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Resident Evil - The Complete Chronology - Prerelease Extract

Published under a Creative Commons License: By attribution, non-commercial.


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I love you.

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This is highly extensive by far. I, like many others will patiently await the rest.

The 5th Survivor (not verified)

ABSOLUTELY FIRST CLASS - I cannot wait for this to be extended, thanks so much. PU is the ideal place for such an epic!


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I love the detail and extent of this. I can't wait for the rest!

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This is just awesome! I, too, can't wait for the installments.

Just a quick question, though: Ada's boyfriend's last name is really Clemens? Fanfictions are going about how his last name is supposedly Howe, and it's been yeeears since I've last played RE and RE2 so I don't have anything to refer to with regards to this.

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This is incredible. I anxiously await the rest. =] I have a question though, and I know you might not have gotten this far yet, but do you know which of the eight survivors of Resident Evil Outbreak made it out of the city? I'd really like to know (I'm hoping its all of them =])

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Wow. This is awesome.

Morir Es Vivir
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When his is done I'm going to print it out go to kinkos have it bound and hold on it forever!