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The Progenitor virus (also known as the Clay virus) was a unique mutagenic retrovirus, a type of RNA virus discovered from a rare flower in West Africa. It possessed the ability to parasitize a host at a cellular level and mutate DNA and recombine genes, thereby strengthening a host's characteristics but causing detrimental mutations when cells developed abnormally. It was unknown to most of human civilization until its discovery by the founders of the Umbrella Corporation, who kept its existence top-secret and applied it to "B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons)" development, living biological weapons for military application.

Project Umbrella Translation


S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team Officer.
She is dexterous and not only skilled in lock-picking and explosive ordinance disposal, but also excels in situation analysis.

In addition, she received training in Delta Force and her shooting abilities are exceptional.

After the collapse of Raccoon City, she joined the Private Anti-Biohazard Service with Chris and her goal is to completely crush Umbrella.

She is serious with a strong sense of justice and can put her thoughts immediately into action.
Since she doesn't complain much, she tends to be viewed as strong, but occasionally she shows tenderness and a feminine delicacy.

Rebecca Chambers was a former rookie officer of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) assigned to Bravo Team under the position RS (Rear Security). She was in charge of medical needs and possessed extensive knowledge in chemistry.

Wesker's Extra Report is the third chronicle narrated by Albert Wesker which details the back-story behind the "Umbrella's End" scenario in BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES. It was first released with the "Expert Package" of the game. It was released again in the BIOHAZARD archives II book.

Leon Scott Kennedy was an American agent and former police officer. He survived the viral outbreak incident in Raccoon City and became involved in activities focused on destroying the Umbrella Corporation, harboring an intense resentment for bioterrorism. He had a strong sense of justice and put the safety of others above his own with excellent physical strength and decision-making ability. After receiving special training as an agent, he displayed a great degree of comfort in dangerous situations by telling jokes on top of his general lack of fear.