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Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident Evil 7

A Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident evil 7 has been uploaded.

Titled Reliving the Horror: Taking 'Resident Evil 7' Forward by Looking Back, it is almost 60 minutes long and features Director Koshi Nakanishi and
Peter Fabiano (Senior Manager of Global R&D, Capcom Japan).

It's an interesting talk on how Capcom arrived on the concepts and styles for RE7. It shows prototype footage and concept arts. Abandoned ideas are revealed and discussed.

The GDC description:Click to Continue »

Invader Studios' Daymare: 1998 is up on Kickstarter

Invader Studios, the small Italian developer that's probably best known to most here as the developer that made the Resident Evil 2: Reborn gameplay demo in the Unreal Engine and later on was invited to come visit Capcom HQ, just put up their Kickstarter for their first original/solo project; Daymare: 1998. Whilst the trailer linked to in the text there is an old trailer, it absolutely shows signs of heading in the right direction.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage volume 1 DLC is now available for purchase

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage volume 1 DLC is now available for purchase

It contains three pieces of content.

A battle against the Molded to survive until dawn.

You must escape from a room, similar to the Happy Birthday tape in Resident Evil 7. You can not make too much noise or Marguerite will come and investigate and attack if she finds that you've been trying to escape. You must reset the room as you solve the puzzles so she doesn't become suspicious

Ethan Must Die
A difficult game mode with an interesting progression systemClick to Continue »

Biohazard 7: Banned footage 2 DLC first images and details

Capcom Japan Facebook page have released some details of the Banned Footage 2 DLC compilation which is coming soon (thanks Google translate!).


A level overseen by Lucas Baker involving gambling on he lives or death of other captives.

DaughtersClick to Continue »

Hello Again

Hey there everyone!

It's Dot50Cal here. Over the past couple of days I've been working with Carnivol to get the site errors ironed out and I think we've patched up most of them. We've also updated some of the ancient entries on the right hand side of the main forum page with new releases and upcoming events. I know you're all probably deeply saddened by the realization that Resident Evil PSP (which as been a long-standing member of this section) will not be coming out, but cheer up! You may have been duped to buy a PSP for this reason but at least you gained a pretty good emulator machine.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil 7 - Reviews Round Up

Embargo lifts 8 AM PST on January 23rd. Will update first post when more reviews become available.

Pure Playstation - 9/10 *includes spoilers*Click to Continue »

Resident Evil 7 '4D' candle available

With Resident Evil 7 being the first AAA title to use the playstation VR for a truly immersive experience, Capcom have a licensed a scented candle for players who wish to add a further dimension to their VR gameplay.

The manufacturer claims it lasts for approximately 25 hours and smells like the Baker House.

Biohazard 7 Famitsu review

Japanese Magazine Famitsu have reviewed Biohazard 7: Resident Evil.
The four reviewers each scored it 9, giving it a total score of 36/40.

RE7 Producer Interview With GameInformer

GameInformer has an interview article with Resident Evil 7 producer, Masachika Kawata. The interview provide answers to many questions regarding the game, such as why the game is in first person perspective this time, and why the shift back to the horror focus.


New Trailer for Biohazard: Vendetta

A new trailer for Biohazard: Vendetta (CG movie) has surfaced! Check out the trailer video here.
The movie is coming out in Japan on May 27 2017.