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Delucia was the hometown of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) officer Brad Vickers. 1


  1. 1. Brad's Note

Stoneville was a small country town in the American Midwest and the nearest town to Raccoon City.


The Raccoon-Stoneville Line was a tram line linking the two towns. It travelled from Raccoon Street Station eastwards and over the Circular River. The two towns were also connected by the Kite Brothers Railway. Barry Burton and Robert Kendo often went fishing in the town. 1

Project Umbrella Translation


-Operation Report- September 26
This Raccoon Police Department has produced a large number of deceased and injured due to the sudden zombie attack. The communications equipment was damaged on this occasion. Communication with the outside has become impossible.

An operations will be held as scheduled to prevent the expansion of damage and rescue survivors probably still in the station. I'll record the operation discussion here.

This second report continues on from the original, and is written one day following on the 28th September, 1998. The recorder is an officer called Elliot Edward, who reports on the death of "David" - presumably David Ford. Elliot records that zombies overran the operation room, resulting in the deaths of four more officers. A plan is drawn up, regarding the evacuation of the RPD via the sewers. Elliot also states that the only door leading underground is locked, and that the key has been hidden in the western office for anyone who may find the report.

Project Umbrella Translation


〜Patrol Report〜
September 20 9:30 PM
Reporter: Sergeant Neil Carlsen

In response to a report that there was a lurker in the sewer on the outskirts of Raccoon City, I searched through the sewer.
I discovered a suspiscious looking person. I attempted to question them, but they escaped.

The following were discovered at the scene.

・Plastic explosive - small amount
・Timed electric fuse
・9x19mm parabellum bullet cartridge
・Infrared scope (use is impossible from damage)


Official Japanese Transcript