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Main Resident Evil Fanbase Is In Its 30s And 40s


The “main user group” for the Resident Evil games is now in its late-30s to 40s, Capcom have revealed. In a feature highlighting the series on their Investor Relations website, Capcom say that this poses the risk of these fans growing older and older and eventually outgrowing videogames altogether.

As always, the solution is to try and appeal to a younger generation of gamers, in an effort to ensure that you always have new players being introduced to the Resident Evil games. One approach Capcom are taking to help facilitate this is carrying out collaborations with fashion magazines.

Capcom say they’re collaborating with fashion brands that are popular among young people to help give Resident Evil more exposure among the youth.

Other marketing and promotional activities include appealing to non-gamers through a “Halloween Horror Night” event held in alliance with Universal Studios Japan and the opening of a Resident Evil café in Shibuya, Tokyo.



George Trevor (not verified)

Utter bollocks, as proved by the gulf in enthusiasm between the followers of this community and the Spanish speaking teenage communities of Resident Evil Center & Resident Evil Database, but I expect nothing less from the tired, irrelevant, inept company that Capcom have become.

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Its shit like this that makes me think this series wont last another 15 year anniversary. They're way of thinking is we already have these guys but to hell with them they will buy any old bullshit so lets focus on someone else to grow our audience. Same old greedy bullshit from Capcom. I dont like to turn my back on franchises I supported so long out of being faithful but its like being in a relationship with someone that doesnt give a shit about you yet we worship them nah its tine to draw a line.

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I stopped thinking RE would last a further 15 years once RE5 and RE6 came out. Lost in Nightmares and Revelations have been the only releases I've enjoyed since 2009.