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Movie References in the Biohazard Series

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We all know BH has been inspired in some way by movies (books, songs and other media too, but this thread is about the movies). I wanted to ask the community for a long time to share what movies they think, or they know for sure that have inspired in some way or another the BH series.

The developers have referenced many movies in the past, on interviews or the guide books, but it'd be impossible -or at least really, really hard- for one person to know all said references, even more if one hasn't seen all the movies. I have a rather hefty list already which I'd like to turn into an editorial at some point. I know that Welsh and Chimera had already been talking about this subject, but I wanted to ask more openly in order to discuss in much more detail whether certain movie can be included or not in the list.

I'll update this post whenever someone adds a movie we all think has enough weight to consider it as a reference for the developers.


  1. Sweet Home (1989) (『スイートホーム』): MAXIMUM The Video Game Magazine #003 Jan 1996 Pg130, Prologue of Terrors.
  2. Jaws (1975) (『ジョーズ』): Electronic Gaming Monthly #080 Mar 1996 Pg60, FAMITSU. Resident Evil 2: New In-Depth Interview! October 1997, Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, The True Story Behind Biohazard, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  3. Alien (1979) (『エイリアン』): Electronic Gaming Monthly #080 Mar 1996 Pg60, Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, BH2, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Prologue of Terrors.
  4. Aliens (1986) (『エイリアン2』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Digital Trends - Resident Evil 6 director Eiichiro Sasaki talks terror, tension and tie-ins.
  5. Alien 3 (1992) (『エイリアン3』): *
  6. Alien: Resurrection (1997) (『エイリアン4』): BH CV. (The Alien Series: Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 final edition.)
  7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (『エルム街の悪夢』): Electronic Gaming Monthly #080 Mar 1996 Pg61.
  8. Dawn Of The Dead (1978) (『ゾンビ』): Unknown source interview, GamePro #113 Feb 1998 Pg42, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Prologue of Terrors.
  9. Day of the Dead (1985) (『死霊のえじき』): GamePro #113 Feb 1998 Pg42, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Prologue of Terrors.
  10. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (『ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビングデッド』): FAMITSU. Resident Evil 2: New In-Depth Interview! October 1997, Resident Evil: The Official Comic Book Magazine #1, BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game, The True Story Behind Biohazard, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Prologue of Terrors.
  11. Night of the Living Dead (1990) (『ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビングデッド/死霊創世紀』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak, Prologue of Terrors, BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game.
  12. The Evil Dead (1981) (『死霊のはらわた』): FAMITSU. Resident Evil 2: New In-Depth Interview! October 1997, Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, GamePro #113 Feb 1998 Pg42, BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game , RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Prologue of Terrors.
  13. Evil Dead II (1987) (『死霊のはらわたII』): Prologue of Terrors.
  14. Army of Darkness (1992) (『キャプテン・スーパーマーケット』): * (The Evil Dead Series: Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide)
  15. The Birds (1963) (『鳥』): Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, BH2 (Train "Galaxie-5000"), RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  16. The Terminator (1984) (『ターミネーター』): Prologue of Terrors.
  17. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) (『ターミネーター2』): Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, RE CV (Opening), RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  18. Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines (2003) (『ターミネーター3』): BH Degeneration (Opening).
  19. Predator (1987) (『プレデター』): Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  20. Back to the Future (1985) (『バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  21. Back to the Future Part II (1989) (『バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー PART2』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  22. Back to the Future Part III (1990) (『バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー PART3』): BH3 (Photo).
  23. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) (『フォー・ウェディング』): BH3 (Photo).
  24. Benny & Joon (1993) (『妹の恋人』): BH3 (Photo)
  25. Speed (1994) (『スピード』): BH3 (Background).
  26. The Plague of the Zombies (1966) (『吸血ゾンビ』): bh.
  27. The Fly (1986) (『ザ・フライ』): BH, BH3.
  28. The Fly II (1989) (『ザ・フライ2 二世誕生』): bh0 (Elevator Scene).
  29. The Thing (1982) (『遊星からの物体X』): BH CV, bh4 (Colmillos), BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game.
  30. They Live (1988) (『ゼイリブ』): BH3 (Opening).
  31. RocoCop (1987) (『ロボコップ』): BH2 (RPD Design).
  32. RoboCop 2 (1990) (『ロボコップ2』): *
  33. RoboCop 3 (1993) (『ロボコップ3』): BH2 (Meeting Room Design), bh (Samurai Edge, Badge), BH CV (Chris vs wesker fight).
  34. Black Hawk Down (2001) (『ブラックホーク・ダウン』): IGN BH5 Announcement.
  35. Moonraker (1979) (『007 ムーンレイカー』): BH5 (Progenitor Flower). (007 Series: RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, Electronic Game Monthly #121 Aug 1999 Pg122)
  36. Braindead (1992) (『ブレインデッド』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  37. The Return of the Living Dead (1985) (『バタリアン』): BH3 (Opening), UK Official PlayStation 2 Magazine #004 Feb 2001, Prologue of Terrors.
  38. Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988) (『バタリアン2』): Prologue of Terrors.
  39. Return of the Living Dead III (1993) (『バタリアン リターンズ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  40. Alligator (1980) (『アリゲーター』): BH2 (Alligator), BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game, RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  41. Tarantula (1955) (『世紀の怪物/タランチュラの襲撃』): BioHazard 2 Official Guide for Arrange Game.
  42. Face/Off (1997) (『フェイス/オフ』): UK Official PlayStation 2 Magazine #004 Feb 2001 (A sequence from the ending was considered but discarded before production.)
  43. Outbreak (1995) (『アウトブレイク』): BH Outbreak.
  44. The Exorcist (1973) (『エクソシスト』): Another Side of Biohazard.
  45. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) (『悪魔のいけにえ』): bh4 (Dr. Salvador).
  46. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) (『テキサス・チェーンソー』): *
  47. Psycho (1960) (『サイコ』): Another Side of Biohazard, Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  48. Jurassic Park (1993) (『ジュラシック・パーク 』): *
  49. X2 (2003) (『X-MEN2』): BH5 (Wesker's Fast Movement Effect).
  50. From Beyond (1986) (『フロム・ビヨンド』): BH2 (G-Imago).
  51. The Matrix (1999) (『マトリックス』): Devil May Cry Graphic Edition (bh4 Early Concept for Leon).
  52. Frankenstein (1994) (『フランケンシュタイン』): bh4 (Bitorez Mendez).
  53. Nikita (1990) (『ニキータ』): bh4 (Ada's and Wesker's Design, relation Wesker/Ada - Bob/Nikita) BH UC (Ada's M93R).
  54. Species (1995) (『スピーシーズ 種の起源』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  55. Anaconda (1997) (『アナコンダ』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  56. Bug (1975) (『燃える昆虫軍団』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, BH2 (Cockroaches Design).
  57. Desperado (1995) (『デスペラード』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  58. The Dirty Dozen (1967) (『特攻大作戦』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  59. A Better Tomorrow (1986) (『男たちの挽歌』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  60. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) (『フロム・ダスク・ティル・ドーン』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-.
  61. The Killer (1989) (『狼/男たちの挽歌・最終章』): bh4 (Leon's Alternate Costume).
  62. The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) (『リトル・ショップ・オブ・ホラーズ』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, BH (Plant 42 Design).
  63. Little Shop of Horrors (1986) (『リトル・ショップ・オブ・ホラーズ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  64. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) (『インディ・ジョーンズ/魔宮の伝説』): bh4 (Mine section).
  65. Tremors (1990) (『トレマーズ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  66. The Haunting (1999) (『ホーンティング』): *
  67. Titanic (1997) (『タイタニック』): BH CV (Steve Design, Alexia Costume).
  68. Mission Impossible II (2000) (『ミッション:インポッシブル2』): bh4 (Ada's Explosive Glasses).
  69. La Noche del Terror Ciego (1971) (『エル・ゾンビ I 死霊騎士団の覚醒』): bh4.
  70. El Ataque de los Muertos sin Ojos (1973) (『エル・ゾンビ II 死霊復活祭』): bh4.
  71. El Buque Maldito (1974) (『エル・ゾンビ III 死霊船大虐殺』): bh4.
  72. La Noche de las Gaviotas (1975) (『エル・ゾンビ IV 呪われた死霊海岸』): bh4.
  73. Dagon (2001) (『ダゴン』): bh4.
  74. Labyrinth (1986) (『ラビリンス /魔王の迷宮』): bh4.
  75. The Shining (1980) (『シャイニング』): Prologue of Terrors.
  76. Leon: The Professional (1994) (『レオン』): BH3 (Sherry's Epilogue), RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition- Pg41.
  77. Zeiram (1991) (『ゼイラム』): BH1.5.
  78. Hellraiser (1987) (『ヘル・レイザー』): BH3.
  79. The Jungle Book (1967) (『ジャングル・ブック』): Wesker's Voice by Richard Vaugh inspired by Shere Khan.
  80. Kamen Rider ZO (1993) (『仮面ライダーZO』): BH2.
  81. The Mexican (2001) (『ザ・メキシカン』): bh (Chris Alternate Costume).
  82. Mimic (1997) (『ミミック』): bh4.
  83. Dune (1984) (『デューン/砂の惑星』): BH3, BH CV.
  84. The Dead Next Door (1989) (『新・死霊のはらわた』): Prologue of Terrors.
  85. Dead Heat (1988) (『ゾンビコップ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  86. Maniac Cop (1988) (『マニアック・コップ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  87. Maniac Cop 2 (1990) (『マニアック・コップ2』): Calico, Shooting Range BH1.5.
  88. The Raven (1963) (『忍者と悪女』): Prologue of Terrors.
  89. Cujo (1983) (『クジョー』): Prologue of Terrors.
  90. Dead & Buried (1981) (『ゾンゲリア』): Prologue of Terrors.
  91. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) (『ポルターガイスト2』): Prologue of Terrors.
  92. Critters (1986) (『クリッター』): Prologue of Terrors.
  93. Zombie 3 (1988) (『サンゲリア2』): Prologue of Terrors.
  94. The Amityville Horror (1979) (『悪魔の棲む家』): Prologue of Terrors.
  95. The Gorgon (1964) (『妖女ゴーゴン』): Prologue of Terrors.
  96. Friday The 13th (1980) (『13日の金曜日』): Prologue of Terrors.
  97. Monster in the Closet (1986) (『モンスター・イン・ザ・クローゼット/暗闇の悪魔』): Prologue of Terrors.
  98. The Crazies (1973) (『ザ・クレイジーズ/細菌兵器の恐怖』): Prologue of Terrors.
  99. The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) (『モロー博士の島』): Prologue of Terrors.
  100. Syngenor (1990) (『シンジェノア』): Prologue of Terrors.
  101. Gremlins (1984) (『グレムリン』): Prologue of Terrors.
  102. The Blob (1988) (『ブロブ/宇宙からの不明物体』): Prologue of Terrors.
  103. The Day of the Triffids (1962) (『人類SOS!』): Prologue of Terrors.
  104. The Swarm (1978) (『スウォーム』): Prologue of Terrors.
  105. The Savage Bees (1976) (『キラー・ビー』): Prologue of Terrors.
  106. Nosferatu (1922) (『吸血鬼ノスフェラトゥ』): Prologue of Terrors.
  107. Humanoids from the Deep (1980) (『モンスター・パニック 』): Prologue of Terrors.
  108. The Vindicator (1986) (『悪魔の改造人間』): Prologue of Terrors.
  109. Rattlers (1976) (『恐怖!蛇地獄』): Prologue of Terrors.
  110. Calamity of Snakes (1982) (『人蛇大戦・蛇』): Prologue of Terrors.
  111. Future-Kill (1984) (『フューチャー・キル』): Prologue of Terrors.
  112. The Fly (1958) (『蝿男の恐怖』): Prologue of Terrors.
  113. Joe's Apartment (1996) (『ジョーズ・アパートメント』): Prologue of Terrors.
  114. The Nest (1987) (『ザ・ネスト』): Prologue of Terrors.
  115. Akira (1988) (『AKIRA』): *
  116. El Dorado (1966) (『エル・ドラド』): BH DSC (Steve's Western Costume).
  117. Tombstone (1993) (『トゥームストーン』): BH DSC (Chris' Sheriff Costume).
  118. Fight Club (1999) (『ファイト・クラブ』): BH DSC (Leon's Biker Costume).
  119. Miami Vice (2006) (『マイアミ・バイス』): BH DSC (Leon and Krauser's Detective Costumes).
  120. Dreamcatchers (2003) (『ドリームキャッチャー』): BH Outbreak File #2 (Run Like The Linda Command Center Cutscene).
  121. Lost Souls (2000) (『ロスト・ソウルズ 』): BH3.5.
  122. Genocyber (1993) (『ジェノサイバー 虚界の魔獣』): bh4.
  123. Resident Evil (2002) (『バイオハザード』): BH UC (Laser Corridor, Red Queen).
  124. 28 Days Later... (2002) (『28日後...』): BH6.
  125. Pet Sematary (1989) (『ペット・セマタリー』): Prologue of Terrors.
  126. Arachnophobia (1990) (『アラクノフォビア』): Prologue of Terrors.
  127. Earth vs. the Spider (1958) (『吸血原子蜘蛛』): Prologue of Terrors.
  128. The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) (『バスカヴィル家の犬』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  129. Countess Dracula (1971) (『鮮血の処女狩り』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  130. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964) (『怪奇ミイラ男』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  131. Dracula (1931) (『魔人ドラキュラ』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  132. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974) (『フランケンシュタインと地獄の怪物』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  133. Frankenstein (1931) (『フランケンシュタイン』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak.
  134. Live and Let Die (1978) (『007 死ぬのは奴らだ』): Found as a poster on a texture from Outbreak's J's Bar.
  135. You Only Live Twice (1967) (『007は二度死ぬ』): Found as two posters on a texture from Outbreak's J's Bar.
  136. Drive (1997) (『ドライブ 破壊王』): BH5 (Wesker's throwing his glasses).
  137. Night of the Creeps (1986) (『クリープス』): bh0.
  138. The Crow (1994) (『クロウ/飛翔伝説』): BH4D (Opening Sequence).
  139. Battle Royale (2000) (『バトル・ロワイアル』): BH CV (Steve's Prisoner Necklace).
  140. Ring (1998) (『リング』): BH CV (Alexia's hair in her first form).
  141. Commando (1985) (『コマンドー』): bh4 (Krauser vs Leon Knife Fight).
  142. Horror Express (1976) (『ゾンビ特急“地獄”行』): bh0 (Marcus' Design, Ecliptic Express Design).
  143. Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) (『吸血怪獣ヒルゴンの猛襲』): BH Outbreak.
  144. The Poseidon Adventure (1972) (『ポセイドン・アドベンチャー』) / Poseidon (2006) (『ポセイドン』): BH Revelations.
  145. The French Connection (1971) (『フレンチ・コネクション』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition- Pg41.
  146. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) (『ジョン・カーペンターの要塞警察』): BH1.5, BH2 (RPD and game flow).
  147. Misery (1990) (『ミザリー』): biohazard (Royal 10 Typewriter).
  148. Jacob's Ladder (1990) (『ジェイコブス・ラダー』): biohazard 3.5.
  149. Zombie Nightmare (1987) (『ゾンビナイトメア』): BH2 (Brian Irons attire).
  150. In the Heat of the Night (1967) (『夜の大捜査線』): BH2 Opening.
  151. The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) (『コードネームはファルコン』): Biohazard Revelations.
  152. After Hours (1985) (『アフター・アワーズ』): BH2 Dinner.
  153. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) (『ショーシャンクの空に』): BH3 Beta Opening Image.
  154. Sudden Impact (1983) (『ダーティハリー4』): bh4 (Description of the Broken Butterfly "Go ahead make my day / This will make anyone's day").
  155. Spy Hard (1996) (『スパイ・ハード』): BH3 ("Unfortunate Event" theme resembles to the music during the bus chase).
  156. Dead Of Night (1945)
  157. The Old Dark House (1963)
  158. Gymkata (1985)


  1. Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983) (マイケル・ジャクソンが『スリラー』): *
  2. The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1998) (『おまかせアレックス』): BH3 (Photo).
  3. California Dreams (1992-1997) (『カリフォルニア・ドリーム』): BH3 (Photo).
  4. X-Files S08E08 "Surekill" (1993-2008) (『X-ファイル』S08E08 "透視"): bh4 ("Infiltration" theme resembles to the music before the opening).
  5. 24 (2001-2010) (『24 -TWENTY FOUR-』): bh DEGENERATION.
  6. La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) (『ニキータ』): BH UC (Wesker's Design).
  7. Tales From the Darkside S03E11: "Season of Belief", S04E04: "The Moth" (1983-1988) (『フロム・ザ・ダークサイド』信念の四季』蛾』): Prologue of Terrors, BH CV, BH2.
  8. Kaiki S.R.I. / Operation: Mystery! S01E02: "Flesh Eating Moth" (1967-1968) (『怪奇大作戦』『人喰い蛾』): Prologue of Terrors.
  9. Kamen Rider (1971) (『仮面ライダー』): Prologue of Terrors.
  10. Heroes (TV Series 2006–2010) HEROES (テレビドラマ): BH6 (Resident Evil 6 Developer Interview: Ada Wong and Agent Hunt)

Discarded - Coincidences:

  1. Dragon Ball EP45: "Danger in the Air" (1986-1989) (『ドラゴンボール』『気をつけろ!空中の罠』): BH (Jill beta costume). Mr. Oishi, designer of Bio1 characters, has confirmed he had never seen the image of Husky before, hence he didn't  base his design in her in any way.
  2. The Keep (1983) (『ザ・キープ』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, BH2 (Tyrant-103 Design). Mr. Shimogama has confirmed he draw no inspiration from this movie when he designed the Tyrant-103.
  3. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991) (『ハーレーダビッドソン&マルボロマン』): RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-, BH2 (Tyrant-103 Design). Mr. Shimogama has confirmed he draw no inspiration from this movie when he designed the Tyrant-103.


Q01 wrote:
Video Games: Did you orient yourselves on horror movies?

Miyamoto: Most definitely. You can recognize that by looking at the camera work alone. We were fascinated by the atmosphere in Western horror movies. This is why we made the Japanese version use the English language. It also sounds cooler that way. Furthermore, it was easier technically to synchronize the voice overs and the images.

Video Games #?? Jun 1996 Pg 16. Miyamoto was Mikami's mispelled name.

Q02 wrote:
-- Do you like horror movie?

Kobayashi: No, I don't watch horror movie, too scary. I don't even go in to haunted house, but I like roller coaster kind of scary.

I'm OK with biohazard, maybe because I know what is going to happen. I don't like horror stuff but I try to watch that kind of movie or TV-show because it is part of my job. I always think about how we can use the different kind of directions from movies in the game.

Mikami: I always thought the 2nd movie with the same director is no good.


Q03 wrote:
Famitsu: Let's talk about zombie movies. There's George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead and Sam Raimie's Evil Dead (known as Zombie Guts in Japan -Jim). Any influences?

Mikami: Among those, Romero's movies are the most scary, because zombies resemble humans so much. I also wanted to have some refreshing scenes just like the last scene in Jaws.

FAMITSU. Resident Evil 2: New In-Depth Interview! October 1997.

Q04 wrote:
GFB: What inspiration did you draw from the grotesque mutation sequences (when the police turns into the monster and the creature bursting from characters' chests)? What are your favourite movies and did these influence your creativity?

SM: I drew inspiration from "Aliens" series. (I really like them). Also, I am a fan of Romero's "Zombie", Spielberg's "JAWS" and the Alfred Htichcock. I think they influence my work.

GameFan Book's Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide

Q05 wrote:
GFB: The weapons of R.E.2 are gruesomely spectacular! Where did you go for inspiration on some of these more powerful weapons (such as Terminator 2 or Predator for the Mini-gun)?

SM: You're right! (regarding the Mini-gun!)

GameFan Book's Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide

Q06 wrote:
GFB: What video-game developers do you admire the most? What other people in the entertainment industry do you admire? How about Bruce Campbell and the Sam Raimi Ecil Dead movies? How popular are these type of 'cult' movies in Japan?

SM: Personally, I am extremely fond of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series. "Horror Moves" are well accepted in Japan too.

GameFan Book's Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide

Q07 wrote:
GP: In previous interviews it's been said that the horror movie Zombie influenced the first Resident Evil game. Have any other movies had an influence on RE2, such as The Evil Dead or Day of the Dead?

SM: No, RE2 was not influenced by any movie. Rather, it was shaped by player feedback about the first RE and ideas presented by our development staff. The basic concept for Resident Evil was inspired by Capcom's old 8-bit game Sweet Home. The game had a horror theme, a limitation as to the number of items you could carry, and a lot of traps. All of this is incorporated in RE2.

GamePro #113 Feb 1998 Pg42

Q08 wrote:
WS: How did you decide on using zombies as the enemies?

Mikami: I may have been inspired by the zombies in George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, which I used to watch when I was in junior high. In the movie, the zombies are walking human corpses that live on human flesh. It's scary because the zombies will attack you for no other reason than to eat your flesh. The gruesomeness of the deaths made one viewer involuntarily scream, "Don't come near me!"

Resident Evil: The Official Comic Book Magazine #1

Q09 wrote:
Q: What ideas did you have during the first six-month [development] period [of Biohazard]?

SM: Well, I really wanted to create a frightening game, like a horror movie. I thought that ghost stories and exorcist-type games would become popular here in Japan over the next couple of years, but I wanted to do a really scary game. Not ghosts or crap like that, but real mosnters that you could see that would come and attack. You know, like Jaws or Alien, where there would be these god-awful monsters coming and attacking and scaring the hell out of you.

Q: I see... were you influenced by any other movies besides Jaws and Aliens?

SM: You know how sometimes you watch a horror movie and you think, "If that was me, what would I do in this situation?"

Q: Sure...

SM: In a movie, the main character doesn't do exactly what you would do. But if it's a game, the main chracter does do what you want him/her to do. So, what I really wanted to do was make a horror movie where you could become the main character and experience all the fear and you could decide what to do. I was aiming for the type of horror entertainment that is not possible in the form of a movie."

Electronic Gaming Monthly #080 Mar 1996 Pg60

Q10 wrote:
Q: What's the bloodiest part of the game?

SM: There's an enemy named "Hunter." He has intense [finger]nails like in Nightmare on Elm Street. There's a scene where he uses the nails to cut off a guy's head. It's totally intense. There's also a scene where a Zombie gets his head blown off--with blood and brains everywhere, like a watermelon.

Electronic Gaming Monthly #080 Mar 1996 Pg61

Q11 wrote:
GP: What was your inspiration for the game?

Mikami: My main inspiration was Zombie, a famous Italian horror movie. When I saw the movie, I was dissatisfied with some of the plot twists and action sequences. I though, 'if I was making this movie, I'd do this or that differently.' I thought it would be cool to make my own horror movie, but we went one better by making a video game that captures the same sense of terror. I want Resident Evil to give the player the feeling that he's the main character in a horror movie.

GamePro #091 Apr 1996 Pg33

Q12 wrote:
Ayumi Saito: But I think Resident Evil 2 is different from the original Resident Evil that Mr. Mikami directed. This time, I felt more of Mr. Kamiya's color in it.

Kamiya: Yes, the original Resident Evil is more orthodox horror, in Resident Evil 2, I put the atmosphere of action movie. It appeals to more people and showy. Also, I always like the entertaining Hollywood movie style, so it is simply what I wanted.

Ayumi Saito: I heard you don't like horror moves.

Kamiya: No, I don't.. *laugh* When I was in the original Resident Evil development team, Mr. Mikami wrote 30 to 40 movie titles on the paper and gave it to me, he said "Go check those movies." He is a horror maniac since he was young, I don't like horror stuff, I always like action kind of movie.

But I had to check those movies, so I watched "Down of the dead" at home, it made me really depressed.

Ayumi Saito: It is a zombie movie right?

Kamiya: Yes, it was different from what I usually watch, not like "Hollywood happy ending movie" and made me feel bad. I think it was a good experience because it shocked me.

And other brutal movies.... I hate it, I can't understand the blood and meat...

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q13 wrote:
--: Is it impossible to create one totally new stage for other character [with the Zapping System]?

Kamiya: I can say it is almost impossible....

In the movie "Back to the future", the 2nd was kind of another side story of 1st movie, when I saw the movie, it made me more understanding of 1st movie and I wanted to do that. But Resident Evil 2 is a game, not a movie. It was hard to create everything to match the real world.

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q14 wrote:
--: Some people said the original Resident Evil is scary but Resident Evil 2 is not. For example, like the movie Alien 1 and 2. 2 is entertainment but not scary. What do you think about that?

Kamiya: Well, in the original Resident Evil, even just zombie is walking is scary. But that doesn't work anymore. So, I thought it is OK to show different color, just like Alien. Alien 2 has more entertaining color, Resident Evil 2 too and I thought I just go to the king of the sequel. I understand people said like that. Original Resident Evil is dark fear game and Resident Evil 2 is more like positive fear game and maybe the difficulty of the game made people think so, but concept was changed a little. In original Resident Evil, we set difficulty level of the game high, but some of the users said "too hard" or "Can't beat the game". We need to re-considered the difficulty of the game to be appealing for new users.

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q15 wrote:
-- How you think about the story goes?

Okamoto: It's like "007" series. There is a ultimate bad guy and the game characters catch the little piece of bad tails. Resident Evil or Resident Evil 2 is only a piece of the huge story.

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q16 wrote:
-- You already had a idea from original Resident Evil?

Okamoto: NO *Laugh* When we started to plan 1.5, I told the development team "You guys think just make after story of original Resident Evil, and make another after story of Resident Evil 2, NO, that is WRONG." I told them we have to create whole world and show people the original one is this piece of story and 2 is another piece of story.

-- It is like Gundam series.

Okamoto: Yes, exactly. First, create whole world and never step out of it. So, it is OK to change the director.

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q17 wrote:
-- You don't think you'll make Resident Evil 3?

Mikami: I don't know. If I do, I will make the series finish on Resident Evil 3, if I made Resident Evil 2, I think I would have made it finished. The fear is a stimulation, when people get use to it, it is not scary anymore. A horror movie is the same way, first, people scared of everything but after that, everybody got use to orthodox horror and comedy horror started, finally horror movie went to "Brain dead" kind of brutal movie. I thought it is the end of horror movie history.

Research on Biohazard 2 final edition

Q18 wrote:
WS: What are your influences? Movies? Books? Magazines? Music?

Mikami: I watch about 50 movies every year; I've watched most of the movies featuring zombies. I read fantasy novels, like Guin Saga. I listen to classical music, like Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20, and jazz, like Bud Powell's "Dream of Cleopatra." I enjoy video games, too, like The Legend of Zelda.

Resident Evil: The Official Comic Book Magazine #3

Q19 wrote:
"There's no end yet," Flagship's Okamoto told us. "We'll keep focusing on the horror, the fear. And if it's popular, it keeps going and going and going. If it's not popular, it's gone. I'm trying to make it like the James Bond 007 movies, where there are a lot of sequels and no end. I want Resident Evil to be like that."

Electronic Game Monthly #121 Aug 1999 Pg122. Refering to the end of the Biohazard series.

Q20 wrote:
OPSM2: Resi's CG movie sequences have also improved. What's your approach to creating these scenes and what challenges are involved?

Mikami: Keeping the balance is challenging. If we focus too much on the storyline, visuals can look boring. On the other hand, too much focus on the visuals can be at the expense of the story. For Code Veronica's opening, I ripped out the scenario pages when I first read them. I thought it wouldn't work visually and would be boring-I wanted another story. The new version's a little John Woo-style now isn't it? Originally we used three cuts of the final scene from Face/Off but it was just too much [Laughs].

UK Official PlayStation 2 Magazine #004 Feb 2001

Q21 wrote:
OPSM2: What's your view on modern horror movies - was the golden age back in the Eighties? Are there any recent examples you like, or are games the best medium to scare audiences?

Mikami: I thought there were too many horror movies in the eighties, the market was flooded. It's like taking medicine. The more you take, the less effect it has and you then need a strongerone. If the strength stays the same, people start to get bored. So the genre just died. Perhaps Return Of The Living Dead made a small impact snd brought horror back. Braindead did as well. But now the style has changed completly to movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Games are getting better at expressing horror, so perhaps we can take over the genre, but we need more talented producers or directors to create games.

UK Official PlayStation 2 Magazine #004

Q22 wrote:
-- Why did you use zombies instead of ghosts?

Mikami: When I had planned to make Biohazard, I was going to use ghosts, but if some other company makes a horror game, they will use ghosts too, and I didn't want to be one of them. Also I remembered the movie 'The Exorcist' I watched when I was in elementary school. I only remember it left me with a bad taste. If we are making a movie that is okay, but a game has to offer tension and release.

Players can feel the zombie getting close and taste the fear and panicking like 'I don't have enough ammo!' and finally kill...relief and continue the game. That was the kind of game flow that was in my mind, only the zombie walks up to you creating a feeling of fear. Players know the zombie is going to bite them and the human instinct is to run away from creepy things.

Another Side of Biohazard

Q23 wrote:
Mikami: (...) In Biohazard, I didn't put so much 'surprise' essence, I learned from the movie 'Psycho' about it, you don't have to make the whole game about shocking scenes, just put some important symbolic scenes and inside the player's mind to expand the fear.

Another Side of Biohazard

Q24 wrote:
Jun Takeuchi: In the game, the traits of the military and police forces are mixed together in a single team, which I wanted to show as a unique police force. In two words; be realistic. I consider that to have characters that are 'cool' and 'realistic' come across well on the screen.

Usually, all the uniforms resemble each other but I wanted to show the personality of the characters through their uniform. This is done in old war films, where the headstrong carry distinctive signs on their uniforms in order to emphasize their personality. Each uniform expresses itself in a different manner; for the female characters, it emphasizes the shape of their bodies and makes them seem faintly sexy. For the men it is better to show their savageness, thanks to a big knife for example. The players see this knife and think; 'Woah! This guy has a big knife, he must be dangerous!' I modified the design of all the uniforms so that the players feel the personality of the characters thanks to their mode of dress.

Birth of Biohazard (VHS tape)

Q25 wrote:
Mikami: We had 100 or 200 ideas for the game title, and I wanted to name it 'Psycho' which was kind of a short title. But one of the background staff came up with a name that matched the story, so we decided to name the game 'Biohazard'.

Another Side of Biohazard

Q26 wrote:
SHINJI MIKAMI: I wondered how to enrich the world of video gaming. To express the anxiety, I am myself concentrating on the enemies and I created a universe around them. There were many games resembling Urban Legend or Ghost Story at this point in time and I wanted make my own mark on them by creating a fear never again achieved by other games. I wanted to express easily the understandable anxiety of the pain caused by the attack of a dog. My principal objective was to create attacks by enemies that actually existed.

Birth of Biohazard (VHS tape)

Q27 wrote:
SHINJI MIKAMI: I wanted to create an atmosphere like Jaws, where the player was in danger but dealing with it, something like "eat this motherfucker", and pull the triger to get through the enemies.

The True Story Behind Biohazard

Q28 wrote:
SHINJI MIKAMI: As I thought what enemies would I use, I came to the conclusion that they would undoubtedly be zombies. Thinking about it now, it could have been due to the deep impresion George Romero's zombies gave me when I was in Junior High.

The True Story Behind Biohazard

Q29 wrote:
SHINJI MIKAMI: The player in BIO HAZARD is not like the main character from a horror movie that would freeze due to the fear. The difference between a movie and the game, is that in the game the character is in the hands of the player. I like horror movies but I never thought on being the leading character in one of them.

The True Story Behind Biohazard

Q30 wrote:
SHINJI MIKAMI: [Dewey] was a tall afroamerican guy. He would not appear from start in the game, we wanted him to be unlockeable and be available once the player finished their playthrough with Chris and Jill.

He was like a joker. A momentary relief with his crazy humor. You could say he was like BIO HAZARD's Eddy Murphy. We planned it like that to offer the player a little breath of air once overwelmed with horror, but we didn't have enough time to implement him. I think someone like him was too much to ask for.

The True Story Behind Biohazard

Q30 wrote:
Kojima-san: By giving the players so much freedom, we create problems directing the action.

Mikami-san: On a different note, I think you're good at blending elements of humor and drama in your games. It's like a horror film director building tension through a shower scene. We're [Capcom] not very good at that. 

HyperPS Magazine #?? June 2001

Q31 wrote:
Q: I thought the airport was very realistic but did you use an actual airport as a model?

A: Originally we were thinking of an airport in one of the western part of the States but the director had an image of the airport that appears in the drama “24” so we went to the States to do some research. However, since the story takes place in 2005 at an industrial city with a population of 100 thousand people, we had to design cars, airplanes, and buildings that would match the setting. Also, there were copyright issues so we had to create original designs for everything including weapons. We spend some time creating the overall atmosphere. 


Q32 wrote:
Q: Resident Evil was based on Sweet Home, was it not?

Okamoto: Yeah. Once the Playstation was released, conversation turned towards the idea of launching an original franchise. The basic premise was that I’d be able to do the things that I wasn’t able to include in Sweet Home. It was mainly on the graphics front that my frustration had been building up. I was also confident that horror games could become a genre in themselves.

GlitterBerri - The Man Who Made Ghosts’n Goblins

Q33 wrote:
Q16) I've heard that you also wrote the "Hookman" version of BIO4. Can you elaborate on the outline of the scenario and how complete it was before the game was canceled?

Kawamura: Hookman was merely an experiment and there was no true back-story. I wanted to make biohazard 4 scarier and suggested using a particular scene from the film "The Lost Souls", where the main character (played by Winona Ryder), while washing her hands in a bathroom, suddenly finds herself in a derelict building with a killer on the loose. An arranged version of this idea eventually turned into Hookman.

Project Umbrella's Exclusive Interview.

Q34 wrote:
"When the shark has the oxygen tank in his mouth and the main characters shoots to make it explode, it's a very exciting scene," he says. "Many elements from such films have been included in Bio Hazard." He isn't just referring to the obvious giant alligator scene of Resident Evil 2, either. Even details such as seemingly minor as the way the zombie's heads explode can be traced back to inspiration from specific cinematic moments.

Shinji Mikami; Edge UK #74 Aug 1999

Q35 wrote:
Q: The Resident Evil series and its graphic violence has often considered to be one of the grossest game series there is. Where did you draw inspiration for the exceedingly graphic horrors displayed in Resident Evil 6?

Takano: Well, we obviously draw inspiration from manga and horror movies, which we consume in copious quantities. But, what we do in Resident Evil 6 isn't simply aiming to be as gross or disgusting as possible. All effects have to fit into the established game series history and support it.

GameReactor - Resident Evil 6: The Interviews

Q36 wrote:
Q: What were some of the cinematic influences for Resident Evil 6?

Eiichiro Sasaki: There were a lot of cinematic influences in Resident Evil 6, but the most specific one I can point to is for Chris’ campaign. The real influence for that comes from the movie Aliens. If you think about that movie, you have this group of people who trained really hard and they start from a position of confidence and security, but as they get more and more involved in the situation it gets worse and worse and members of their team get picked off one by one. Well, the same thing happens to Chris. And as the situation progresses for him, things get worse and worse, until in the end it’s just him and Piers that are left to fight the menace that faces them. I think this type of experience, this kind of terror that you feel from seeing teammates fall one by one, is something that you can only feel from playing Chris’ campaign.

Digital Trends - Resident Evil 6 director Eiichiro Sasaki talks terror, tension and tie-ins

Q37 wrote:
GC: How much have you looked at Western-made third person shooters for inspiration in Resident Evil 6? Was there ever any thought to use a Western developer for the game?

YH: We have been inspired by the many Western games, movies and TV shows that we've seen, but I couldn't point to any one in particular. As for using a Western developer, that idea was never on the table for this project.

Game Central - Resident Evil 6 interview – dramatic changes

Q35 wrote:
Smiley: Were there any specific directions on how to voice the character? Did you have any inspirations to draw from?

Richard: My kids were toddlers at the time and we had been watching a lot of Disney films. As soon as I read Wesker I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have this military-type have a really cultured, chocolaty voice like George Sanders in The Jungle Book. Wesker is basically my version of Shere Khan.

Project Umbrella Exclusive Interview - Richard Vaugh


  • It's said that Yoshiki Okamoto "is really into horror movies, especially George Romero flicks." (EGM 1999 INTERVIEW)
  • To fulfill Capcom's sales plan of two million copies, director Kamiya tried to attract new customers with a more pretentious and Hollywood-like story presentation. ((in Japanese) Devil May Cry Graphic Edition. Kadokawa Shoten. December 2001. ISBN 9784047070714)
  • Hiroyuki Kobayashi Favorite Films: Back to the Future, Terminator 2, Charlie's Angels, and Austin Power's 2 and Kill Bill. (Kobayashi Interview - August 10th 2006)


  • Zombie (1979) (『サンゲリア』): Romero's Dawn of the Dead was released overseas as 'Zombie' (ゾンビ) thing that make the italian movie maker Lucio Fulci name his zombie movie as 'Zombie 2' -aka 'Zombie' in some territories, how confusing- to cash in on Dawn's success. Mikami refers to -ゾンビ- in one interview, but it was a mistake of the translator, since Mikami was refering to the original Dawn instead. Nonetheless it's credited in the next sources: GamePro #091 Apr 1996 0033, Resident Evil 2 Survival Guide, GamePro #113 Feb 1998 Pg42.
  • Mission Impossible II (2000) (『ミッション:インポッシブル2』): It could not have inspired the opening of Code Veronica. The movie was released after the game was published. EDIT - I'll add it to the list due to the great similarity between Ethan and Ada's exploding sunglases. I'd like to make a little research about Ethan's escaping sequence and see if it appears in any Trailer or Promotional Footage. Hopefully it won't be a hell of a coincidence.
  • Dead of Night: A Darkness at Blaisedon (1969) (?): I put this one here due to it being a pilot episode for a TV series that never took of. It goes though in the vein of Sweet Home but it's bad, terrible bad. The main hall's house have a resamble to Alfred's private residence in Rockfort and it also has a picture of the past owner of the house similar to Alexander's, except this one is located above a chimeny. The pilot was aired just one time and it was recorded with some revamped assets of Dark Shadows, another ABC-TV series. It's hihgly unlikely that the DVD were sold in Japan, so, if any inspiration came from this, it might have been from the the Dark Shadows TV series, but again, it's just that unlikely.
  • Pramen života (2000) (?):  Although there's a huge similarity between Spencer's Eugenic Wesker Project and the Nazi Eugenic Race Improvement, and even the Uroboros Project, I could not find anywhere if this movie was even released in Japan. And the Eugenics subject of the film is not something unique to it, you can also read about it on a number of different sources. So, I won't include it in the list even after taking note of all the similarities.
  • High Crimes (2002) (『ハイ・クライムズ』): The movie presents a major similarity to the case of Billy Coen in bh0. A Marine blamed for a crime he didn't commit. But the movie was released on June 15 2002, only five months before the actual release of bh0, giving it a very vague chance of being considered as inspiration almost at the end of the development cicle of the game. I'll leave it here, but remove it from the list due to the odds mentioned.
  • * Movies tagged with a (*) mean I misplaced the reference I had on them, but I'll try to find it eventually.

Note that there might be some movies that have a strong resemblance with some scenes/ideas of some BH titles, but that the development team might have not used during development. It is impossible to know if they influenced directly or not the games, but they were included nonetheless.

Thanks, Ridley. It was a good

Thanks, Ridley. It was a good thing I walked right in on that scene and stayed to watch it til the end. xD

Man, that's some really old obscure stuff. I've long forgotten about the moth in the game. Will have to watch out for him when we reach that part of the game in our rerun. 

The monster/humanoid = hunter?



I'm not quite sure. Prologue

I'm not quite sure. Prologue of Terrors suggests Humanoids from the Deep (1980) and The Vindicator (1986) as influences for the creation of the Licker creature. I haven't seen neither yet, but for what I've found, Humanoids has a couple of gore decapitation scenes, and the monster uses its claws to rip people apart. Maybe that. The Vindicator... I have no clue. I'll watch them and see what influences could there be.

EDIT: The leading character in The Vindicator has his brain exposed although protected by a glass of some sort and huge fucking teeths. Gotta watch this gem.

As I was watching Horror Express (1972) I couldn't stop comparing the relation between both Professor Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) and Doctor Wells (Peter Cushing) to the relationship between Spencer and Marcus. Add to that, that the design of Marcus here might have been inspired by either of the two characters, tall like Christopher Lee's and old with grey hair like Peter Cushing's (In my opinion, Marcus looks a lot like Peter Cushing). The action also occurs in a train, which overall design is similar to the Ecliptic Express. The Dinner cab is almost a 1:1 copy.

Oh hey, a big ass Hunting Rifle, does it rings any bells?

Amazing work Ridley, you are

Amazing work Ridley, you are quite the horror fan I take it :)

Great finds, Ridley! Ridley

Great finds, Ridley!

Ridley wrote:
I'm not quite sure. Prologue of Terrors suggests Humanoids from the Deep (1980) and The Vindicator (1986) as influences for the creation of the Licker creature.

Oh, I see. Could've sworn I saw the likeness of the hunter in the Humanoids poster. But looking for images, I found one that looks like a baby Licker emerging from a body.


I was going through the list and saw MI II for Ada's exploding glasses and suddenly remembered... Maggie Q's red slitted dress in MI III. Could that have possibly inspired Ada's outfit? (Probably crossed with her red qi pao-ish outfit in Balls of Fury.)

Added Rattlers (1976),

Added Rattlers (1976), Calamity of Snakes (1982), Future-Kill (1984) and The Fly (1958) all from the Prologue of Terrors book. Those would be the last movie titles I could squeeze out of it, there are no more. As for Mission Impossible III being the inspiration of Ada's costume, if you mean on bh4 it could not be since the movie is from 2006. But I'll watch it anyway to see if it could have inspired Ada's wardrobe in a more recent game.

More old titles! I'm not

More old titles! I'm not really fond of horror (which is probably strange), but I think it'd be interesting to secure copies of those listed here and have a movie night with the sister. From what I've read, even before they all seemed to be pretty no-holds-barred. 

And yes, I had meant bh4, but I completely forgot to consider the year. :/ But! Yeah, I'll probably go get a copy of that movie, too. I've only seen it once in the cinema and it's been a long time since. 


Dunno if this was posted but

Dunno if this was posted but there are some movie posters in BH3 Backgrounds like Robocop "which I didn't notice at first" ....and the Capcom logo under the RE1 Spencer crest emblem thingie in the Hose pipe alley.

Added The Nest (1987) and

Added The Nest (1987) and Joe's Apartment (1996) from the Prologue of Terrors book. The scan I've got was incomplete, but George was kind enough to send me the pages missing. We've reached the 150 movies and TV shows! Thank you everybody.

EDIT: Don't know how I forgot about Agent Kennedy's favourite movie, The French Connection (1971).

I just watched Hellboy 2:The

I just watched Hellboy 2:The Golden Army, and think that Mr Wink bears a striking resemblance to Ustanak (mainly the whole extendo-arm thing, it's the same hand aswell)

Mr Wink  > Ustanak

Mr Wink  Ustanak


Saw Cujo (1983) yesterday and

Saw Cujo (1983) yesterday and I don't know how could I have let this pass unnoticed before:

The text reads: "Experimentally administering the Clay Virus to various dog breeds was planned. This is a conceptual drawing of a Saint Bernard base."

Are you still planning on

Are you still planning on converting this all into an editorial, Ridley? 

It would make a cracking read.

I've been locating the dvds

I've been locating the dvds of most of these movies if not for the editorial for my personal collection. So yeah, I'd like to do it down the line, but between my study, my job and personal stuff I don't have the time to be around like I used to anymore, if someone has noticed it  haha.

Also, I'd like to snatch a copy of that Special Issue of IG Magazine about Resident Evil, since I think Jerome from Biohazard France was involved and has a huge section about the movies that inspired the series. It would be nice to make something different and unique.

EDIT: I'd like to add a comparison The Selfish Gene made in the Observations thread, similar to the one Manuela made here:

Also, I'm removing the Dragon Ball reference from the list since Welsh asked Mr. Oishi, the designer of BH characters, about whether he used it as an inspiration in any way. The answer was 'No', it was the first time he saw it. Here's the image for comparison anyway:

One hell of a coincidence.

I don't know how much we can

I don't know how much we can depend on Prologue of Terrors though. I asked Mr. Shimogama about a few movie references. He worked as a texture designer on 1, but was a primary artist on 2, along with Mr. Oishi. He designed the Tyrant, G-creature, Ivy, Licker, etc. When I showed him the images from Harley Davidson and the Malboro Man and the Keep he said it was merely a coincidence and it didn't influence his work. How do you want to proceed, Ridley?

Hmm... It'd be easier to make

Hmm... It'd be easier to make a decision if I had a translation of the Prologue of Terrors book instead of just the titles of the movies. For all I know there could be some disclaimer in the book saying they had no involvement with the designers of the game and that all the movies and TV shows listed are considered possible influences. Who knows. There's also the chance that Mr. Shimogama, like other developers in the past, didn't want people think he stole ideas from other people designs and deny these influences. I don't think it's the case though. I'll move The Keep and Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man to the discarded list. I still want to use them, if not as an influence, as an example of how huge these unrelated similarities can be.

This makes me think even more in the comparison between Code Veronica's Opening and Mission Impossible's explosion sequence, as one of these big coincidences.

It's also possible that the

It's also possible that the motocycle suit inspired Elza, though, who was created by Oishi. Shimogama worked on the enemy designs.

Although the typewriter

Although the typewriter featured in differente areas of biohazard, is a Royal 10 similar to the Royal 10 (Serial # X277685 from 1916) novelist Paul Sheldon uses in Misery (1990), the exact version used in the game is a Royal 10 (Serial # S-1635451 from 1933):

Royal 10 (Serial # X277685 from 1916).

Royal 10 (Serial # S-1635451 from 1933).

biohazard 0's Typewriter is a Corona #3 Serial # 439895 from 1921.

Just added The Falcon and the Snowman, as referenced by Quint in REV.

Scorsese's Ney York in After Hours (1985).

Ridley wrote: Yes, it does

Ridley wrote:

Yes, it does feel like if it was inspired in Day of the Dead, although the original image was an edition made over a real photograph. You can see the differences on the characters and the background if you compare the beta and the final images.




I ran into this the other day and thought about above image. It also got me thinking about many of the similarities in The Thing with namely Resident Evil 4...

Hey Omega, A member of the

Hey Omega,

A member of the development team told me that the S.T.A.R.S. photo is based on a picture of bodybuilders. I haven't really looked for it, but it could be from a movie or something Arnold-related.

Can someone explain to me how

Can someone explain to me how are these films connected with Biohazard 4?

  1. La Noche del Terror Ciego (1971) 
  2. El Ataque de los Muertos sin Ojos (1973) 
  3. El Buque Maldito (1974) 
  4. La Noche de las Gaviotas (1975)