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Ada Wong (alias; real name unknown) was a Chinese spy with exceptional physical abilities, stalwart heart and composed mind capable of coping with severe situations and handling even the most difficult requests without fault.

She had her own "true purpose" and often betrayed organizations and clients in order to achieve it. This true purpose is still unknown and whether she truly cared for anyone or simply used her charms to manipulate people was never clear.

"Protecting the health of the people."

The Umbrella Corporation was a giant multinational and multidiscipline concern based in Germany that boasted global-scale shares. It was comprised of several subsidiary and affiliate companies united under a single parent company, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. It was the world's largest pharmaceutical company by revenue for several decades.

Raccoon City was a mid-sized industrial town in the American Midwestern state of Missouri with a population of approximately 100,000 at its peak. The city's football team was the Raccoon Sharks and it was home to the popular rock band Big E and soft drink Juicy Raccoon.

Dr. James Marcus was an authority on virology and co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation. He was one of the discoverers of the Progenitor virus and creator of the first t-virus strain. He was superior as a scientist but was excessively cruel and cold in his devotion to virus research. He served as the first director of the Umbrella Executive Training Center and was assassinated at the age of 70.