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Biohazard 3 Ending

And now we have a rather unfortunate turn of events.

It seems that the President and the federal council have passed judgment over the civilians of Raccoon City.

The President and federal council have ruled the bacillus-terminate operation is the best course of action for this extreme situation and have since, executed it.

Based on that fact, the Raccoon City has been literally wiped off the map.

Current reports have the death toll surpassing the 100,000 mark.

Our hearts go out to those poor civilians of Raccoon City...

Translated by Welsh

Now for a despairing look at the news. The President and Senate have condemned civilians of the deadly viral outbreak by executing the Army's sterilization strategy. As a result, Raccoon City has disappeared off the face of the Earth. The death toll is predicted to reach 100,000 people...

CODE: Veronica Description

Umbrella Medical Paris
Rodrigo Juan Raval, 3rd Security Unit

Translated by Welsh
Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Paris Laboratory
Rodrigo Juan Raval, 3rd Security Unit

RE2 Photos

Translated by Welsh

(Film A)

Code G Human Body Administration Experiment

9/15 15:24

(Film B)

Taken in front of the Arukas clothing store. Became a zombie within 2 hours. He requested aid for discomfort in his stomach and the unpleasant sensation of itch, immediately before losing consciousness.

Ben Bertolucci, Photographer

(Film C)

Development Code: T-103

Wonderful recovery power has been achieved by increasing the vitality of the previous 00 number series.

See PH-X016 For Data

(Film D)

Our promising new face.

(Temporary User Registration Method)

Temporary User Registration for the Culture Laboratory
User Name: "GUEST"
Password: None
Valid for 24 hours



Nice one Welsh, good to see

Nice one Welsh, good to see you back!

Also of note here is the shop name ( a nice tidbit) and a personal infection time of 2 hours. Canonically then we are beginning to establish different zombification times for different people.

A few days for the dudes at the mansion.
2 hours for this guy.
A few seconds for the guard in Degeneration.

It would be interesting to know why this is the case, but its something we can only guess on.

Well for the guard in

Well for the guard in Degeneration...he got bit on the neck and wouldn't that be the case of how it took seconds for him to turn??? I mean look at how all the others got bit  -legs and arms- and they took like minutes or maybe hours for them to turn.  Am I right???

It could depend on how fast

It could depend on how fast their heart is pumpin' or how good their immune system is. Or like zombieKingz stated, how close to the brain the area of infection is.

Yet with Film B, correct me if I'm wrong, the victim was completely mauled. That brings up another question, why did it take 2 hours for the victim in Film B to turn?

The virus affects different

The virus affects different people in different ways, physically. Its the same with normal viruses or diseases.

Neptune wrote: Also of

Neptune wrote:

Also of note here is the shop name ( a nice tidbit)

Arukas was already known about. It's Sakura, backwards, and it appears in the opening section of RE2. It's quite close to Kendo's gunshop.

Other interesting things about the RE2 & RE3 locations:

Quote: Her parents, William

Her parents, William Birkin and Annette, work for Umbrella as researchers. In the midst of the chaos of the biohazard which annihilated Raccoon City, her mother told her to flee to the police station, but the police officers had already turned into zombies.

There was a reason for the woman running away trying to escape in the police station to fear besides zombies. Umbrella had deployed a mass-production model Tyrant to the station to collect the pendant with the G-virus sample given to Sherry to wear around her neck. After losing the pendant Sherry was no longer in danger and successfully escaped from Raccoon City thanks to the efforts of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The woman who had lost her parents was taken into protective custody by U.S. armed forces.

(Investigation Orders) 5/29

(It’s dirtied with blood and you can’t read certain parts.)

In the Arklay Mountains eight miles north of Raccoon City is our company’s management training facility that closed down [twenty] years ago.

At this time, a preliminary enquiry is being conducted to determine if the facility can still be used.

The first team has already arrived at the site to start the investigation, and I want your team to cooperate in their efforts. The following instructions are from William Birkin and Albert [Wesker]…

(…The following page has been torn out.)

(Passenger's Diary) 7/29

July 14

Today, I received orders from my superior.
Looks like we’re in charge of investigating the ruins of the laboratory in the Arklay Mountains.
We’re mobilizing in two teams, with the initial team starting their investigation of what remains of the abandoned specimens.



December 4, [1966]

We finally found it... The new virus!
We have called the new discovery "Progenitor".
I want to bring it back as soon as possible and start a detailed investigation.

March 23, [1967]

My partner Spencer says he‘s going to, “start a company”.
Well, I don’t care, as long as I can research “Progenitor”.
…He can do whatever he likes.



TOP SECRET July 22, 1998 2:13

To the Chief of Security,

X day is approaching. Carry out the following orders promptly within one week.

1.  Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the laboratory and engage them with B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) to obtain actual combat data.

2. Recover two embryos for each mutation type including all species of B.O.W. However, dispose of the Tyrant.

3. The entire Arklay Laboratory including personnel and experimental animals must be disposed of in a manner which will seem accidental.

・ The fifth-generation head of the Ashford family, Edward Ashford, begins his search for the ‘Progenitor virus’.


・ Hunk (later of the Umbrella Special Forces) undergoes military training at the Military Training Facility on Rockfort Island.


▼ May
・ A mimicry Dr. James Marcus appears at the Umbrella Management Training Facility.

The French Government bombs Loire Village same as Raccoon City.

It's a shame that none of

It's a shame that none of the Drama cd's are considered canon. Looking forward to see them translated or at least summarized. That translation from the UC about Raccoon and Joe Kendo is from a file or something? I don't recall reading it before.

I think they would be

I think they would be considered canon if we had a translation. In fact, the following mission from Ada's RE3 epilogue seems to be Loire Village.

I wouldn't have known about them if it wern't for you, George. That's how unknown they are.

Also, I would like to ask your opinions on something.

I started a map of Raccoon City using four sources as a base. However, the outbreak website map shows the less industrialized city of RE2, city guide from archives is similar to the outbreak ingame map, less a few differences, and UC, while appearing more extensive, removes several rivers and completly removes the SW Arklay range.

The color scheme for the forested/park/industrial/residential areas in outbreak web and city guide also differ greatly.

So, I guess the question here is what does everyone want to see?

Street names, outlines of removed areas, different color scheme, etc.

There are differences in every one of the maps and the newer ones seem to go backwards in certain parts... For example, archives seems more complete than the actual ingame map found in outbreak.

This is your opportunity to contribute to the ultimate RC map.

Hey, the Loire village

Hey, the Loire village episode is quite interesting. I always thought that Capcom was planning to make a game out of this location, but sadly, they didn't.....

However, I'm also shocked by the French name given to the team members : Gaston, Jacob or Joel.....WTF?! LOL Those names belong to my grandparents generation, it's just ridiculous! But, nevermind...

It's also interesting to note that this event seems to be some kind of a combination between RE1 and RE2 in terms of plot.

Nice work WelshJ, I'm eager to know more about this Ada drama album.


The thing with Raccoon City

The thing with Raccoon City is that is one messed shit hole. I was working on a similar project some months ago, but unfortunately my hard drive bought a pass to the trash can *sighs*. I restarted working on it a couple of weeks ago, once I managed to forget the loss, but work on it is going slow.

The major problem with mapping Raccoon City is the lack of punctual information on its size. Nonetheless, some details have been retconned in newer titles: The conceptual size of a 'small mid-western city' was changed to just a 'mid-western city' and the population count changed from being 100.000 citizens to being 100.000 deaths of a 100.000+ citizens city -check some BH DC files-. These are actually some pretty cool retcons from Capcom, maybe the only ones.

The are some other inconsistencies between and within the games and related sources, take BH2 and BH3 for example, they contradict each other on the matter of that crashed truck. Another example being in BH2... the fucking Sewage Disposal Plant is on top of the Office City Hall. On BH3 there was a major communication problem between the Graphic Team -particularly the Background Designers- and the Software Team, problem that gave us the BlackJack Bar being called just 'Bar Jack', the Office City Hall just 'City Hall', part of the Raccoon Sewage Disposal Plant being called by the plain name 'Construction Site', a bloody Bakery Store called M&M being turned into the Boutique (!)... and the thing goes on. Then, there comes a problem with the game and the guides, even when they provide us with vital info sometimes written by the developers themselves. In the pre-ordered BH3 guide, they took the liberty to name the streets as they wanted, giving the name of Ennerdale St. to Candem St., Jack St. to Sheryl St., and who knows what other changes. They even changed some streets sizes and added some stupid streets names like Flower St., Good St., Ivy St. or Kiss St. -arrgghhh!-. And the same mistakes passed on from guide to guide.

And even if I love the Outbreak series, I must admit that it sadly has some major fuck ups. The Umbrella Raccoon City Headquarters being on topof J's Bar for example, absolutely retarded. It's a shame that not even the zoo matches its old counterpart.

Regarding the map, sounds like a great idea overall, and just as a observation: Those border lines needto be up-scaled. They are there for informational purpose only, if that scale were right, then Raccoon would be like one and a half mile on size. Sounds like a cool project Welsh, I'd like to hear more about it.

Quote: take BH2 and BH3 for

take BH2 and BH3 for example, they contradict each other on the matter of that crashed truck. Another example being in BH2... the fucking Sewage Disposal Plant is on top of the Office City Hall.

I'm not sure where this came from but I've seen it plastered around quite a few places. There is no shared crashed truck between RE2 and RE3.

Sorry, I expressed myself

Sorry, I expressed myself wrong. I did not mean that the truck seen near the Trolley Station is the same one seen in the intro of BH2... though it kinda sound that way. What I was talking about, was the fact that the truck we saw on BH2 just can't fit in the street as seen on BH3, that's why I say they contradict each other.

I really don't know why the BH3 staff placed a crashed truck near the Trolley Station, it somewhat feels like if they were trying to retcon the place where BH2 starts, by changing the size of the street where it must have came from, to the size of a goddamn alley. Or, they just didn't remembered what the hell they did -and where- in the previous title.

I doubt the truck was

I doubt the truck was intended to be the same one seen in the RE3 intro. The design of the street in RE2 is just too strikingly different from the street the Trolley Station is in. That, and the trucks themselves aren't even the same.

Remember, RE2 takes place on September 29th, RE3 takes place on September 28th. So it can't even be the same truck timeline-wise.

News Bot wrote: Remember,

News Bot wrote:

Remember, RE2 takes place on September 29th, RE3 takes place on September 28th. So it can't even be the same truck timeline-wise.

Nice catch, I forgot about that. Seems like they just fucked up there unintentionally.

Doesn't anyone find it

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that the investigation orders were written by Birkin and Wesker? In the official version it's "William Birkin and First Investigation Unit".

I always assumed Birkin handled the investigation part and Wesker, security. However, it seems the team was composed of soldiers, researchers and engineers. I'd like to know more about it.

For example, did Umbrella send the team to its death knowing the dangers of the biohazard? Did Spencer have a bigger plan in mind?

I still have questions

I still have questions regarding this subject as well, Joel.  I remember going over this in detail on the old PU forum, but apparently we've lost access to that site.  It seems to me that I printed off a few of the more interesting threads, however, so I'll see if I can't dig them up somewhere.

I honestly doubt that those men were meant to die.  It is my personal belief that there may have been some connection between the dangerously high level of toxic chemicals which were discovered in the Arklay Mountain region and Umbrella's sudden decision to reopen Dr. Marcus' laboratories. 

I feel Umbrella decided to

I feel Umbrella decided to reopen the MTF mainly because they had just lost the Arklay Research Facility.  Consider:  Lots of Umbrella personnel were killed during the investigation of the MTF, yet only Birkin and Wesker are aware of that.  The investigation probably started no earlier than July 1998.  The Arklay Research Facility was contaminated in mid-May; it took some time for everyone there to die, but I'm sure that within days, Umbrella decided that the place and the personnel were unsalvageable, and that the best option was to wait for everyone involved to die.  Meanwhile, they had a perfectly good facility rotting away in the woods a few miles away; Spencer probably knew about the lab beneath the chapel, and figured the facility would be an acceptable replacement for the Arklay Research Facility.

Quote: Wesker:Dear

Dear Spencer... Your umbrella has been torn, it will no longer protect you.
Now you're running away as fast as you can.

Red Queen:
Welcome to the Umbrella Archive.
Please select the desired service from the menu.

Sooner or later we'll meet and talk. About the scenario I will write...

This is really

This is really interesting. 

I've never heard of the Drama Album until now, so I'm very interested in what's in it. As much as I would like to help in translating, I only have very, VERY basic knowledge of Nihongo.

:-| Oh, well.

That's all right. Soon I'll

That's all right.

Soon I'll have a translation of the Biohazard Sound Drama ~Tragedy of Makoba Village~ booklet complete. Here's a preview.


This area is 40 kilometres away from Raccoon City in the Northwest. In a certain village called Makoba in the northern Arklay Mountains.

This village seems to be pictured on the outbreak website map.

^ On the Outbreak map?

^ On the Outbreak map? Wasn't that Arklay City?

It's just called "Arklay",

It's just called "Arklay", but it fits geographically. On a different note, I just compared Trevor's Letters to the 15min demo files and they're all different.

That means there are 16 (-Invitation) new files that nobody has translated. The Biohazard Sound Drama will have to wait.

You mean there are 16 files

You mean there are 16 files in the biohazard trial editions including Trevor's Letters and The Invitation?

I also heard rumours many moons ago that there was another file entitled 'Kenneth's Diary'. I did see a picture of it somewhere, though I'm not sure if it was just a place holder and whether the file itself actually contained any text.

I actually posted that

I actually posted that image. It's one of Trevor's Letters.

I'm saying there are 15 files (16, but invitation has been translated) new Trevor's Letters.

Really? Sounds very

Really? Sounds very interesting.

Below is a translation from

Below is a translation from Wesker's final showdown with Sergi.

That's too good a claw... Sergi. A little thing like this is going to stop me? Umbrella is already a zombie. Nothing at all remains even if you took a solemn oath.

When my country collapsed everything I relied on was gone. In the middle of that, Spencer came as a revelation bringing new hope.

Hope? ...How insignificant!

I passed the primary field test of the Tyrant and acquired my current position by exchanging ten clones of myself. So to speak, Tyrant is my brother. My dear other self. My brothers will control the world.

You're speaking nonsense. Where is Spencer hiding? Perhaps I should have you teach me!

And Gun Survivor 2.

(A letter addressed to the Rockfort Island Commander from Umbrella Inspectorate)

A brief report.

A secret investigation was performed by our agents for three months, but we have not yet been able to establish the identity of the H.C.F. spy. However, based on the ‘D’ documents obtained in Geneva, we are almost certain that the traitor who can wander around the official residence of Rockfort Island lies hidden. I promise to dispose of any such individuals as soon as they are identified.

We don’t know what the enemy is planning, but there is defiantly a threatening air drifting in from the direction of H.C.F. It seems they managed to successfully clone the stolen specimen.

Naturally, a certain man is concerned with the success. You, sir, are a man who knows perfectly well.

I’ve sent you a gift just to make sure. The B.O.W. Nemesis T-Type made in the U.S.A. The latest model demonstrated  great efforts in Raccoon City, but the foot does not stick because both the budget and management are secret expense handlings. It’s hidden in a routine shipment of machine parts that will arrive by submarine. Therefore, you and I are the only ones who know about this monster having gone over to the island.

P.S. Nemesis T-type will automatically deploy in the event of an emergency. There is no other way to activate it. Think of it as an added layer of security.

Proves that the Nemesis from

Proves that the Nemesis from Survivor 2 was American rather than European made after all.

(No subject)

WelshJ wrote: I actually

WelshJ wrote:

I actually posted that image. It's one of Trevor's Letters.

I'm saying there are 15 files (16, but invitation has been translated) new Trevor's Letters.

DO we have any further details on these? How does one access these from the Rebirth demo, trial or beta ?

They're from the 15 min.

They're from the 15 min. demo. Mark Grass created the code to extract them.

Here's another translation from Bio2.


Chief Brian Irons
Raccoon City Police Department

In the foolish betrayal of Captain Wesker of  “S.T.A.R.S.” , the mansion was blown up. But virus research will not be delayed.

The problem is that survivors escaped from the mansion. “S.T.A.R.S.” members Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Barry and Brad .

If those guys are bringing back evidence, I want you to dispose of them in absolute secrecy. Keep a close eye on them and restrict their movements. If this incident is made public, Umbrella could be held responsible.

Your liaison will be my wife, Annette, in the same manner as before.

William Birkin

Chief Brian Irons
Raccoon City Police Department

I have transferred your reward of $10, 000 for your services this term at regular meetings.

Research on the G-virus which is scheduled to replace the t-virus will be completed soon. Once complete, I’m sure to become an executive of Umbrella Corp.

More than ever, now is the time to be cautious. Chris has been sniffing around our locations. In particular, watch him carefully to make sure he never comes near the Chemical Plant site.

William Birkin

Chief Brian Irons
Raccoon City Police Department

We have a problem. Those executive guys from Umbrella HQ have sent spies to steal my in development G-virus. I don’t know how many, though it is believed to be at least two or three people.

They should not be allowed to seize the G-virus, which I developed over several years of hardship.

I want you to conduct a thorough investigation into all suspicious persons entering the town. Detain anyone you think is a possible suspect and contact me through Annette. It may even be good in some cases to assassinate them.

The G-virus is my life. I won’t forgive anyone who gets in my way. Even if that person is from Umbrella.

William Birkin

(B:DC Guide) The characteristics of the original spider have not changed, even though it has become enormous. After the accident, it seems to have fed on wild animals, mainly from the woodlands.

(Emergency Requisition Order)

Today, September 29, 1998 12:00, by means of Article 12 of Emergency Internal Procedures, all personnel attached to this aircraft will be under the command of Sergei Vladimir, Captain of the Guard.

Any refusal to obey orders will not be recognized. We cannot guarantee your safety if you disobey command.

1) This aircraft is to invade Raccoon City airspace under virus contamination. Deploy one T body to the Raccoon Police Department to ensure the total annihilation of any survivors in the police station.

2) The remaining ‘T’ on board will be deployed to the P-12A Waste Treatment Facility to attack U.S. Army special forces. The special forces are assumed to be highly trained and well equipped. We must make all efforts to ensure their destruction.

3) After that, this aircraft must leave Raccoon City airspace immediately. In addition, there will be another product to be carried out of  the nuclear district after releasing all T, but details will follow later.