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Resident Evil Dead Aim - Theorists Never Die

Published under a Creative Commons License: By attribution, non-commercial.


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oh my god. well least now im up to date sort of, on resi  background info and dont need to play the game. but thank you for all 54 pages when i should have been doing homework. bah.

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WOW - top man, this game is an integral part of the resident evil time line, and more need to sing its prasies like this guy. You're absolutely right about the name Tyrant, its just co-incidental that the name begins with the letter T - its just a descriptive nmae, like Neptune, or Hunter. I would love to see Bruce make a return, perhaps with Rebecca. Its too stron a story line, and important chapter, to not have some aspects & characters re-visited and developed. Maybe an additional chapter in one of the Wii Chronicles games ?

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This is very in-depth it almost makes me want to buy Dead Aim, great job.

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Indeed a great job. I am an enthusiast of REDA and Bruce McGivern in particular.

I mean, his stereotype was transferred to Leon in RE4.

Let's Analyze then:

Bruce is an agent of the US Government
Leon too.

Bruce's wear is basically an dark-color shirt, pants and shoes, and a torso-holster.
Leon's too.

Bruce is saved by an asian girl on the beggining of the role on his game.
Leon too.

Bruce enters in a short fight with this asian girl in the first encounter.
Leon too.

Bruce saves the life of the asian girl.
Leon too.

Bruce face bizarre monsters throughout the game. (a skinny one, a fatso one and a TRAP one.)
Leon too. (a centipede version of bin Laden, a midget version of Napoleon and a cultist who goes on Tentacle Rape Hentai.)

Bruce makes your way to salvation through the sea.
Leon too.

Bruce does the asian girl. (I think)
Leon no.

I think that is more than a coincidence...

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Great job and very interesting -and feasible-  theories. Nice One!