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Project Umbrella Podcast - Episode 22

Episode 22 of the Project Umbrella Podcast has been successfully recorded. The focus is on BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK: FILE 2.

Download: HERE


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"Piss off 5 was way better than 4" Mr Spencer I applaud you. I said it before and I will say it again the further this series decends into madness the better RE5 starts to look.

Nice podcast again guys, I am really glad that you have seen this through to the end. Its kind of sad that you have run out of games to talk about now. I love the idea of you guys starting a thread for suggestions/topics for you to discuss on a podcast thats an excellent idea. I would also enjoy a timeline podcast and a mini games podcast such as Deadly Silence and Gaiden and such.

I will try and make a call in for Degeneration, Not really sure what I can add to the conversation as I have only ever called in about games and its abit different talking about a movie. Anyway looking forward to that.

Also have you guys thought of uploading these podcasts to your Youtube channel? It will get your channel more hits and may also introduce new people to the site. Just a thought.

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I enjoy RE5, just like I enjoy any game in the series, with a few notable exceptions (*cough*Gaiden*cough*), but there are problems with it.

1) the inventory; nine slots was just too few, if it had RE4's inventory system, it would be much better
2) the pacing; the game is slower than molasses until Chapter 5, and then it goes too fast, which they touched upon on the podcast
3) no interesting BSAA characters save Chris, Sheva and Jill; by the time the Ndesu came around, I wanted the BSAA to die
4) monster Wesker; I don't care how much of a series staple it is, even in the volcano, he should have been his normal self, it would have made the fight better

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Thanks, will listen later, what happen with the live podcast?.

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A podcast with Deadly Silence and Mercs 3D will be great! Those games are really good.

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Very nice. Loved it.