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Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles Side A/Side B Novels

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Does anyone have scans of these things? I think they are worthy of translation. More importantly, does anyone have the credits page on hand? Being able to see who wrote it and planned the scenarios for it would help immensely with deducing their canonicity.

I have a copy of Novel A on

I have a copy of Novel A on its way from Japan ~ should be here next week, but in the meantime these are photos taken of it ~

I can send credits & better close-up images next week, when it arrives, unless someone else out there beats me to it!

I have done a rough

I have done a rough translation of the opening prologue. Some interesting details.

Marcus used to work for a Swiss University and made a breakthrough regarding 'ancient earth microbes to a very interesting virus' - not quite sure what that means.

Marcus' work split university opinion and his work was taken off him after he was framed over a conspiracy involving falsified test results. He was allowed to remain at the university but all his funding was cut. He turned to Spencer for help and his programme 'Spencer Foundation' agreed to bail him out financially if Marcus adhered to two conditions; 1. He leave the university immediately. 2. He lives and works in Spencer's European castle and has minimal contact with the outside world.

They then recruit Edward Ashford and continue the work Marcus started. One night in 1967 Marcus has another breakthrough {details still unclear at this time but it could change the world forever}. He shows Ashford who gets excited and they agree to tell Spencer immediately - and that was the night they decided to form Umbrella.

Sketchy at best. No mention of Progenitor Virus or Mother Virus here, just 'ancient virus'. I like the extra history on Marcus' early life though.

The rest of the book follows the game right through to Raccoon's destruction. The real meat of new material will be in the second book which I don't have yet. Side B contains the Prelude to the Fall story and Umbrella's End.

{Oh yeah, one thing that throws doubt on this whole thing; I checked some details in Raccoon City chapters. In this book, Wesker is controlling the Nemesis thanks to a tiny camera implanted in its head.} 

Some excellent details... I

Some excellent details... I really want to know who wrote it now. It would be nice to make all this stuff canon.

{Oh yeah, one thing that throws doubt on this whole thing; I checked some details in Raccoon City chapters. In this book, Wesker is controlling the Nemesis thanks to a tiny camera implanted in its head.}

I really doubt he was controlling the Nemesis itself, just monitoring it through a camera already implanted by Umbrella for recording combat data and such... The Organization already has some advanced technology, it is highly likely that they "patched" into the Nemesis' camera the same way they somehow managed to create a device which can listen in on chatter going on in distant helicopters.

Wesker's Report did state that The Organization got the combat data of the Nemesis as well, how else would they actually get it? While Wesker's Report itself is dubious at best in terms of canonicity, this would really help explain that little plot point that they threw in quite randomly.

The book was written by a

The book was written by a chap called Osamu Murai. Who wrote the comic? 

Incidentally, the novel was translated into German, which is the version I have. Translated by established Japanese/German translator John Schmitt-Weigland.

The passage I did had Wesker controlling it as he sends it commands to attack Jill in strategic places. The nemesis also encountered Ada and was about to kill her as he had seen though its eyes that she had betrayed them by teaming up with Leon. But at the last minutes, Wesker stopped Nemesis as 'she held a certain appeal to him'.

This is how Wesker knows of Leon when he contacts Ada in the Apple Inn in Death's Door.

But, there is still a lot more to translate to offer an explanation I suppose.

TheBatman wrote: The book

TheBatman wrote:

The book was written by a chap called Osamu Murai. Who wrote the comic? 

Incidentally, the novel was translated into German, which is the version I have. Translated by established Japanese/German translator John Schmitt-Weigland.

The passage I did had Wesker controlling it as he sends it commands to attack Jill in strategic places. The nemesis also encountered Ada and was about to kill her as he had seen though its eyes that she had betrayed them by teaming up with Leon. But at the last minutes, Wesker stopped Nemesis as 'she held a certain appeal to him'.

This is how Wesker knows of Leon when he contacts Ada in the Apple Inn in Death's Door.

But, there is still a lot more to translate to offer an explanation I suppose.

Doesn't sound too bad. And it does explain how Wesker knew of these things, since he did not have his hardcore live satellite feed at the time and most of the time Ada spent with Leon was underground anyway. It also explains where Nemesis was during his off-screen time in RE3 after Jill fell into her coma, which is nice because I always found that rather daunting... if he was outside the clock tower the whole time I don't see how he couldn't of killed Jill while she was unconcious when she was only inside.

I like what I've heard, and I'm sure once we have both novels translated we can start running wild with theories and explanations.

Also, these are the credits for the comic:

Written by: Masaru Miyazaki
Illustrated by: Naotsugu Matsueda
Supervised by: Studio Survive

Now that is interesting!

Now that is interesting!

SHOULD have Novel A done by

SHOULD have Novel A done by end of the month, didn't realise how long it was (I suppose the word 'Novel' was an indication)

In the meantime here's a quick pic ~


"BIOHAZARD: Umbrella

"BIOHAZARD: Umbrella Chronicles: Side A" By Osamu Makino

COPYRIGHT Osamu Makino COPYRIGHT,Ltd. 2007

Originally published in Japan in 2007 by KADOKAWA SHOTEN Publishing Co., Ltd., Toyko, Japan.

As promised, here is the

As promised, here is the prologue and opening chapter. Bear in mind though that this is the ONLY original chapter in the book and the details disclosed here are not elaborated on any further, so make of it what you will. Should give you all plenty to talk about if nothing else. Enjoy!




This story is about a screen; about a powerful, invisible shield called Umbrella. It is of course, a purely hypothetical story.

Some countries in this world are referred to as ‘rogue states’. They say that they support terrorism, and that they are both militarily and economically placed under huge pressure. However, other countries are considered to be ‘developing a social network’ and receive every possible assistance.

There are still many people who are foolish enough to believe that a clear dividing line differentiates the good from the bad and the bad countries that are spawned by the good countries must be punished with a vengeance. These days, even a primary school child would know that such distinctions are completely arbitrary, and only on the basis of profit and power are these interests taken.

Who is good? Who is evil? Who has the power to decide? Ground water, which, depending on how you see it, perhaps not even the ‘good guys’ can be counted.


Figuratively speaking, a cold, poisonous rain patters onto our world. Because of this poison rain, we are all dependent on a screen in order to survive. Anyone who has found a place under this umbrella can anticipate as much support as possible. But those who are not under this umbrella will be declared a rogue state.

The beginning of this legend was in 1967 in the tower room of an old castle. The castle was owned by Ozwell E. Spencer, a Lord well known throughout Western European nobility. Lord Spencer had put parts of his castle under the disposal of a certain Dr. James Marcus who had for many years been in the employment of a prestigious Swiss university.

Marcus was discovered at this university thanks to his research about the extinct earth-antiquity of microbes to a very interesting virus. However, there was a conflict of interests between different groups inside the institute, of which Marcus found himself once again on the losing side. This led to him being sidelined and relegated to a meaningless position. This was due to a scandal which involved falsified test results, with Marcus stood at the end of the line with no one to pass the buck onto, despite him having nothing to do with the whole affair. But even this was not the end of his losing streak. His previously very generous research grants, which came largely from public funds, were radically cut back. The university did not prevent him from continuing his research; however, they refused him any further financial support. This was a clear sign to Marcus that his days at the institute were numbered.

In a seemingly hopeless situation, Marcus contacted his old friend Spencer and pleaded with him for financial support. Spencer responded promptly. He first made enquiries about Marcus’s research, and gave him an answer just a few days later. His offer was, however, subject to two conditions: First, Marcus would leave the university immediately. The Spencer foundation would occupy him with a much more generous salary than he had ever received from the university. Secondly, Marcus had to keep the final results of his research under strict secrecy. If these two conditions were met, Marcus would have state of the art lab facilities at his disposal and a place to live. Any contacts with the outside world were to be avoided if possible.

Well, Marcus probably would not have made this pact with the devil were it not for the fact he could immediately continue his research.

Spencer’s offer seemed very generous and he readily agreed. The two then employed another nobleman, a man named Edward Ashford. Marcus’s future was now secured, his epoch-making research could continue.

On the day when Marcus finally reaped the fruits of his years of work on microbes, he ran around purple-faced through the laboratory and was excited as a teenager would be before his first date.

“Please understand me, Ashford! This discovery will shake the world! It is nothing less than the fulfilment of an ancient dream of humanity!”

“I have sympathy for your feelings,” said Edward Ashford sleepily. He was slumped over his chair as he sat. “But to wake and get me up in the middle of the night from my sleep! What you believe, as I feel…”

“I beg you! Don’t imagine it like that! After all, this is about a miracle! The discovery of a miracle!”

“You know…”

Ashford looked for a moment at the ceiling.


“Lord Spencer is not here. He hates it if one bullies him. I am against most probably too good-natured.”

“All right. Nevertheless, Ashford, you have to watch this! Here!”

Marcus brought the image of the scanning electron microscope on the monitor. The otherwise pitch-black screen showed some objects resembling rice grains with tails.

“Look closely,” he said with the pride of a boy showing his best friend his most valuable toy. “These are E.Coli.”

Ashford was unimpressed. “Well you may be surprised, but I actually recognise…”

“I have killed them with the help of 0.1 ppm of chlorine.”

“I understand. So you have woken me up in the middle of the night to show me a dozen dead E.Coli?”


Marcus put his finger to his lips and pointed to the screen.

With a very thin needle, something was injected into the nucleus of the dead coliform bacteria. Amazingly the bacteria suddenly began to beat wildly in frenzy. More than that, they became longer and longer and eventually divided in the middle to form to separate parts.

“They divide, Ashford!”

Marcus had tears in his eyes. But Edward didn’t seem to share his excitement in the least.

“Doctor…” Edward’s voice indicated he was clearly annoyed. “It is surely not the first time that cells emerge from a state of apparent death and re-animate. Such a thing is even common in higher organisms, but…”

“Wrong, wrong,” interrupted Marcus, violently gesturing with his hands. “This is something completely different! These cells are not apparently dead! Their nuclei were destroyed completely, their cells completely perforated. They were completely dead, completely dead. And then, after I gave them our aforementioned virus – you know the original virus already and implanted it – they began to grow and multiply again!”

On the screen it was clearly visible, as the revival of the coli form of bacteria continued to increase with almost incredible speed. Edward stared at the image.

“Completely dead,” he murmured thoughtfully.

“Exactly. Without a doubt. Why would I lie? And everything is described in this document!”

Marcus handed Edward a thick wad of paper.

“Should I read it all now?”

“No. I will briefly explain it to you. You are not a layman. One look at the test results and you have understood what an amazing thing this is. So, what you see here are the old drawings of an experiment in which the Miller Experiment of 1953 has been recreated here more or less. I have a glass beaker with methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour filled and hermetically sealed. Into this mix I gave ten units of the original virus, which previously was killed with 1ppm of chlorine. It has then been heated and exposed to an electrical discharge. Now, what do you believe was the outcome?”

“You’ve already told me. Basically, you have repeated the Miller experiment. I’m sorry, but the results of this experiment have been known for years.”

“Listen to me! In principle, it is the Miller experiment. He has simulated a primitive atmosphere and provided evidence that life could form in this atmosphere of organic compounds. And from this arose, ultimately, life. This is however, about something completely different! Well, to the point that from amino acids and proteins, nucleic acids occur in both experiments. But in my case the protein eventually becomes a structure with a membrane, which has begun to multiply by division.”

“Impossible. That can not be.”

It was only natural that Edward steadfastedly refused to believe Marcus. Simply because he had just claimed no less that he had successfully recreated in the laboratory, the birth of life on Earth 3.8 billion years ago.

“But it’s true. Full details of the experiment are described in detail in this paper. If you think that I am lying, just repeat it and examine it yourself. You can repeat it as many times as you like, the result will always be the same; the original virus causes the primitive DNA to arise from the protein soup.”

Edward wanted to believe it but still could not bring himself to. But the possibility that there may be something in this let the excitement from Marcus gradually skip over to him.

“You are right Marcus. We should tell Spencer.”

“Finally! Finally you understand!” Cried Marcus as Edward grabbed his right hand, beaming.

“Let us go immediately to Spencer.” Edward threw his overcoat over himself and took Marcus, still wearing his white lab coat, in tow. It was a memorable night. And the events of that night would finally lead towards the creation of the Umbrella Corporation.


The rest of the book is basically a re-telling of the first 3 chapter of the game. All the Russian stuff is in Side B. The only other thing to determine now is if Wesker does indeed have full control of the Nemesis. Also, one other interesting titbit I noticed is that the 'Raccoon Destruction' chapters follow UC very faithfully. There is no mention of Nicholai or Mikhail that I could see and yet they still use the Barry Burton RE3 ending.

I believe my good mate the 5Th Survivor is translating the whole book for you guys so I will cease translating any further as I have so little free time these days, no point getting it done twice separately anyway when we can all share.


Well it's more than clear

Well it's more than clear now that Dr. Marcus believed in an 'ancient virus world' ( scenario of evolutionary history. You've done a splendid job in translating this, Batman, and for that, I commend you. But is it to be understood that the ancient virus which spurred evolution is synonymous with Progenitor? Also, the document states that 'primitive DNA' emerged de novo from the protein soup. Since the concept of an ancient virus world is predicated on the RNA world hypothesis, not to mention that RNA is universally considered DNA's precursor, is RNA meant by primitive DNA?

Very interesting! Not how I

Very interesting! Not how I envisioned the scenario, but a great read none the less!

Yeah... these are canon as

Yeah... these are canon as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know. I find the

I don't know. I find the idea of Wesker controlling Nemesis a little too far fetched even for Resident Evil.

The Doctor, it seems to me

The Doctor, it seems to me that the viral RNA was used as a template to produce "primitive DNA."  We know from other canon sources that the T-Virus and Progenitor are RNA viruses.

If I recall correctly, and I will defer to your knowledge in this matter, some viruses carry non-structural proteins within their capsids - one example which comes to mind is the adenovirus which contains proteins to lyse the endosome when it acidifies.  Could Progenitor carry highly compact RNA-dependent RNA transcriptase?  This would essentially allow replication of RNA subunits.

Ribosomes are largely made up of RNA; as you're aware, the RNA world hypothesis depends on RNA having enzymatic function under certain circumstances.  Progenitor might code a very primitive form of ribosome; the subunits formed by RNA replication would allow protein synthesis from mRNA, also produced by the transcriptase.  Some of these proteins might be primitive reverse transcriptase, allowing the formation of primitive DNA; others might be involved in the formation of phospholipids and the formation and expansion of micelles, which could eventually form into membranes.

I should note that all this is just idle speculation as far as I'm concerned; we know that Progenitor was discovered among the Ndipaya and isolated from Sonnentreppe, not discovered in soil by James Marcus.  Furthermore, I sincerely doubt Wesker was involved with Nemesis in any way.  For the time being, this is interesting, but not canon.

Right; you need to look no

Right; you need to look no further than Vpu and Vif for examples of NSPs in retroviruses, in this case HIV. However, I doubt that Progenitor, if it is indeed a retrovirus as both we and Project Umbrella have speculated, would possess an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase since it's a Group VI virus. Picornaviruses and Rhabdoviruses (Groups IV and V respectively) are well known to possess RdRP, whereas Group VI possesses Reverse Transcriptase and DdDP (I suppose to lengthen the + and - DNA strands of the RNA-DNA duplex during retroviral replication, according to Virology: Principles and Applications). After integration as a provirus, the cellular RNApol II serves to replicate the retroviral RNA genome thus it'd be superfluous for Progenitor to carry its own RdRP.

What confuses me, though, is the fact that every source I've encountered mentions Progenitor as the catalysis for Umbrella's formation; this document, on the other hand, states that the 'ancient virus' led to the origins of Umbrella. But we can't forget the disparate origins of the two viruses as you've pointed out. Also, it claims that a complete virus (outer capsid, nucleocapsid, and all) is capable of spurring DNA synthesis from basic chemicals. But how could a virus, an evolutionary end in and of itself, do this if its RNA is shielded from the environment? According to the 'ancient virus world' hypothesis, a common pool of genetic material---->Selfish genetic elements----->RNA---->Viroids (Naked RNA) and Viruses (RNA with capsid).

And while that above path terminated (since viruses are, of course, the ultimate realization of the biological realm in comparison to the imperfections of everything else), another branch continued as RNA----->DNA------>Prokaryotes----->Eukaryotes, hence the existence of living systems as nothing more than hosts for viral entities. Even ignoring all this, naked RNA would be necessary in order for these chemicals to be converted into constituents for 'primitive DNA'. 

Guys, the ancient virus and

Guys, the ancient virus and Progenitor are one in the same.

Doesn't RE5 state that

Doesn't RE5 state that Edward Ashford was the first to research the virus?  This seems to suggest that it was Marcus who studied it first.

Archelon wrote: Doesn't

Archelon wrote:

Doesn't RE5 state that Edward Ashford was the first to research the virus?  This seems to suggest that it was Marcus who studied it first.

It doesn't directly mention it, and it is largely incorrect. It simply states that Ashford began studying the virus "in the 60s". Thats not really an accurate indication, and the entry itself is taken from the old CODE: Veronica timeline so some story details are just plain missing in context. In fact, RE5 suggests the opposite and that Edward left sometime after the virus' discovery, which is more directly shown by the novel as being once Marcus proves the value of the virus to Edward.

This is the best thing that

This is the best thing that has come out of this series in a long time, and I can't wait to see the rest of it.  Thanks guys!!!

Ok ladies and gents. Here is

Ok ladies and gents. Here is tonight's lesson. This is part 1 of Wesker's third chapter in the book and touches more on the origins of Umbrella. In my opinion it fits in very nicely with the RE5 files, particularly Brandon Bailey's journals and Spencer's overall motivations.  Also take into account that this book was released a good 18 months before RE5 was. This extract also confirms many of my own personal theories.

There is one glaring error in that it states Progenitor was discovered in 1967. But, let us remember that the very canon Biohazard/Resident Evil Archives book also contains the very same mistake, so in this case i'm sure it can be forgiven.

WESKER 3 {Part 1}

"Who is afraid of Marcus? Nobody...", Dr. Birkin hummed while he worked the monitors. Beside him, Wesker had settled on the chair, but appeared to be neither interested in the monitors or the boisterous and merry-looking Birkin.

"He is nowhere to be seen. So he bailed."

The monitors continued to show constant changes in live images from all corners of the Umbrella Training Centre. Judging by these pictures, the training centre was a kind of haunted house in a way, which was teeming with ogres and monsters.

The first director of the training centre for future high-level personnel of the Umbrella Corporation had been just that, Dr. James Marcus. But before more detail can be revealed on the fate of the ill-fated scientist, it is necessary to say a few words about the international conglomerate Umbrella.

Everything began with the discovery of the 'proto-virus' in 1967. This discovery was one of the reasons for the rapid growth of Umbrella. It has to be assumed that this virus in ancient times made a crucial contribution to the emergence of life and death on earth. In other words, this original virus was the answer to the question of questions, a question whose answer has facinated scientists for centuries; the question of the origins of life.

In any case, the virus had the ability to mix genetic information to cause unique mutations. And it possessed the ability to transfer these altered genes into other organisms by infecting it and causing a fresh spontaneous mutation. This ability to transfer to spontaneous mutation functioned both between whole individuals and between individual cells. The original virus was one of the great discoveries of the century, but hardly anyone took any notice. And nowhere were the facts of this discovery ever published. But why?

Behind this wonderous discovery stood three men. Ozwald E. Spencer, a famous noble, Edward Ashford, also noble, and Dr. James Marcus, Spencer's friend from university times. Lord Spencer was the most inhuman man, which you can imagine. Although blessed from birth with wealth and prestige, he still suffered from a painful ambition, an insaitable greed for more. Spencer dreamed of ruling over everything and everyone. The whole world he wanted for himself. Anything less, simply would not satisfy him. Of the three, Spencer was the only one who really understood the potential power of the proto-virus over mankind. And it was only logical that he instigated the launching of Umbrella Corporation in order to feed his hunger for power. This differentiated his thinking and his attitude from the outset in principle to Ashford, who was concerned only about the reputation of his family, or from Marcus, who wanted simply to pursue his research with a vigour.

After its establishment, the Umbrella Corporation gave itself to the outside world the appearance of a globally operating pharmaceutical company. But secretly with the help of the research on the proto-virus they could significantly advance in the field of biological weaponry. Spencer's first goal was to dominate the arms market. In fact, the Umbrella Corporation grew like wildfire to a considerable size. This rapid growth had been fuelled mainly by the political power of the original virus as the ultimate threat.

While Marcus was one of the discoverers of the original virus, the rapid growth in size and power of Umbrella meant he was soon pushed to the sidelines. Power struggles and plots had never been one of his strengths. Spencer, however, was a true expert in fighting with hooks and eyes, and had an easy time dealing with Marcus. Almost overnight, Marcus was pulled out of all the company's planning and shifted to the post of Director of the company's own training center. The scientist immediately realised that this was done to remove him from the power centre of the group. But he never fought against his transfer  because he knew he could gain something positive from it after all: There, in this remote training center in the woods, it would easily be possible to evade control by the central office and work quietly on his research. In a sense, therefore, Marcus was even grateful to Spencer for this transfer.

Excellent! I am more

Excellent! I am more inclined to believe this is canon with each new entry.

Wesker 3 {Part 2} In his new

Wesker 3 {Part 2}

In his new workplace, Marcus worked diligently to create a new biogenetic weapon by implanting leeches with the original proto-virus. In addition, he devoted himself to the development of the T-Virus, an improved version of the original virus. That this would ultimately also benefit Spencer, Marcus was well aware, but he did not directly scruple to create a weapon. He was also still fascinated by the possibilities of the original virus.

For Marcus, his time as Director of the training centre was happy, as his goal had always been to explore and discover new things. Secretly he hoped to find something spectacular, and thanks to these new discoveries finally earn Spencer’s true recognition, and then with his honour restored, he could return to his rightful place at the centre of the company. But once the T-Virus was finally completed, Marcus discovered that he was, to Spencer, just a pawn in the game all along. The ominous came without warning. Marcus was approached on day in his lab by Albert Wesker and William Birkin; - two employees whom he trusted completely – and was murdered by them. The two were acting under the direct orders of Spencer.

Now ten years later, Birkin and Wesker were planning the reactivation of the training centre and had returned there. But at the place of their crime they found Marcus’ ‘ghost’ and all kinds of angry monsters in response. No wonder Birkin was frightened at the sights on the screens. Again and again was ‘Dr. Marcus of that time’ spotted on the monitors, as well as several bio-weapons created by Marcus in the form of leeches and other creatures.

“Well…” Birkin was irritated. “Look at the time, Wesker!”

Birkin pointed to one of the monitors. There, two people were seen. A young couple, but no doubt that it was not a romantic rendezvous which had brought them to this place, both were armed.

“Well, well, this is amusing.” Wesker, whose interest had suddenly been reawakened, got up from his chair.

“The woman is a member of S.T.A.R.S.. Rebecca Chambers is her name. I do not know the man. Looks like Bravo Team got lost here. I wonder if they took the Ecliptic Express?”

“You know the woman?”

“She works for me.”

“And what do we do now?”

Wesker shrugged his shoulders.

“Lean back and watch. Find me images of Marcus!”

What do you mean…” Birkin began looking from camera to camera. While he worked on the keyboard of the control panel, he sang his strange little song.

“Who’s afraid of Marcus? Nobody, nobody…”

Hmmm, interesting,

Hmmm, interesting, but slight error it seems with Marcus' assassination and the T-virus creation date.

From the novel it suggests that he was murdered as soon as T was discovered, but then goes on to say that 10 years later Wesker and Birkin planned to re-open the MTF, so slight confusion but can be easily rectified.

Not really an error. T-Virus

Not really an error. T-Virus research was completed in 1988 so it fits perfectly.

Aye, true I guess! Didn't

Aye, true I guess! Didn't think of that.


HERE IT IS GUYS! The last chapter, which focuses on Biohazard 3, and we get a unique glimpse into the mind of Mr Nemesis ~

Biohazard: The Umbrella Chronicles  Side A
By Osamu Makino

6〜13    Introduction
16〜109    Ecliptic Express Incident 1998.07.23        
112〜197  The Mansion Incident 1998.07.24            
200〜268  Raccoon City Annihilation 1998.09.28        

1   p200
It was in a high-pressure high-temperature solution resembling the primordial ocean.

It was dreaming.
A dream of only smell and sound.
An unpleasant dream.
It was irritated.

The source of the discomfort was anxiety.
The anxiety of birth.
But it had no mental capacity to understand that experience.
That is why it was suffering from unpleasant dreams.
Then it woke.
For it, this was the moment of birth.
There was no difference between awakening and birth.
It was starving.
But, this was no simple hunger for food.
A much more advanced and complicated craving.
In other words, something resembling love.
An intense love toward its objects.
A desire to love it, own it, and bring it under its control.
That was its drive.
Where did it learn this?
It was from that which created it, its creator-----God.
God engraved into it the name of what it must love.
Now it has awakened.
The solution began to drain out of the tank. It was the first time it breathed in air.
The glass smoothly lifted.
It took a step into the world.
And roared the name of what it desired.

2 p202
Anybody who witnessed that event would think, that it was hell.
The city was overflowing with the dead.
They were starving.
They preyed on the living.
They envied the living.
That is why they chew on the flesh of those still living, and convert them to the same fate.
Gangs of cannibal-dead paraded around the city.

A car flipped on its side was engulfed in flames.
A charred body crawled out from inside, and stood up to quench its thirst with the blood of the living.
There were sounds of gunshots in the distance.
There were people yelling and screaming.
A police car races through the streets. It hardly looks like they are trying to help anyone.
A house is burning.
A nice little French restaurant.
The restaurant was engulfed in flames and the neighbors were next to fall prey to the fire.
No firefighters will come to the scene.    
No spectators will gather either.
The house just burns.
A city transformed into hell.

This is Raccoon City.
An industrial city in the Mid-West of America with a population of about 100,000.
The city was developed by the Umbrella Corporation. They built all the factories in the city, and the Umbrella Corporation in some way employed 30% of the residents.

If not for the virus leak, it was quite a peaceful city.
But the Umbrella Corporation had designed the city for extreme emergencies.
Extreme emergency meaning when there is a biohazard.
There are only two freeways that lead out of the city.
To get to the freeway in the North, you must drive through the property of Umbrella Corporation’s factories.
Ordinarily it was not treated as private property, but it could be easily blockaded.
A mobile wall had just been positioned to block the entire road.
In the early morning, residents were directed to evacuate the city from this road, but as soon as security detected people who were infected with the virus, they shut-off access.

The Western freeway faced the Arklay mountain range and was connected by a bridge that extended off a sharp cliff. No resident was aware of the fact that this bridge was actually a drawbridge, and with a flip of the switch the middle would split making it impassable.
That is exactly what had happened.
Since the biohazard outbreak, the city has been in lockdown.
Umbrella had sent in their private security force, the UBCS, to maintain order within the city.
However, this was merely a formality, as nobody believed that a force of several dozen security personnel could manage this situation.
The number of zombies multiplied exponentially.
Those remaining in Raccoon City were left with only one choice. To be killed and resurrected as the living dead.
But, even in this hopeless situation, there were some who did not give up.
Jill Valentine was one of them.
She secretly came to Raccoon City in order to investigate the evils of the Umbrella Corporation.

Jill, together with Chris, attempted to warn the public about Umbrella Corp’s virus leaks and dehumanizing experiments.
But the information she had, lacked concrete evidence for the media to take them seriously.
Having a reputation as conspiracy-nuts was tolerable, but as a result of their persistence, the police issued search warrants against them as prime suspects of several incidents including the explosion at the mansion.
It was an easy move for Umbrella Corp, who had the city police on their payroll.

Chris was collecting evidence at the European branches of Umbrella Corp.
Jill secretly remained in Raccoon City to dig up more information on Umbrella Corp.
It was during this time that the chaos began.
From early in the morning, emergency warnings were sent from the radio, television, and loudspeakers mounted on emergency vehicles, telling all residents to evacuate immediately.
At that point the situation was relatively calm.
Umbrella Corp already knew that the virus had leaked into Raccoon City, and that zombie attacks had been reported.
Of course, none of that information was made public.
Unsuspectingly, the residents began to evacuate.
Just two hours after the evacuation began, infected evacuees were discovered.
The government sent in the army and Raccoon City was completely closed off.
Now, all that remains in the city are dead bodies and the forsaken.
They will probably both be disposed of and eliminated from history.

Jill was trying to somehow escape from the city.
But she was in a hopeless situation.
With her back against the wall, she had run into a blind alley.
She had used up almost all of her bullets.
The only other weapon she had was a knife that she had just killed five zombies with, but there were at least 50 zombies gathering at the entrance of the alley.
Once they bite you, you are infected.
Even to Jill, it seemed impossible to escape uninfected with these 50 or so zombies advancing toward her.
It seemed that all she could do was pray, but Jill would not pray.
If a miracle were to happen, she had to make it happen with all that she had left in her.
She loaded the last cartridge into the gun.
With precision, she terminated a zombie with each bullet.
She was finally down to her last shot.
Jill looked for a zombie worthy of the last bullet, but the dead all looked the same.
She blasted the forehead of the zombie right in front of her.
She was out of ammo.
Jill pulls out her knife, as the zombies marched toward her.
With all the strength she could muster, Jill kicked them to the ground, slit their throats, and broke their necks.
Then a miracle happened. God must have been listening to her.
There were sounds of gunshots.
The zombie approaching her fell to the ground.
Then the next zombie fell, and the one after that.
The precision was even more impressive than Jill’s.
Each shot pierced through a zombie’s head.
The zombies continued to hit the asphalt.
There were only a few left standing.
In small numbers, they were no match for Jill.
While they clumsily moved toward her, she tore their necks to deliver them their second death.
In no time the mob of zombies were no more.
A young man in army uniform appeared with his assault rifle.
 “Are you alright?” he asked.
 “Yeah thanks. You have a good aim,” Jill complimented.
 “You’re no amateur either. Most people wouldn’t even think about fighting those monsters.”
“Even housewives could do what I did.”
 “Well if you’re an ordinary housewife then that makes me a boyscout.”
 “I’m Jill Valentine. I’m a member of S.T.A.R.S.”
She stuck her hand out.
 “Wow, you’re from S.T.A.R.S. Isn’t that the elite unit of the police force? But I heard that you guys were wiped out.”
 “ I am a survivor. And who are you?”
 “I’m Corporal Carlos Oliveila from the U.B.C.S.”
 “What’s the U.B.C.S.?”
 “Umbrella Biohazard Coutermeasure Service. We’re Umbrella’s special forces unit to counter biohazard outbreaks.”
 “So you work for Umbrella….”
Jill took a step back.
 “Yup. We came on a rescue mission to find survivors like you.
But, since we all got split apart during the chaos of panicking people and the zombie mobs, I’m not sure we’re really helping.”
 “Helping? Us?”
Jill laughed scornfully.
Carlos confidently responded, “I’m good with my gun. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”
 “That’s not the problem,” Jill protested.
And glared straight at him.
 “The reason we’re in this mess is because of Umbrella!”
 “Whoa whoa, calm down. Look, I’m a mercenary and I just get paid to deal with situations like this.”
Jill continued to glare straight into his eyes.
Then she relaxed and said,
 “Alright. I’ll believe you.”
 “Great. Now that you believe me do you want to move together? It’ll be safer than being alone. Here.”
Carlos tossed his AK47 he had slung on his back to Jill.
Jill grabbed the assault rifle and cocked it with ease.
 “It seems like you’re the one that needs company,” Jill remarked.
 “Maybe so. Anyways, a rescue chopper will be arriving to the police station. It’ll take some time to prepare for takeoff, but we should head there in advance. Come with me.”
Carlos looked at Jill and sensed that she was annoyed.
He added, “please.”
Jill nodded in agreement and let out a laugh.
In that moment the ground suddenly trembled.
Was it an earthquake?
As Jill braced herself, the ground began to violently shake.
Carlos crouched down.
 “Its not an earthquake”, Jill exclaimed.
 “Look, the trees by the road aren’t moving. The telephone lines are still too. It’s only shaking where we’re standing. Be careful.”
Right as Jill finished her warning, the ground split open and its head popped out.
It was a monstrous worm-like creature.
It had a huge head, and its enormous body was the size of a train coach.
The researchers at Umbrella Corp called it the Gravedigger.
Each section of muscle stretched and contracted like an accordion, and released a yellowish viscous liquid.
The opening at the top of its head---perhaps a mouth---was surrounded with four razor-sharp fangs.
Deep inside the opening, there were countless thorn-like protrusions facing inward to prevent anything the Gravedigger bites onto from escaping.
It was making the sound of mud being squeezed through the hand.
A brown substance oozed out of the opening.
The opening expanded widely and the four fangs faced outward.
With the viscous fluid gushing out, it came straight at the two.
Jill and Carlos jumped out of the way.
As the momentum of the gravedigger carried it straight passed both of them, they shot the beast full of 5.45mm bullets from both sides.
The Gravedigger’s body was adapted to penetrate through rock and was unbelievably hard.
The bullets made scratches but nowhere close to critically damaging the monster worm.
The Gravedigger lunged passed them and tore through the asphalt road, disappearing underground in a matter of seconds.
 “… What the hell was that?!!”
Carlos peered into the hole where the gravedigger disappeared. The ground began to tremble again.
 “It’s coming!” Jill yelled.
The four fangs thrust out of the ground right beneath Jill.
Jill saw the mouth wide-open and spread her legs so that her toes were just able to cling onto the sides.
Luckily she was not eaten, but she was flung into the air.
Jill regained balance in the air and as she landed on her feet she fired back at the Gravedigger.
But, the bullets just seem to bounce off its body.
 “Jill! You need to shoot inside it!”
Jill quickly understood what Carlos said, and ran away from the beast to gain some distance.
Then she waved her hands in the air and shouted,
“Here’s your lunch. Come and get it!”
Whether or not the Gravedigger heard Jill, it was heading straight for her like a rocket.
It shut its mouth and aimed its fangs at Jill.
Her plan was to provoke it and shoot into its open mouth,
But with the mouth closed she had no shot.
The bullets hit around the mouth and merely scratched some skin off.
It was a failed attempt.
The Gravedigger was aware of its weaknesses.
That was the only explanation for how it attacked.....

AND for more, please stay tuned into Project Umbrella!

Very interesting as always,

Very interesting as always, looks like Umbrella were monitoring every new secondary infectant BOW in Raccoon. The gravedigger being one of them, so much so that Umbrella scientists had named it very early on.

Just read it, and I noticed

Just read it, and I noticed that this thing it's heavily inspired on the movies  =/, quite a let down for me when I read "mobile wall" and "drawbridge". I was actually hoping something more out of it, and certainly not a retelling of the UC-RE3 chapter but of the original RE3, but.. well, it's a novel adaptation of UC after all. It's at the same level than the S.D. Perry's ones for me.

Ridley wrote: Just read

Ridley wrote:

Just read it, and I noticed that this thing it's heavily inspired on the movies  =/

I thought the exact same thing, ha ha.

As I read it, I was like, "Wow.  This sounds an awful lot like Resident Evil: Apocalypse."

Ridley wrote: I was

Ridley wrote:
I was actually hoping something more out of it, and certainly not a retelling of the UC-RE3 chapter but of the original RE3, but.. well, it's a novel adaptation of UC after all. It's at the same level than the S.D. Perry's ones for me.

Completely agree with the preference for the canon retelling of RE3 original, and with some new/further insight the novel would be far more of an exciting find....but I would disagree with it being on exactly the same level as S.D. Perry, because there is no, and never any  potential for canon information with such fan fiction, but there is always at least the potential for canon info with these novels ~ which are written with the authority of capcom staff, although I admit, the depth of in-house production with these novels is unknown to me. I am currently looking for Novel B, but I would certainly give up my search if I were proved it no more authorative than Ms {thanks Chimera!} Perry's or Mr. Anderson's works, which are canon non-starters, no matter what info they contain.