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"Plant 43" (more commonly known as "Ivy") was a plant-based B.O.W. developed by the Umbrella Corporation after analysing the data collected from Plant 42 during the Mansion Incident in an attempt to develop it as a marketable biological weapon. A poisonous variant exists known as "Poison Ivy".

Monster Plants were mutant vines produced through accidental infection with the t-virus. These plants gain a limited capacity for movement, and can ensnare human victims or lash at them like whips. 1 2

"Plant 42" was originally an unspecified insectivore plant species, this subject grew at an alarming rate when it became infected with the t-virus in the guardhouse following an accident at the Arklay Laboratory on May 11, 1998. It is named after the place of its discovery: observation point 42 in the guardhouse. 1

The Rafflesia was a rare endoparasite plant with no stems, leaves or roots. The zoo in Raccoon City was one institution which had a specimen of the plant.


The Rafflesia contained in the large terrarium dome of Raccoon Zoo coincidentally bloomed during the week of the biohazard caused by the t-virus outbreak in September 1998. As a result, it became infected.

The "Green Zombie" was the result of an ordinary zombie that had been consumed by T-virus infected plantae. The development of both creatures is somewhat unique, with the plant using the zombie as a means to propagate itself. A symbiotic relationship exists between the plant and the host body, with the body utilising the plants' poison as an effective weapon.