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BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM The Female Spy Ada Lives (バイオハザード2 ドラマアルバム 〜生きていた女スパイ・エイダ〜) was a radio drama written by FLAGSHIP centered on the character of Ada Wong after the events of BIOHAZARD 2. It was originally broadcast on Radio Osaka in early 1999 and later released by publisher Suleputer as a drama album with the title BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM. It is set in an alternative universe timeline from the games.

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The creed of Derek C. Simmons is "stability."
The organization he commands, "The Family", pulls the strings in the background and secretly maneuvers in the world behind the scenes for the preservation of global stability.

Project Umbrella Translation


A beautiful woman of Asian origin encountered in the police department basement parking lot. Her true nature is as a female spy belonging to the rival company of Umbrella, who had infiltrated Umbrella since a previous incident and was continuing espionage.

Before the incident, she acquired information on the G-Virus from the chief researcher of the Arklay Laboratory and received an order to recover a sample of the G-Virus, and searches Raccoon City where Zombies wander.

To get clues on G, she searched for Ben Bertolucci, who was investigating the incident before the biohazard outbreak.

Project Umbrella Translation


In 1998, Ada Wong sneaked into Raccoon City in response to a request from Albert Wesker, the father of Jake Muller.

The order she was assigned was to recover the "G-Virus" that the father of Sherry Birkin, William, schemed to monopolize. Upon carrying out her order, Ada received interference from William's wife and Sherry's mother, Annette, who would not hand over the virus her husband developed, and she succeeded in obtaining a sample of the virus through using Leon S. Kennedy, who she met in Raccoon City. She achieved her return to Wesker.

Project Umbrella Translation


Age unknown. Affiliation unknown. An international female spy. Her identity and purpose are entirely unclear, and even the name Ada Wong isn't her real name.

With exceptional physical abilities and a clear mind, she handles even the most difficult requests without fault. In addition, she also has composure, a stalwart heart, and always copes with severe situations. However, Ada seems to have some "true purpose" and doesn't mind betraying organizations and clients in order to achieve it, either.