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Capcom wants you to suffer in HD - Resident Evil 4 HD on Steam 28th of February 2014

Capcom just announced that Resident Evil 4 continues its quest to become the most ported and re-released title in the universe by doing yet another PC release of the game, this time labeled as the ultimate HD experience. With unlimited trolling potential in terms of how we'd post these news, we figured we'd just cut it short and link to the official reveal trailer:


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Revelations is next on the list just to piss off everyone who thought buying 3 copies was a good idea only to be bitterly disatisfied with the port. And why stop there? Let's have another Revival Selection for the PS4 and Xbox One!

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IF (they wont) they properly remaster the Seperate Ways cutscenes then I will make a final dip on this.  

If not, fuck off Capcom. 

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I guess I'm glad that I'm happy with the PS2 version (though I still intend on getting the Wii version at some point, when I have nothing else to buy).

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It looks exactly the same to me.