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Leon Scott Kennedy was an American agent and former police officer. He survived the viral outbreak incident in Raccoon City and became involved in activities focused on destroying the Umbrella Corporation, harboring an intense resentment for bioterrorism. He had a strong sense of justice and put the safety of others above his own with excellent physical strength and decision-making ability. After receiving special training as an agent, he displayed a great degree of comfort in dangerous situations by telling jokes on top of his general lack of fear.

The Nemesis-T Type (Nemesis-Tyrant Type, also called "Pursuer") was a third-generation B.O.W. developed by the European branch of the Umbrella Corporation through the use of the artificial "NE-α Type" parasitic organism, generally called "Nemesis". By combining the parasite with a host Tyrant body, a B.O.W. with superior intelligence, combat abilities and a higher capacity for following orders and carrying them out independently is created. Its improved intelligence gives it the capacity to follow orders as well as the ability to operate a variety of weaponry.

Tyrant (T-002 Type) was the second prototype Tyrant developed by the Umbrella Corporation at the Arklay Laboratory, and was a combat model which became the basis for all subsequent Tyrants. The "ultimate life-form" achieved using a strong adult man as the base. It was the pinnacle of B.O.W.s which emphasized combat efficiency and was named "Tyrant", the proper name of the t-virus. It had superior thinking ability for observing commands and its durability and endurance were extremely high.

Proto Tyrant (T-001 Type) also known simply as "Prototype Tyrant" was the first prototype model of the "Tyrant" B.O.W., developed as part of the "Tyrant Project" aiming for the creation of an "ultimate life-form" using the t-virus.