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Project Umbrella Translation


-Operation Report- September 26
This Raccoon Police Department has produced a large number of deceased and injured due to the sudden zombie attack. The communications equipment was damaged on this occasion. Communication with the outside has become impossible.

An operations will be held as scheduled to prevent the expansion of damage and rescue survivors probably still in the station. I'll record the operation discussion here.

The Licker was a genetically mutated Zombie created by a mutation caused by a certain variant of the t-virus. It evolved into a faster and deadlier hunter with a greater muscular structure and athletic abilities. It is easily recognized by its extremely long tongue.

The Licker β was an advanced B.O.W. developed by TRICELL based on the original Licker first discovered in Raccoon City outbreak in 1998. 1

Project Umbrella Translation


February 19
When I heard it was "that" African laboratory of Umbrella, I was hopeful. But when I saw it, well, it's a lab in name only. I don't know how Umbrella ever used it, and who knows how TRICELL could possibly have any use for it.

Since it was an already abandoned lab, there was no longer any good data left and most equipment had been taken away.
Well, I can't say I'm shocked, as I expected this.
The Progenitor Virus is vital.

Without that, there'd be no need to come to this old Umbrella lab.
We already have the t-Virus, G-Virus and t-Veronica. We even have the Plaga. We've gathered everything.

Project Umbrella Translation


Zombies with further t-Virus erosion that underwent a mutation.

It was named "Licker = one who licks" after its impressively long tongue.

Its brain enlarged and was exposed in the process of the mutation and newly-formed muscular tissue was exposed from its peeled-off skin.

Its skeleton underwent a complete transformation and assumed a quadrupedal position, and it can move by crawling on ceilings.

Its athletic capabilities and instantaneous force are far beyond that of a Zombie and it is sensitive to sound, and when it discovers prey, it attacks by stretching its tongue out like a spear.