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Project Umbrella Translation


January 30
There's a forbidden room in the Antarctic's hall.
I don't know what's hidden inside, but I know how to get in.
I should use those three jewels the three of us, parent and children, wear to prove we are legitimate successors of the Ashford family. The problem is how to get father's proof.

Project Umbrella Translation


Ever since I discovered traces of an ancient virus within the genes of a queen ant, I have devoted myself to the study of ants and the building of an anthill.
The ecology of ants is truly ideal. For one anthill, a single queen ant dominates and the soldier and worker ants are the queen ant's slaves. They give their lives to the queen ant.

When the queen ant dies, this signifies that the anthill itself has collapsed. As long as there's a queen ant, there will be plenty of substitutes for the soldier and worker ants.
Quite simply, this is befitting of the relationship between myself and the ignorant masses.

Project Umbrella Translation


Lord Alfred
Please allow me to explain in this letter why I suddenly took my leave.

I have served since your father Lord Alexander's generation, and have shared the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family for a long time. The Lord unexpectedly disappeared 15 years ago and an accident during research took the life of our Lady Alexia.
Lord Alfred, you were young and became the family head, likely to break at any moment in the sorrow of having lost all your loving immediate family.

Project Umbrella Translation


The more I study T-Veronica I harvested from the queen ant, I am surprised by its hidden potential.

I finally transplanted the virus into myself and discovered a method for gaining its power.
I will suppress the activity of the virus at a low temperature so that cell transformation should be gradual, to avoid a failure like when I experimented on my father.

According to my calculations, to have immunity to the virus, it will take 15 years to become able to coexist. Meanwhile, I will use that incompetent but loyal soldier ant, my brother, to defend the capsule. However, to gain great power, some sacrifices and risks are unavoidable.

t-Veronica virus (short for Tyrant Veronica virus) was an artificial RNA virus created by Alexia Ashford through incorporating queen ant and plant genes into the Progenitor virus. It was named after the founder of the Ashford family and possessed the absolute dominance ability of a queen ant which could control low-level infected hosts like a queen. It was officially classified as a t-virus, but its purpose greatly deviated from the t-Virus Project.