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The Biology of Evil - Part 3

The 3rd part of The Doctor and Hieronymus' "The Biology of Evil", this time focusing on the G-Virus, Nemesis and t-Veronica.

The Chronology Of Evil - α

The first version of the official Project Umbrella timeline.

The Biology Of Evil - Part 2

The long awaited second part to the brilliant 'Biology Of Evil' essay, putting even more of the series under intense scientific scrutiny.

Resident Evil: The Confidential Report Part II

Neptune brings us another look at this forgotton 4 part cellphone series. Here, new theories and discoveries are discussed with plenty of interesting conclusions.

Resident Evil Monopoly

Neptune brings you the his very own Resident Evil Monopoly board.

The Biology of Evil - Part 1

The first part of the in-depth essay by Hieronymus and The Doctor regarding the facts, and myths, of the virology contained within the BIOHAZARD series.

Resident Evil - The Confidential Report

"Playing Confidential Report... so you don't have to" as Neptune says. The game is broken down and examined to reveal a surprisingly interesting mobile experience. That is, if you ignore the playing part. This was initially submitted to the staff internally, hence the references.

Resident Evil - The Complete Chronology - Prerelease Extract

An extract from El Bastardo's Complete Chronology spanning from May, 1998 to Thursday, July 23, 1998 and a paragraph describing the goals of Project Umbrella.

Resident Evil Dead Aim - Theorists Never Die

Dead Aim is discussed in its entirety with no stone left unturned.