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The Biology Of Evil - Part 2

Published under a Creative Commons License: By attribution, non-commercial.


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Heh. This is amazing. You guys rock. Awesome work! :)

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Great contribution mates! I didn't expect it to be online that fast.

TheBatman (not verified)

Excellent work once again, can't wait to print it off and have a good read. Awesome.

The Old Man
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Out-fucking-standing, gentlemen.  Out-fucking-standing.  Getcha a case a beer for this one. 

fletcherc (not verified)

You guys are just awesome! Thanks for this incredible piece of brilliant literature!

The Dude!!
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Oh yes, I have been waiting for this day to become a reality THANK YOU felas give yourselves a drink not some pat on a back this is hell worth the wait!

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Great job guys, new toilet reading materials!

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The "Biology of Evil" series was a great read.  Pretty awesome to see some "scientific" explanations.  My only question is: What about the sharks (FI-03 Neptune)?  Umbrella conducted T-Virus research on great white sharks, but were disappointed when they didn't become "more aggressive" and were still useless out of water.

Plague Doctor
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We didn't mention the sharks that much, since like you said, not much changed with them.  Everything we said about zombies applies to them as well.

The Ultimate Bio-Weapon
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I love how you added some humor to this report. It is a very well done editorial, and I cannot wait for part 3. Keep up the good work.

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Many many thanks!