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Biohazard 4 of Illusions (Ver. After DMC)

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Started compiling information for future article use. Begin discussions. More soon.

Confirms those remake backgrounds were indeed "4". Just wanted to rub it in since so many people disagreed in the last discussion.

(2) 実験動画背景 background Movie Test
入口 Enter
01年11月2日(金)更新 November 2nd, 2001 (Fri.) Update

These are experimental films at the planning stage before development. 4 animated backgrounds have been published.


サンプル Sample
2) 実験動画背景 2) Background Movie Test
01年11月2日(金)更新 November 2nd, 2001 (Fri.) Update


These screens are animated background tests at the planning stage before development.

These backgrounds are faithful to the world of "Biohazard", but that doesn't mean they were created with stages of this production in mind.

Therefore, it also contains backgrounds of situations which do not exist in this game's production.

All videos were edited to loop, so if you change the player settings to continuous playback you'll be able to have a good look.

実験動画背景画像 (1)  Background Movie Test (1)
業火に包まれた部屋です。This is a room engulfed in hell fire.
動画ダウンロード Movie Download
小サイズ・0.56MB Small Size 0.56MB

実験動画背景画像 (2) Background Movie Test (2)
「鳥カゴのある部屋」"Room with a bird cage"
窓から雷光が差し込みます。Lightning flashes through a window.
動画ダウンロード Movie Download
小サイズ・0.71MB Small Size 0.71MB

実験動画背景画像 (3) Background Movie Test (3)
「螺旋階段」"Spiral staircase"
水が滴っています。Dripping with water.
動画ダウンロード Movie Download
小サイズ・0.28MB Small Size 0.28MB

実験動画背景画像 (4) Background Movie Test (4)
「崖を登る階段」"Stairs which go up a cliff"
暴風雨が吹き荒れています。There's a rainstorm blowing violently.
動画ダウンロード Movie Download
小サイズ・0.28MB Small Size 0.28MB

biohazard 4 ~ Trailer 1

"WARNING. This game contains
scenes of explicit violence and gore."

"The Cradle of the Progenitor Virus."
『始祖ウィルス発祥の地』Birthplace of the Progenitor Virus

"Leon S. Kennedy"



『暴走』Out of Control

『biohazard 4』


The following appeared on the official flash website.

Director's Comment:

The game the whole world has been waiting for will finally be unveiled.
The story takes place deep inside the very heart of Umbrella, the evil
company responsible for the progenitor virus.
The main character of Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy, is back in
the game. What will Umbrella have in store for him this time?
That "surprise" will push Leon to the very limits of his being for one
purpose...the STRUGGLE to survive.

Director/Hiroshi Shibata

Final Cut

Shinji Mikami
Producer, Production Studio 4, Capcom Co., Ltd.

Hi, I'm Shinji Mikami. Recent rumors suggest that I have been fired, but I assure you I am still happily working at Capcom. Most unfortunately I am unable to attend E3 this year because I am so busy working hard on Biohazard 4. Development of Resident Evil 4 exclusively for Game Cube is proceeding very smoothly. So you should all be looking forward to it.

...And one more thing. Resident Evil 4 will be scary. Don't pee your pants!

biohazard 4 ~ Trailer 2

『biohazard 4』


"biohazard 4 Secret DVD" Event Message
『"閃光手榴弾"を取りました』 You have taken the "Flash Grenade".
『開かない...』It won't open...
『カギがかけられているようだ』The door seems to be locked.
『"火炎瓶"を取りました』 You have taken the "Molotov Cocktail".
『"鎧部屋の鍵"を取りました』You have taken the "Armor Room Key".
『カギを使った』 You have used the key.
『"火炎瓶"を取りました』 You have taken the "Molotov Cocktail".
『"閃光手榴弾"を取りました』 You have taken the "Flash Grenade".
『"血の硬貨"を取りました』 You have taken the "Bloody Coin".
『"救急スプレー"を取りました』 You have taken the "First-Aid Spray".
『敵によって封印されている』 It (the door) has been sealed by an enemy.『"火炎瓶"を取りました』 You have taken the "Molotov Cocktail".
『"救急スプレー"を取りました』 You have taken the "First-Aid Spray".
『開かない...』It won't open...
『カギがかけられているようだ』The door seems to be locked.
『"閃光手榴弾"を取りました』 You have taken the "Flash Grenade".

I'm going to watch this movie later on. I'll post screen captures of the bathroom scene.

Q16) I've heard that you also wrote the "Hookman" version of BIO4. Can you elaborate on the outline of the scenario and how complete it was before the game was canceled?

Hookman was merely an experiment and there was no true back-story.

I wanted to make biohazard 4 scarier and suggested using a particular scene from the film "The Lost Souls", where the main character (played by Winona Ryder), while washing her hands in a bathroom, suddenly finds herself in a derelict building with a killer on the loose. An arranged version of this idea eventually turned into Hookman.

The idea went through several iterations as Mr. Sugimura and I carefully refined this world (which, I have to say, was very romantic).

Leon infiltrates the castle of Oswell E. Spencer seeking the truth, while inside a laboratory located deep within, a young girl wakes up. Accompanied by a B.O.W. dog, the two start to make their way up the castle... Unfortunately, there were many obstacles that needed to be overcome and the cost of development was deemed too expensive.

In the end, what ended up becoming biohazard 4 was the best idea out of all of them.

In addition to gameplay, graphics, etc. part of the story were carried over to Demento ("Haunting Ground" in US).


Fiona opened her eyes from a deep, netherworld sleep.

She was all alone, without a sticth of clothing on, shut up in a strange and unknown underground room...she found herself shut up in a CAGE.

Fiona started thinking of how she could get out of this cold cage and this dark underground room...

I've got to run.
But where?

Before she knew it, she found herself in an ancient castle.
Fiona wandered about.

Before long, Fiona came to know what happened to her.
She had been involved in a car accident with her parents, and Fiona, the lone survivor, was brought to this castle by some of her relatives.

Fiona was shocked. However, it didn't just start there...

There is a bizarre and odd man wandering around pursuing Fiona persistently.

The creepy man stares at her in a twisted way.

There is a sign that someone is there, a shadow passes by.

Numerous tools of the alchemy are lined up systematically.

The castle stood appearing to harbour malice inside.

Fiona set out to investigate with a dog, Hewie that she helped save by chance.

Where will this bad dream colored with insanity lead her?

Q17) How did you feel when BIO4 was scrapped in favor of the version written by Mr. Mikami?

I felt very sorry. You can even say that I was ashamed.
While I felt that I put in much effort, refining the idea to the best of my abilities, my mentor Mr. Mikami had to intervene in the end. Mr. Shibata, who was the director at the time, was very talented, but I felt that he was unable to exercise his full potential because my lack of skill was holding him back.
I left the team right before Mr. Mikami intervened, and ended up enjoying the finished biohazard 4 game as just a fan. When I saw the quality of the finished product, I realized what an amazingly skilled person Shinji Mikami is. The experience I gained from this helps keep me going even to this day. It was an invaluable experience as a game designer.

Room names of hacked trail version debug menu.

07 - STORM
29 - BASE 1
30 - BASE 2
2b - TOWN
2c - STUDY 1F
2d - STUDY 2F
2e- STUDY 3F
30 - HALL 3F
38 - DOLL ROOM 1
3a - DOLL ROOM 2
3e - LV2 ROOM

Note: Minami means "south" in Japanese.


Paul Mercier (Leon): (4:28 min. into video)

Agh... I can't hold on much longer so let me just tell you this right now. She (Kris Zimmerman) was the original one who cast the demo for Resident Evil 4. So I came in and worked with Gordon Hunt and... we... we worked on all sorts of things because the virus was allegedly to take Leon over. And... And it was going to come out of his arm and (noise) whip; his arm was gonna turn into a fifteen foot snake. And it was gonna be so painful; there was nothing to be lived through and it would eventually kill Leon! But... they didn't like that too much so they like, threw it out, but they kept me. So I'm like, "Cool. Whens the next gig?


How did you get the opportunity to play Leon on Resident Evil 4? Did you know the series before that?

When an actor auditions for each role he wants to develop, it can get pretty disheartening to not get what you ask for. These days, there’s so much emphasis on how much we create our own opportunities so, perhaps, there is a significant amount of determination that led up to me playing Leon. However, I enjoy the creative process too much to believe I alone was able to manifest all this. I’m glad you asked me that question.

I can remember the first time I saw the words for Resident Evil, there were very few, and it was for the demo that Capcom was working on. Kris Zimmerman [voice director of the “Metal Gear Solid” series, among other games] had originally cast me, but by recording session time she had a conflict, so Gordon Hunt [also responsible for the voice direction of “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” and “God of War II”] directed. I had always wanted to work with him, so going in I was a little timid. But the atmosphere was totally creative, we were able to experiment and try out a lot of different imagery and all kinds of wild ideas. Also, the way he can relate to the point of view of an actor is great and, at times, he was simultaneously interpreting what the producers in Japan were saying trying to describe the world they were creating. When I received new pages from the localizer, Shinsaku Ohara, he related that they were very happy with what we were doing. So Leon really became a team effort. At that point in the character development, the virus had infected him. There wasn’t much of a story yet, so the focus became about what would happen to Leon if he started mutating. How would this affect his mind, his body, and how he could overcome what was taking him over. And if it did overtake him, then how would they create missions around that?

After we finished that session, I kinda forgot all about it and didn’t hear anything for months. As it turns out there was a lot going on at Capcom at the time, and Shinji Mikami threw out everything we had done in the demo, except for me. Big sigh of relief! It felt great actually, because often the actor is the first to be replaced!

EGM: You've said before that you went through three other versions of RE4 before you settled on this one. Can you tell us about those?

HK: Well, the first version was the story of Leon as he infiltrated the headquarters of the Umbrella corporation. The enemies were completely different from what you see now....

EGM: Zombies and that sort of thing?

HK: That, and other monsters very close to that style. The twist was that there was some sort of hidden power locked inside Leon's left hand, and you'd discover what it was as you played through the game.

EGM: So no rescuing the president's daughter or anything.

HK: Not at all, no, although there was a different woman around at that time-a girl who actually never got revealed to the public, now that I think about it. The next major version [was] the one where Leon was inside a building with the dolls and the hook enemy. The idea here was to create a very otherworldly sort of game, one that was filled with flashbacks and camera shaking and odd color effects; the sort where you never knew whether what you were seeing was real or just a hallucination. It took much more of a strong RE-style approach to horror.

EGM: Ah, that hook guy was awesome!

HK: Thanks! I liked that guy too, but he ended up getting cut out.

EGM: What was the problem with the third revision?

HK: Well, by this time, we knew that the one thing we wanted Resident Evil 4 to be was a revolutionary new experience. We saw that this version wasn’t going to be a great leap forward, so we started over one more time. It was a very traditional Resident Evil sort of game.

Source: ReHorror exclusive interview

Kobayashi-san: I think they would have been successful to a certain level. However, as we needed a revolutionary success for RE4, they were scrapped.
Kobayashi-san: I would be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating, but when the team looks at the final version we know we were correct in our decision to make the changes. And yes, we were certainly able to use the technology we had worked on.
Kobayashi-san: A version after “Fog” is known as the version with “Hooked Man”, which was also introduced at E3. The next was a version with “Zombie”, which we haven’t released to the public.


F: Regarding Biohazard 4, I would like to ask some questions about it. We did not think that the footage would appear in this kind of form.

M: If you refer to age regarding Biohazard, it is already like a grandfather. That is why this time in order to rejuvenate, we inserted new DNA. Regarding 4, we are challenging ourselves to make a new “Biohazard”.

F: Is that so?

M: We want users to anticipate the game instead of buying it just because it is the latest game in the series. Wasn’t Dragon Quest like that in the Famicom era? To do that, we injected new DNA by pulling directors and asking them to try to change Biohazard. We are in the process of a full model change. The goal is not to change the style, but to have a game that would make players raise their voices and exclaim, “ohh!” like in the original Biohazard. This time around, we do not say much at the front line. We only use our brakes when it is really to the point of abuse for them.

I find all of this so

I find all of this so fascinating...I did wonder if anybody else had caught on to the fact that the second version became Haunting Ground.

I do have to wonder if the third version became Dead Rising or something, since it's the closest thing to Zombies that Capcom have done since before RE4.

I eagerly await any more information you're able to drag up about this version of the game...

There's also a big guy

There's also a big guy chasing Fiona around, who looks like a perverted Gigante.

I was playing Alan Wake the other day and realized something : in this game, you have to burn away the darkness shielding the enemy with intense light to be able to hurt it with your weapons. That's basically what Leon had to do to defeat Hookman. But since this version was scrapped, we can't really talk about plagiarism. Also, the Taken in Alan Wake act like fast Ganados with their melee weapons and surrounding techniques.

Not much different from the

Not much different from the technique used in the latest Alone in the Dark either, similar enemy design to.

I'm fairly certain the "use light to burn away the darkness before you can harm them" concept was around long before the early concepts of BIO4 to...but it certainly is interesting to note the similarities between a lot of modern Survival Horror/Action Horror titles.

Yeah, I don't think that it

Yeah, I don't think that it was a brand new idea either, but the similarity striked me as odd. And, well, the Taken are "possessed" by the Dark Presence which is represented as a dark fog, so, putting all this together, I couldn't help but notice how similar they are.

Newsbot confirmed a few

Newsbot confirmed a few things from Kawamura-san we should mention. The creature from trailer ~ 1, officially "black fog", was an actual monster that got scrapped. An unknown type of Progenitor virus B.O.W. Second, Kobayashi-san was clearly confused (as I pointed out in the previous topic) because "Fog" and "Hooked Man" are the same version. That was clear from the fact Hookman dissolves into the black fog and Leon's left arm was subsequently strapped after "contamination" in the first trailer.

Also, this would have been the organization Leon belonged to.

Q14) In Leon's epilogue, he is in a discussion with an agent from the "U.S. Intelligence Department". Can you specify which actual United States agency this referred to?

This is an undisclosed organization whose primary mission is to gather information about biowarfare weapons and to produce effective countermeasures. There is a very real threat of deadly biological weapons going out of control, and this is clearly evident not only from incidents involving Umbrella, but with other groups such as H.C.F. and Tricell.

The incident at Raccoon City played a large role in the creation of this unit, and Leon's extensive involvement led to his recruit. It's also important to note that this was also meant as a means for the U.S. government to keep a close eye on Leon and Sherry, who have learned too much about the existence of biological weapons and B.O.W.s.

Sherry's position is more than a "hostage" that ensures Leon's cooperation - she has a very important meaning not only to the U.S., but to the world... but that's all that I can reveal for now.

Fukui-san is probably referring to the black fog, but there's also the possibility that he's referring to the "Leech Man" from outbreak. The scene where it attacks Dr. Harsh looks similar to the trailer.

Are there any elements specific to the new consoles that you simply couldn't have achieved on earlier machines?

MAKOTO FUKUI, Lead Modeler:  I would say, the presentation of the creature Uroboros.  The core element of this creature is the large amount of tentacles covering the body.  Maybe we could have hit on this idea in earlier days, but it would have been abandoned at review phase because it was impossible to recreate.  This depiction is not easy with any hardware, and it was quite challenging.  Initially, we had to reduce the number of tentacles by about 50% for the final Uroboros but our highly-motivated staff wanted to develop a creature like never before and persevered to create the birth of Uroboros in RE5.

Like Lost in Nightmares, Leon infiltrates the castle estate of Oswell E. Spencer. Both castles in Demento and Bio4-DMC ver. were located on an island, so its reasonable this one was too. Hence, the airship. I read an interview years ago, maybe an IGN exclusive, where Mikami stated the game would be similar to Sweet Home. I've done extensive work on Sweet Home and I can confirm that the doll seems to be inspired by the "cursed doll" and hookman the "machete man". The lightning corridor also appears in Sweet Home, among other things.

The main location in trailer 1 is an old chapel (the word lit. means place of worship). Part of the spiral staircase is broken and Capcom already used one in Devil May Cry. Here are a few comparison shots of the early backgrounds. And the captures from Lost Souls.


The fire image and the chapel one are exactly the same location. Looks like you were right about the 4 screenshots are early works of RE4.

Thanks Richard.

Thanks Richard.

From Mr. Kawamura: Quote: A

From Mr. Kawamura:

A story is not in Hookman. Although Mr. Sugimura wrote the tale of the old castle, Mr. Sugimura has already passed away. Therefore, I cannot speak about this in more detail.

What he stated in the interview is pretty much all there was to the story, along with Leon's mutation. Mr. Kawamura and Mr. Sugimura basically wrote it together and it doesn't appear to have been completed.

Also, the official term for this version is "Hallucination", rather than "Illusion".

Lost in Nightmares is

Lost in Nightmares is basically a recycling of 3.5's concepts and ideas. The only scenario I think it was made from 'scratch' -'cause it stills contains a lot of 3.5 textures- is the stage of the Mansion. All the others could've been recycled without us noticing it. For example:

I'd love to compare the development names of LiN's locations with the ones found on the Trial disc of bh4. Maybe some of them would be the same, who knows.

Quote: Also, the official

Also, the official term for this version is "Hallucination", rather than "Illusion".

The word literally means illusion, dream, phantom/phantasm. Hallucination requires a different character. So maybe it's an abbreviation.

Good work Ridley and Newsbot. Ridley, do you have any more shots of Leon's wireframe? Also, I'm pretty sure those stairs appear near the end of Demento.

A few. But I don't remember

A few. But I don't remember where I got them from. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Ridley wrote: Lost in

Ridley wrote:

Lost in Nightmares is basically a recycling of 3.5's concepts and ideas. The only scenario I think it was made from 'scratch' -'cause it stills contains a lot of 3.5 textures- is the stage of the Mansion. All the others could've been recycled without us noticing it. For example:

I'd love to compare the development names of LiN's locations with the ones found on the Trial disc of bh4. Maybe some of them would be the same, who knows.

Wow, I just played LIN today. Damn those do look the same. Very interesting. Thanks you guys.

This is some great stuff! 

This is some great stuff!  Thank you, gentlemen!

Here's the translation for

Here's the translation for the only piece of "3.5" artwork, released in an old issue Famitsu. I wasn't going to bother since it's just the author's opinion, but there have been several requests. I don't think the rest of the article contains anything noteworthy except for Shibata's profile.

I don't have it on hand, but I read some press notes on Shibata and he said the game would focus on Leon's struggle to survive in extreme conditions. More soon.



The stage and auditorium have elegantly made sculptures engraved. It's a large-scale theater and also second story balcony. Will a location like this appear in the game? Follow-up with anticipation!

If you look closely at

If you look closely at trailer~1, the top and bottom of the "spiral staircase" was blocked by fallen rock debris.

The bridge from the development screen of "stairs which go up a mountain" seems to lead to the castle.

Comparison shot of Leon from trailer 1 and 2.

Although I always try to

Although I always try to avoid the whole mentality of "I wish we could've had this" because it reeks of "The grass is always greener on the other side"...does anybody else agree that 3.5, graphically, looked far better than what we eventually got?

Maybe it's because it was mostly interior locations, whereas RE4 was mostly exterior so had to deal with more textures and environments, but what we saw of 3.5 looked far smoother and more like REmake than anything else...

Great work again Welsh.

Thanks. Updated room list. I

Thanks. Updated room list. I noticed THIA got a few wrong.

Atari Test Room
Don Beya     Heya/Boss Room
Block Test
Arashi     Storm
MORI-Test     Forest Test
Spiral Staircase
Under Passage
Yokoyama     Yokoyama/Side of the mountain; Long line of mountains
Yokohama/Side of beach, city by the seashore; port city; beside the port. They're both place names.
Naka Niwa     Courtyard
Dining Room
Wine Cellar
Food Cellar
Nomo Oki
Effect Test
Bath Room
Nakusei Rouka     Hakusei/Taxidermy Passage
Monooki     Monohki/Storage Room; Storeroom; Lumber Room
Zikken     Jikken/Experiment
Ki     Tree; Wood
Airship_rouka     Airship Passage
Kensyuu (yositomi)     Kenshuu/Training (Yositomi)  Note (AK): They might assign them nicknames from past developers' names.
Kensyuu (shimada)     Training (Shimada)
Mori-Day     Forest Day
Mori-Night     Forest Night
Kensyuu (yasuda)     Training (Yasuda)
Haikyo     Ruins; Abandoned Building
Iseki     Historic Ruins
Base_1 (nagano)      Kouji Nagano?
Base_2 (kouyama)     Hidenori Kouyama?

Kensyuu2 (simada)     Kenshuu/Training (Simada)
Kensyuu2 (yositomi)     Kenshuu/Training (Yoshitomi)
Kensyuu2 (yasuda)     Kenshuu/Training (Yasuda)
Hall 3F
Main Hall
Armor Passage
Minami Gallery     South Gallery
Kita Gallery     North Gallery
Glass Passage
Junbishitu         Jumbishitsu/Preparation Room
The past Passage
Kaidan Mae     Before the stairs
Kyuutousitu      Kyuutoushitsu/Office kitchenette; Room with facilities for boiling water
Ousetu & Niwa     Ousetsu/Guest/Reception (room) & Garden
LV2 Room     Level 2 Room
HITO_Zuka     Note (AK): "hito" indeed means "people," and "zuka" (or "tsuka") means mounds or milestones, so they "mark" or "commemorate" people (even though it's not a common word) a liberal translation of "portraits" sounds OK.
Airship_L_Wing     Airship left wing
Airship_R_Wing     Airship right wing

Ridley, can you confirm if the actual list contains developer's names? It's been a while since I played.

Stage 0
Airship A-Row
Curtain Hori
Atari Test Room
Nobody Nishimura Test A-Row
Don Beya A-Row
Don San Block Test Minami Sakata

Various images, mostly from Demento (Haunting Ground). I'm gonna investigate the game CD soon, along with DMC.

Don't get me wrong, I love

Don't get me wrong, I love RE4 as we have it today, but I really  wish I could have played the original RE4. Sucks that they scrapped it because "it was too expensive to develop." Plus I really loved Haunting Ground.

A few pieces of information

A few pieces of information thanks to Mr. Kawamura:

"The version in which a girl appears, and Hookman are not related at all."

"As said also at the interview, a story was not in Hookman. That is the monster made from the experiment of fear production."

"Demento is not related at all to biohazard 4."

"Demento was a different development department. We did not know what they would make."

Demento and Fog BH4 do have similarities to their storylines. This is likely because the draft scenario was written by Noboru Sugimura, who also wrote the initial versions of BH4 alongside Mr. Kawamura.

Hookman may have been merely

Hookman may have been merely an experiment, but it seems to have used the same stage as a base. Great work, Newsbot.

Started my investigation of

Started my investigation of Haunting Ground. I really hate this game... Will let you know what I find.

Newsbot seems to think this

Newsbot seems to think this is Spencer. I'm working on a high-res rexture of Saddler's face.

Here's the Ashley model extracted by THIA.

Also, I think Hookman made it into the final game in some form. Check out this Ganado texture.

Update coming soon...

Update coming soon...

The original biohazard 4

The original biohazard 4 castle.

Hello! Just doing my random

Hello! Just doing my random monthly research about RE4 beta, and this is totally new. What/how/when did you find it?

PS: Amazing paintings comparison.

First post in product

First post in product goes! Anyone else notice this on Leon's hand? It looks like some sort of infection or cut.

Edit: You may have to click on the picture to see it clearer.

Nice observation Preston. I

Nice observation Preston. I never noticed that. Seems the infection is making its way down his arm.

Anyway have a video rip from the DVD? I need an high-res copy for something.

Also, based on Ridley's comparisson to Lost in Nightmares, the castle estate in this version may have also been the inspiration for the mansion in Bio1.

I unfortunately do not have a

I unfortunately do not have a high res rip of the DVD. I noticed this on this 1080p video of the 3.5 gameplay however. I hope this is what you're looking for.

I also noticed in the trailer for the hookman version that Leon has his glove on, however I am not sure if that's a different build or not. Also the table appears to change when the hookman appears. Also is it just me or does Leon's undershirt collar look unfinished in the hookman version, I'm talking about the part after he runs down the hallway then turns around and looks at the player in the trailer for "Hookman" Build. 

720p "Fog" Version trailer:



Welsh wrote: Also, based on

Welsh wrote:
Also, based on Ridley's comparison to Lost in Nightmares, the castle estate in this version may have also been the inspiration for the mansion in Bio1.

Explain please.