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The Cerberus (Code Number: MA-39) was dog-based B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) series developed by the Umbrella Corporation using the t-virus. By applying the social nature of dogs, tactical use was possible and the Cerberus entered the most successful category in test subjects using animals as hosts. It is distinct from the Zombie Dog, but their characteristics are the same.

Project Umbrella Translation


May 9. 1998
Played poker tonight with Scott and Elias from Security, and Steve from Research.
Steve was the big winner, but I think he was cheating.

May 10. 1998
Today the top brass researchers asked me to take care of a new monster.
It looks like a skinned gorilla.
When I threw in a pig, the creature seemed to play with it, tearing off the pig's legs and pulling out the internal organs before it finally started eating.

Project Umbrella Translation


September 23
It's all over. Umbrella have ruined my city!
Soon, the city will become full of Zombies. Even I may be infected.
If that happens, I'll kill everyone in the city!!

September 24
I've successfully disrupted the interior of the police station. There's no need to worry about support coming from the outside.
The escape of the masses in the city will be hopeless if this merely delays police response.
I've also severed escape routes from the inside already.
On the floor below, a group of survivors desperately escaped and seem to be working out a plan, but from this point forward, no one will get out.

Neptune (Code No. "FI-03") was an early marine B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) model based on sharks, developed by the Umbrella Corporation through injecting a Great White shark with an in-development strain of the t-virus, and later observed in the form of Bull sharks. The purpose of its development was not to achieve results as a combat weapon, but to confirm whether the t-virus could adapt to creatures other than those on land.