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Biohazard HD Remaster Announced

Famitsu have just confirmed that a HD Remaster for Biohazard remake is in the work. More details to come soon

On eurogamer

- PS3/PS4/360/XB1/PC
- Digital only
- Europe and North America in Early 2015.
- Nov 27 2014 in Japan for PS3/360
- early 2015 for ps4/xbox one/pc in japan
- 720p for ps3/360
- 1080p for xbox one/ps4/pc
- regular/collector/limited edition
- only will be in retail form in japan for ps3

Here's the link to the official site, which they have yet to launch


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Why are they putting in a "modern control scheme? It already controls beautfully, I don't understand why there is an alternative. It will end in one of two ways 1. it will simply be aweful and nobody will use it or 2. It would make the game easier.


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For the people who've only played RE through RE6 or Operation Raccoon City, which both played like modern shooters.

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I've always wanted to play Resident Evil REmake! Now I finally get my chance once early 2015 comes!