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The Biology of Evil - Part 3

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I absolutely love it  even though I can't understand most of it, but it's detailed in so many ways.


But why is there a section dedicated to things featured in Operation Raccoon City? Surely not. 

TheBatman (not verified)

Looks exceptional once again gents. Can't wait to sit down and go through this in detail. For me these reports are amongst the very best material this site has produced.

George Trevor (not verified)

Exceptional describes these masterpieces very well.  I now need to prepare my brain for some work, I've just put the kettle on, and I'll settle down to an interesting & challenging read. Thanks to the two authors for their astounding insight in their field, & dedication.

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Amazing work as always, these reports are a great reading.

Plague Doctor
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Thanks for the kind words.  As for why we included ORC, we just hate to leave things incomplete.

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Great work! I'm still reading Biology of Evil #1. I'm taking notes on it alongside my other research into the scientific potential of Biohazard, though I'm very much an amatuer researcher of real world microbiology, which I'm studying as a hobby and potential future student in the field. The series continues to be a real inspiration to me.

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An insightful report gentleman. Keep up the good work, I for one shall be waiting for the next report with great anticipation.