose with slight hope in her heart. Sherry ran a high fever and her body very nearly became controlled by the virus, but she recovered because Claire gave her the vaccine. After escaping Raccoon City, she is protected by the U.S. government and serves a precious existence (sample) on both political and military sides as a human carrying the only G-Virus antibody in the world.


First director of the Umbrella executive training center. He was assassinated at the age of 70 due to an Umbrella plot, however in 1998, ten years after he died, he achieved a mysterious resurrection with his younger appearance and began to maneuver secretly to take revenge on the company and bring about world destruction.

Dr. Marcus discovered the Progenitor Virus with Oswell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, and the three founded Umbrella after accepting the proposal of his friend Spencer. He took office as director of the executive training center at Spencer's request. Despite his director position, Dr. Marcus continued his research on the Progenitor Virus from his desire to continue being a scientist, and before long, he developed the t-Virus which served as the foundation of future B.O.W. development. With this, he planned complete a unique B.O.W. to upstage Spencer, who gave top priority to the company's management. He aimed to establish his position as a scientist within Umbrella.

While his top secret experiments continued in the training center's underground laboratory, Dr. Marcus's ambition was gradually distorted out of his hatred for Spencer. In the virus administration experiments on animals, Dr. Marcus became irritated with the expected results not being achieved, and eventually began to use executive candidate employees as guinea pigs. The victims amounted to nearly 20, and this disgusting fact was treated as top secret within Umbrella. However, when the B.O.W. development promoted by the Arklay Laboratory entered the third stage, a motion to stop Dr. Marcus's research became active. Charged with a secret order from Spencer, Albert Wesker and William Birkin murdered him in the middle of his ambition, and closed the curtain on his life of research.


Current leader of Umbrella. A European aristocrat from a distinguished family who discovered the Progenitor Virus, a new RNA virus, with James Marcus and Edward Ashford. He suggested establishing an organization to the two in order to promote the development of biological weapons, and together the three men founded the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, a camouflage company. The year the Progenitor Virus was discovered, Spencer built the Arklay Laboratory in Raccoon Forest. This advancement of virus research was top secret to the world. Spencer requested the design from the architect George Trevor in order to liken the facility to a mansion, but murdered George soon after its completion. Also, with his wife Jessica and daughter Lisa, he "silenced" them by using them for human experiments with the Progenitor Virus. He gradually increased his own power in the company when the awkward presence of Dr. Marcus took office as director of the Umbrella executive training center.

Research was conducted at the Arklay Laboratory. It was none other than the t-Virus Project, also the trigger of the Mansion Incident. The project was pushed forward so that it may compete with Dr. Marcus, who continued independent research even when banished to the training center. The project's turning point was when Dr. Marcus had a successful experiment due to mutated leeches. Spencer knew this and took in two people to his side, executive candidates Albert Wesker and William Birkin, and assassinated Dr. Marcus. They took all of his virus research. Afterwards, Spencer managed to reach completion of the t-Virus because of William's work, and through this, came to control all of Umbrella and monopolized it.


HUNTER (Page 184-185)

The combat B.O.W. model Hunter was born based on a fertilized human egg crossbred with reptilian DNA through the power of the t-Virus, possessing scale-like skin covering its whole body and long, sharp claws. For that reason, its appearance is halfway between human and reptile and particularly ghastly to people. The Hunter was developed for the purpose of opposing enemies with anti-virus equipment and protective measures, and had the capabilities to sufficiently fulfill the development concept. When it discovers a target, it pursues them with tremendous agility and jumping power. Without fail, it corners and kills them. This aspect itself is very much like a hunter, and that also became the reason it was named Hunter. Moreover, in addition to the Hunter's superior athletic capabilities, it possesses the intelligence to accomplish simple orders in an appropriate manner. Due to the above, the Hunter fulfilled a degree of perfection as a weapon on both cost and performance aspects and mass production began with Code No. MA-121. All kinds of variations were produced with the Alpha model as the base.

Later, the "Hunter Beta" was developed in an attempt to boost performance for a Hunter that could be mass-produced at low cost as the next leading product. Although its offensive strength is inferior to the Alpha model, its agility was further enhanced with improvement of its nervous system. Instantaneous force was gained to the extent that it could dodge bullets. On the other hand, the "Hunter Gamma", aka "Frogger", was a subspecies based on the Alpha model and Beta model, developed by a European laboratory of Umbrella. It was developed through a technique of incorporating human genes into the fertilized egg of an amphibian in the cultivation process, and instead of acquiring sharp perception ability; its eyes and teeth degenerated. It was born with a peculiar roundish form. However, because it has the specific properties of amphibians even more prominently than humans, this produced the drawback of being unable to function when not in a water location, and it seems its current condition didn't reach an adequate degree of perfection to be commercialized.

Now, the "Hunter II (Improved)" which appeared on Rockfort Island is a biological weapon produced by a different organization, whereas all these improved models are new models by way of Umbrella's hand. Based on the original master data brought by Albert Wesker, the rival company strengthened the control aspect. They developed a system to send in the Hunter II only to targets that are searched for using a peripheral device named a "self-propelled mode surveillance machine." Although this is a type where practicality as a weapon was pursued, since a "Sweeper" subspecies with toxicological properties exists, it is predicted that the rival company's development capability is above normal.

Hunter's Variation

The Hunter used as the base of all versions. The data provided in combat with S.T.A.R.S. was also efficiently employed in later improvements.

The Beta model is a prototype model sent into Raccoon City for a combat test before mass production. Its monstrous appearance, deteriorated due to genetic modification, is eye-catching.

The Gamma model's physical properties and activity areas are limited and inferior to the Beta model's offensive capability and intelligence. It is weak to direct sun rays, dry air and is lacking in general versatility.

After a self-propelled style surveillance machine acquires a target, the Hunter II is sent in to attack it. The subspecies Sweeper has deadly poison claws and a reddish-violet body.


The prototype model of the "Tyrant" B.O.W. developed aiming for the "ultimate life-form." Since the t-Virus acted to the full extent of its power in the subject's body, growth of the intelligence necessary for command execution was not expected, and decomposition of the skin was also notably visible. As a result, development was canceled with completion close at hand, and rejection disposal was accomplished following data collection.

The heart is exposed on its chest like the completed model, and even the spine was exposed as its skin decayed and fell off. Although imperfection in its appearance can't be denied, its physical functions are equal in comparison with the completed model, and it is recognized that the goal was cleared from the prototype stage. It has astounding vitality and on the side of aggressiveness in particular, its ferociousness is reminiscent of the completed model after limiter removal. For that reason, even after it was rejected, it continued activity in a volatile state and quickly approached when it discovered a target. It attacks with its abnormally developed claws.

TYRANT (Page 188-189)

The "ultimate life-form" which realized effective action of the t-Virus as a result of continuing research in reference to the data of the "Proto Tyrant." Code No. "T-002" is the completed model used as the prototype for subsequent Tyrants, which reached the peak of human-based B.O.W. and a design with the highest regard for combat capabilities was realized. It marvelously displayed its capabilities and therefore, at the time of its creation, it was named Tyrant; the formal name of the "t" acronym, the denotation of the t-Virus.

The Tyrant possesses overwhelming combat capabilities, superior durability and high thinking ability to obey commands. In addition, when its life is endangered it removes its limiter and transforms itself into a "Super Tyrant." Although this function wasn't envisioned at the beginning, it has dreadful ferocity, agility and offensive capabilities with a reddish tinge on its body, and serves as an ideal type of B.O.W. deserving of the name "tyrant." However, a vast amount of combat data was required to demonstrate its superior capabilities, and an actual combat test was rushed. So, a top secret combat test against the members of S.T.A.R.S. was carried out in the Arklay Laboratory. Influential data exceeding expectation was collected because its opponents were elite, and the results further raised the Tyrant's level of perfection.

Code No. "T-103" was a development model which came to possess superior recovery ability due to augmenting its metabolic strength, resulting from the T-002 model's past results. The T-103 model has more of a human form in comparison with the T-002 model, and it can be said that it further approached the ultimate goal to disguise itself and infiltrate enemy territory. Moreover, if its life support function reaches a critical point, the power limiter (protective coat) is removed and it possesses the ability to become a Super Tyrant.

In addition, the Tyrant stationed on Rockfort Island is a mass produced type of the T-103 model and was delivered to the island by the Umbrella Security Service for training use. The big differences from the T-103 model are that its limiter was removed from the start, and it has small claws compared with the Super Tyrant state of the T-103 model. On the subject of offensive capability, it is considerably strong like the conventional type.

Tyrant's Variation

The mass produced type of the T-103 model. Since it's in the limiter removed state, the original appearance of the one on Rockfort Island cannot be identified. Probably, you may think that there's no difference with the T-103 model.

The T-002 model which was used for combat test using S.T.A.R.S. and opened up the course to mass production. Although commercial production was planned after the final check at the Arklay Laboratory, it left room for improvement.

An irregular state that changes the body dramatically due to limiter removal and usually dramatically increases capability as a weapon. This is the T-002 model changed into a Super Tyrant.

A new Tyrant model developed based on the T-002 model. The ability to follow commands was improved, and in Raccoon City it pursued targets according to a "G-Virus" recovery order.

The T-103 model's limiter removed state. At the time of mission deployment, the T-103 model wears a protective coat equipped with a limiter function and its body changes by removing this.


The out of control Tyrant in the Mansion Incident allowed the Umbrella biological weapon research teams to realize that there was need for improvement. In response, the European branch under the direct control of headquarters drew up a new one-of-a-kind development project. At the Sixth Laboratory, research to overturn a fundamentally established concept was put into action. It was the "Nemesis Project." This was administering a newly-developed parasitic organism to the Tyrant rather than improving the Tyrant itself, a revolutionary design to improve intelligence.

The "NE-Alpha Type" born in this project is a parasite for the purpose of B.O.W. intelligence enhancement and is usually called "Nemesis", sharing the project name. After it is transplanted at the cellular level into the spinal cord, it ingests the t-Virus and grows. After forming a unique brain, it alters the central nervous system and assumes control of brain functions. Thereby, the host leaves all cerebration to the Nemesis and is completely controlled from the outside.

The "Nemesis-T Type" is a new B.O.W. model completed by implanting Nemesis into a mass-produced type Tyrant, and has outstanding intelligence to trust-worthily carry out commands. Moreover, it also excels in self-judgement ability due to enhancement of thinking capacity, and also masters weapons which require complicated operation without difficulty. It complies with commands and at the time of being put in operation, its body was wrapped in a special long coat which is bulletproof and explosion-proof, and also has a function to inhibit if it by any chance goes out of control.

The Nemesis-T Type's self-regeneration capability easily far exceeds conventional B.O.W.s under the influence of Nemesis's secretion. However, impossible overcompensation, namely rapid regeneration to compensate, was enormous and it eventually results in becoming a physically grotesque. Its second form notably expressed the deformation, its upper body received damage due to external factors and was freed from the coat's restraint, and it mutated at an ever-accelerating pace. The tentacles which already appeared in its first form began growth while raising aggressiveness. And it was not finished there, deformation dramatically changed the body of the Nemesis-T Type.

Although the Nemesis-T Type conquered intelligence decline, is a secondary effect of the t-Virus, and as a result it was not possible to prevent it from going out of control. When the Tyrant's brain operating simultaneously with the Nemesis-T Type is destroyed, self-preservation tends to become prominent and causes further deformation. That's exactly what the third form is, the cells of the two organisms rejected the body and became intricately convoluted, causing it to become gigantic. The head changed into a large digestive organ as it gave top priority to predation. In addition, several blebs which strongly-acidic pus blows and oozes out of were located side by side on the back, and the third form turned into a frightful monster no longer retaining its original form.

<-The Nemesis-T Type dropped into Raccoon City on a mission to obliterate S.T.A.R.S. When it discovers a target, it attacks while saying the word "Stars..."

<-The Nemesis-T Type is superior in performance as a combat machine and masters every weapon. Its shooting is so accurate as to shoot down a helicopter flying at high speed with one rocker launcher.

The default state of a new B.O.W. based on a mass production type Tyrant. Due to the activity of the cell activator element secreted by the Nemesis parasite, its appearance luridly transforms. Its main accessory is a rocket launcher.

The condition where the upper half of the body, released from the restraint of the coat, promoted deformation. Since several tentacles achieved abnormal growth in the process which regenerates the damaged body, attack tolerance is higher than the first form.

The final form which drastically altered the body because its survival instinct exceeded its command. Predation activities are performed by the huge digestive organ, and the toxic poison subjected to the influence of harmful waste fluid is scattered. The long ribs pushed out in the shape of fangs from the rib cage are distinctive. Although the decline in intelligence is remarkable, it tries to achieve the objective to obliterate S.T.A.R.S. until its body collapses.


Umbrella (Page 296-297)

The history of the giant multinational corporation Umbrella began with the discovery of the "Progenitor Virus" in 1967. Three people, Oswell E. Spencer, an aristocrat from a distinguished family, his aristocrat friend Edward Ashford and his alumnus James Marcus united and discovered the Progenitor Virus, a new RNA virus strain. Spencer aimed to monopolize the military market through B.O.W. development and instantly suggested to his friend, Marcus, with starting a company. This served as the cause, and the three men established Umbrella in 1968, feigning an official pharmaceutical company with the motto "to protect the health of the people." They began their disgusting history based in Europe.

As Edward passed away in the same year Umbrella was founded, the company's future was entrusted to the two remaining men. Spencer devoted all of his energy to the management of the company and appointed Marcus as director of the Umbrella executive training center in order to promote executive training. After becoming director, Marcus also continued Progenitor Virus research, but Spencer himself gradually increased his voice in the company, simultaneously a big displeasure for the contributor, Marcus.

In 1978, Marcus succeeded in development of the t-Virus and was sure he would hold an advantage in the company again. However, his ambition was tragically shattered by Spencer's plot and his research was inherited by the Arklay Laboratory already built by Spencer in Raccoon Forest. Spencer was someone who used his friends for self-interest and sent Albert Wesker, who Marcus actually trusted, to assassinate him. After Marcus' death, B.O.W.s were created one after another under Spencer's direction at the Arklay Laboratory. In just ten years, the scale and structure of the company also grew rapidly. By 1998, it had research institutions based in a total of three areas, North America, Europe and Antarctica. In North America, there was the Chicago Laboratory and the Arklay Laboratory in Raccoon City, as well as the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, in Europe there was the Paris Laboratory and Sixth Laboratory, and built in Antarctica was the Antarctic Base and Antarctic Laboratory. Regarding the Umbrella executive training center, it was closed down at the same time as Marcus' death ten years ago, but Spencer sent an investigation unit twice to look for new uses for this facility.

In the European Sixth Laboratory, there was a remarkable innovation in the research institute. Here, the "Tyrant" B.O.W. to which a defect was acknowledged at the Arklay Laboratory was improved, and a new B.O.W. model based on a completely new way of thinking was developed. It was the "Nemesis-T Type" produced by the "Nemesis Project." This humanoid weapon was sent into the ruined Raccoon City at the very beginning and began activity for the purpose of eliminating S.T.A.R.S. members investigating the laboratory's secret. Collection of combat data was performed at the same time.

Although Umbrella repeats inhumane research with its public face as a pharmaceutical company and inside face as a weapons trader, there's a big reason it's able to. The top customer of the viral weapons and B.O.W.s that Umbrella develop. It's because it's none other than the United States government. Therefore, it is also a well-known fact within the government what kind of biological weapons Umbrella develops, and Umbrella's many confidential methods are also accepted. Since collusion between the company and government officials is very deep-rooted, the government cannot impeach Umbrella. In fact, after the t-Virus leak spread to Raccoon City's entire area, the U.S. government isolated the citizens in according to Spencer's influence and did not even mind dropping a new-type bomb on their own country either. So, in this sense, the government side also planned to destroy evidence like Umbrella.


Umbrella generally has higher recognition as a pharmaceutical company rather than a military weapons contractor. Its job offer information is made in a clean image with its No.1 market share tagline, widely recruiting office administration, production control and delivery people. While being a major company, it has no established qualifications in particular and religion, race and gender don't matter. The pharmaceutical company Umbrella markets medical supplies, particularly the following three popular products. They seem to have become necessities for people in Raccoon City.


The menace of the killer virus "Ebola" has an extremely high fatality rate. As of now, no cure for this virus has been found, its devilish existence has enough power to cause the destruction of mankind. Under the name of an international treaty, as a measure of preventing military use of such a virus, the "Biological Weapons Convention" took effect, and mankind has obeyed it. However, its intention easily collapsed due to just a single ambition.

The huge multinational corporation Umbrella. The appropriate word for its founder Oswell E. Spencer is unmistakably "dictator." He rapidly reinforced the company's organizational strength with the discovery of the Progenitor Virus and now even has great influence in the United States government. Spencer accelerated his ambition of "taking the world into his own hands" that Adolf Hitler of the Nazis once advocated, and it is quietly becoming reality. Those involved with Umbrella don't notice this ambition and unconsciously laed the world to chaos simply because they pursue their own profit. It was surely a convenient situation for Spencer.

The t-Virus research he pushes forward is just a one-way ticket to Hell. He inhumanely produced Zombies in order to spread the virus widely with the human body, and in addition, Raccoon City was turned into a test site when various B.O.W.s were released. He didn't care about civilian life and didn't take a blind bit of notice to how many sacrifices were paid in order to obtain experiment results. Moreover, his deviousness even turned his fangs towards his allies.

The Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. Here, using Arklay Laboratory test subject Lisa Trevor's DNA clues, development of the "G-Virus" was promoted. However, since the development director William Birkin began acting his own authority out of a desire for exclusive possession, Spencer sent an order to seize the G-Virus to the company's Security Service. Through the actions of squad member HUNK, Spencer succeeded in recovering a capsule and has continued research since then. Furthermore, since the epidemic prevention measure (Sterilization Operation) was carried out by the U.S. government as scheduled, his criminal responsibility was lost. However, can it be said that the nightmare vanished simply due to the annihilation of Raccoon City? There's no difference if new experiments are repeated again somewhere in the world, at least, as long as Umbrella persists...


First director of the Umbrella executive training center, Dr. James Marcus's life of research was merely a chain of failure. He was a discoverer of the Progenitor Virus and in spite of being one of Umbrella's founders, he had little influence in the company. It was only one person, Spencer, who held true power in the company.

Dr. Marcus, half forcibly pushed into the Umbrella executive training center, was devoted to daily research towards the completion of the new t-Virus strain, though he noticed he was being used. However, Dr. Marcus's research results gave Spencer a golden opportunity and he was eventually betrayed by his subordinates William and Wesker, who the doctor believed were his right-hand men. They stole his research results and ironically, the doctor's results boosted the research of Spencer's side. Even so, the reason Dr. Marcus continued his research was because he had an intense rivalry with Spencer.

Dr. Marcus matured his mutant leech research due to the t-Virus and created his own B.O.W.s. He believed it was the greatest revenge towards Spencer. However, in 1988, his life was targeted by Wesker according to Spencer's order, and the doctor died without completing his research. For ten years, the mutant leech research was hushed up in darkness with the training center's closure and the doctor's corpse rotted away in the water of the dark laboratory.

Then, 10 years later. An unprecedented biological phenomenon occurred in the executive training center. The Queen Leech created by Marcus permanently absorbed DNA from his corpse and a mimicry of the doctor was born. It was no longer Dr. Marcus, but the mimicry reflected his will in itself and revealed his desire for revenge against Spencer. When the mimicry discovered the Ecliptic Express used by Umbrella employees in the Arklay Mountains, it released mutant leeches and contaminated the train. It displayed fearful power. However, the body of the Queen Leech that copied the doctor's mind carried out further mutation and lost its sense of self, and became a simple monstrous creature, inviting its true final moments...

t-Virus (Page 299)

t-Virus is the collective term for a new RNA virus developed by Umbrella. This variant uses the Progenitor Virus as the base and is formally called "Tyrant Virus." The purpose of the t-Virus Project was the manufacture of biological weapons prohibited by international treaties.

The t-Virus strengthened the characteristics of the Progenitor Virus, which alters the genes of organisms, and is a demonic product for the purpose of developing Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) However, various experiments were repeated before it was completed, and many failures were thereby created.

It was Dr. James Marcus, one of its discoverers, who first achieved results in Progenitor Virus research alone. After repeating much selective breeding, he succeeded in an experiment to combine leech DNA with the Progenitor Virus. Since brutality was seen in the "mutated leech" created via mutation, development of the t-Virus was fully in progress from there.

Dr. Marcus continued further research for practical use while serving his post of director of the executive training center in order to announce his research results in Umbrella Headquarters. For a creature appropriate to develop a B.O.W. able to be controlled as a weapon, he administered the Progenitor Virus to arthropods, amphibians and mammals. The insect-based "Plague Crawler", amphibian-based "Lurker" and mammal-based "Eliminator" were created this way. Although most did not reach a satisfactory degree of perfection, the Eliminator achieved the only hope. This is because the intelligence to understand commands was only confirmed in mammals. Dr. Marcus further immersed in the research and soon, motivated by ambition, began dabbling in prohibited human experimentation.

Afterwards, Dr. Marcus fell, the executive training center was closed, and research on the virus progressed by leaps and bounds at the Arklay Laboratory. As a result of human experimentation, the research conducted under the direction of chief scientist William Birkin implemented gene manipulation by means of the t-Virus. It not only promoted the mutation of the seeds, but the groundbreaking "Hunter" was born by incorporating the genes of a different creature into human genes. And based on the results of various research findings, the Arklay Laboratory began development of a more advanced B.O.W. The "ultimate life-form compliant with commands" considered to be the final objective, "Tyrant", was completed at last. This way, the t-Virus Project gained a temporary success, and afterwards, improvements for further raising the degree of perfection were repeated in each research institute.

About the t-Virus Vaccine Generation Method

Does a human infected with the t-Virus only wait to merely become a Zombie while their consciousness fades? The answer is no. Raccoon City General Hospital, built due to Umbrella's financial aid. Here, when the "cannibal disease" spread in the city, preparations to create a vaccine were pushed forward at a quick pace by the doctors. The "Medical Equipment Manual" written by Douglas Rover, head of Umbrella Medical Equipment North America, became the reference data. A culture fluid base is set in the synthesizer machine which stabilizes operation with sufficient power supply. The main content of the document, that the antigen bodies able to treat t-Virus infected individuals by synthesizing the vaccine mixing agent and culture fluid, was completed. However, since the hospital staff became Zombies in the preliminary stage, they were unable to shoulder and save the citizens brought in as a result.

After the town finally fell into destruction, the existence of this manual was discovered by mercenary Carlos Oliveira of the U.B.C.S. He was working with former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine infected with the t-Virus, and in order to treat her, he successfully generated the vaccine. However, since the hospital has been blown up by Nikolai Zinoviev sent in as a Monitor, most detailed data no longer remains. If it does, it will be inside Umbrella which possesses the know-how to make the manual. They mass-produced the vaccine before the Sterilization Operation and did not direct efforts toward civilian aid because, naturally, there was an aim to attempt to destroy evidence.

G-Virus (Page 300)

The prototype of the parasite "NE-Alpha Type" played a key role in the Nemesis Project and later caused the opportunity of discovering "G." When this was transplanted into the organic specimen Lisa Trevor, who continued living due to extraordinary vitality, it vanished without time to parasitize the brain. As a result of that, William examined Lisa in detail and confirmed the original form of the G-Virus, considered to have newly awoken in her body. This epochal discovery deviated from the t-Virus Project and William drew up the "G-Virus Project" immediately to headquarters, obtaining approval. Through this, Umbrella began building a huge laboratory beneath Raccoon City and William began development of the new virus strain based there.

The fundamental point separating the G-Virus from the t-Virus is in an infected organism evolving into a completely new life-form. The t-Virus produces only single-generation mutants but the G-Virus has the power to produce "G-Creatures" able to breed. In other words, the G-Cells brought about by the virus erode the body and rearrange the structure of its biology. Through this, infected individuals repeat unpredictable dramatic evolution and become an artificial species with the ability to propagate. It's also said that the virus has the ability to resurrect the dead. So, it's all the more necessary to recognize the G-Virus as a dreadful invention surpassing the t-Virus.

However, the curtain closed on the bizarre virus' development without seeing a conclusion, due to William's egotism. He refused to have his research stolen by Spencer and considered defecting to the United States government (military authorities), plotting to monopolize it all. Although Umbrella, irritated at this, launched to seize samples with their Special Forces, the situation took a sudden turn as William injected himself with the G-Virus. William clearly displayed the "evolution of man" through the G-Virus using his own body.

About the G-Virus Vaccine Generation Method

Like the t-Virus, there was also a vaccine to the G-Virus. It's the antigen body "DEVIL", which attacks the characteristic rear of the G-Cells. When infected with the virus, the implanted embryo fuses within the body over a long period, unless it undergoes intense rejection of the host. When this is completed, the host's body is replaced with G's cellular tissue and evolves into a perfect G-Creature. This means that it's still possible to receive an antibody to reverse the cell fusion process, and shows that antigen bodies opposing G act effectively in the infected individual's body. There is a special generation method to process it, and the active processing machine "VAM" is required as a prerequisite. First of all, a cartridge to store the vaccine base is placed in the VAM. After preparation of the vaccine base is completed, the white vaccine base must be set into the vaccine generation machine in the P-4 Level Laboratory. Generation processing begins automatically by starting the generating program. If the above process is finished, processing is completed in about 10 seconds and the vaccine is generated. However, since the completed DEVIL deteriorates due to shocks and temperature changes, careful caution is required for handling.

t-Veronica (Page 301)

While Umbrella supplied staff and an immense budget promoting the t-Virus Project, in the Antarctic Base built by Alexander Ashford, his daughter Alexia was developing a one-of-a-kind virus. At this time, she was just 10 years old. The rumor that Alexia served as director also reached the ears of chief scientist William Birkin in the Arklay Laboratory. It was the ultimate humilian for the highly prideful William, but it gave him energy, and it goes without saying that it was connected to his later virus development.

A new virus strain developed by Alexia. It was a virus of a completely new formation by transplanted queen ant genes into the Progenitor Virus and also incorporating plant genes. However, there was a high hurdle to be overcome in "t-Veronica." t-Veronica rapidly eroded a creature's cells with a characteristic of causing extreme rejection and destroying brain cells. When Alexia used her father Alexander as a guinea pig, this giant defect became clear and she blindly sought a method of symbiosis with t-Veronica. Therefore, she devised physical cryopreservation, i.e., cold sleep. In order to have the virus adjust to the body and maintain the mental state, the infected individual needed to be preserved at a low temperature to control the speed of erosion. By her calculations, symbiosis and immuno-retention would take a long time: 15 years. When this answer appeared, Alexia injected herself with the virus, and as her older brother Alfred watched over her, she slept in a deep sleep.

15 years later, Alexia magnificently succeeded in symbiosis with t-Veronica according to her calculations. She awoke having achieved evolution without losing her sense of self, reborn as a new life-form. However, she was charmed by overflowing power and resumed activities to raise her ambition of self-distorted prosperity. Her symbiosis further progressed and transformed her body into an ant-like figure. Moreover, since she received exterior attacks in the process of evolution, symbiosis balance with the virus deviated and her bodily functions greatly declined. Her oviduct was destroyed, ceasing her reproductive function, and Alexia died a miserable death without realizing her ambition.

Albert Wesker (Page 301)

There is a man on the opposite side of the virus project. Former Captain Albert Wesker of S.T.A.R.S. is an individual related to all virus plans, and his actions are always enigmatic.

Since he arrived at the Umbrella executive training center as an executive candidate employee in the '70s, he played an active part as a skilled researcher on the forefront of the virus research promoted by Umbrella. However, while he silently continued research and occasionally remarked to leader Oswell E. Spencer, for a long time, a towering ambition swirled in his mind. "I will become an existence surpassing Umbrella." Wesker strongly expected only himself to stand at the top of the world, whereas everyone else was satisfied with working under the company's umbrella. In order to steadily approach this goal, he didn't mind making sacrifices and reached the point of repeating strategies one after another. He first seized the research results of his teacher Dr. James Marcus. By taking the t-Virus from the doctor, who'd already cleared many problems, Wesker established a position as a subordinate of Spencer. However, when t-Virus research reached a level of completion at the hands of his colleague William Birkin, he transferred to the intelligence division and undertook disturbing actions. At that time, Wesker was appointed to the position as Captain of S.T.A.R.S., but it was merely camouflage to use S.T.A.R.S. He schemed to use the biohazard contamination of the Arklay Laboratory as the final finishing touch on his plan. He led his subordinates into the mansion to secretly collect combat data of the B.O.W.s nearing completion. Although his true nature was disclosed to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and others halfway, he took advantage of the chaos caused by the Tyrant running wild and defected to the rival company by presenting vast amounts of combat data.

After moving to the rival company, Wesker immediately went to his next action. His new target was to seize the G-Virus. He aimed to take all the research of his former colleague and rival William and leave. When Wesker called on cooperation from the spy Ada Wong, he worked behind the scenes in Raccoon City just before the bombing. He succeeded in recovering a sample of the G-Virus. Then seven months after Raccoon City's annihilation, he sneaked into the Antarctic Base and this time snatched t-Veronica developed by Alexia Ashford. Thus, Wesker has three viruses able to shake the world in his hands. However, an ambitious person like him can't be satisfied with them, and it's easy to imagine he'll take further action. Wesker is getting steadily closer to his goal and will show his cool-headed sunglasses figure again to dominate the apex of humanity by any means.


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