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Project Umbrella Podcast - Episode 15

Episode 15 of the Project Umbrella Podcast has been successfully recorded. Focuses on BIOHAZARD: GUN SURVIVOR

Download: HERE


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"VINCENT! It's your mother"! XD Great podcast guys!


George Trevor (not verified)

Thanks for the support ~ this was my favorite podcast to date.

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No problem ;) Every podcast shold have an impersonation section, hehe


P.S If I could give one criticsm: GT you really could have made a Golden Sun reference during the "it feels like a turn based rpg" bit......I kid, I kid

George Trevor (not verified)

I am such a nerd to even say that I am now annoyed I missed an opportunity to name-check Golden Sun, but I must also say (making me an even bigger nerd) that only the combat is turn-based, and I was thinking of those RPGs where everything is turn-based, like Fire Emblem !

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Hehe, what about something like 'Final Fantasy Tactics' or even 'Tactics Ogre'?


P.S Oh that reminds me Fire Emblem: Awakening still hasn't come out in Australia <_>

carliexzqohodges (not verified)

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