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Project Umbrella Translation


Ever since I discovered traces of an ancient virus within the genes of a queen ant, I have devoted myself to the study of ants and the building of an anthill.
The ecology of ants is truly ideal. For one anthill, a single queen ant dominates and the soldier and worker ants are the queen ant's slaves. They give their lives to the queen ant.

When the queen ant dies, this signifies that the anthill itself has collapsed. As long as there's a queen ant, there will be plenty of substitutes for the soldier and worker ants.
Quite simply, this is befitting of the relationship between myself and the ignorant masses.

Project Umbrella Translation


The more I study T-Veronica I harvested from the queen ant, I am surprised by its hidden potential.

I finally transplanted the virus into myself and discovered a method for gaining its power.
I will suppress the activity of the virus at a low temperature so that cell transformation should be gradual, to avoid a failure like when I experimented on my father.

According to my calculations, to have immunity to the virus, it will take 15 years to become able to coexist. Meanwhile, I will use that incompetent but loyal soldier ant, my brother, to defend the capsule. However, to gain great power, some sacrifices and risks are unavoidable.

Project Umbrella Translation


ECHELON (Échelon in French) decoded sentences of a highly encrypted email found of an unknown sender. It was discovered as a result of the National Security Agency (NSA) searching on "Alexia." It was sent in the midst of the Rockfort Island incident, and its relevance with the disaster is believed to be high.

From: Red Eyes [ ]
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 1998 0:59 AM
To: Golden Sheep
Subject: Encounter with T-Veronica

Project Umbrella Translation


As with the t-Virus, t-Veronica was created using the "Progenitor Virus" as the raw material.
The creation method has become relatively clear and it's been said that queen ant and plant genes were incorporated into the Progenitor Virus.

Not only are the cells of organisms infected with t-Veronica rapidly affected, an extreme rejection also destroys brain cells.
It is less dangerous in comparison with the t-Virus which creates mutational mutants and the G-Virus which creates new life-forms, but in terms of deadliness to humans, there's no difference and the viruses are equally dangerous.

※ WARNING The following information is to be handled with care!