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Project Umbrella Translation


My father Edward discovered the Progenitor Virus in collaboration with fellow nobleman Lord Spencer and repeatedly conducted research for military application.
Soon, research results began to appear, and variants of the Progenitor Virus came to be generally called T-Virus.
Father and the others established Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in order to camouflage this research.

Jon Toleman was an Umbrella Corporation employee assigned to the Arklay Laboratory.


Toleman received an order from Oswell E. Spencer to hide an imitation key crucial to one of the mansion's traps. Toleman thought of an idea to hide it on the mansion's most violent dog, and wrote a memo to an unknown colleague requesting that he place the a collar containing the key on the dog. 1

Nikolai Zinoviev (Николай Зиновьев) was an Umbrella Corporation agent and former Sergeant in the Soviet Armed Forces. He was a highly skilled and merciless individual concerned only with financial gain. His field work contributed to B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) research and development.

Lord Oswell E. Spencer was a virologist and prideful multimillionaire aristocrat with absolute power as the world famous Chairman and CEO of the Umbrella Corporation.

As one of the company's three founders, he took part in the search that led to the discovery of the Progenitor virus. A cold, ruthless, elitist and ambitious individual, he mercilessly murdered his rivals and gradually increased his power within the company. His hobbies were hunting and art collecting. 1

Sergei Vladimir was a former Colonel in the Soviet Army and later an executive of the Umbrella Corporation. His official title was "Captain of the Guard" and he was involved with the Tyrant Project, instrumental in the formation of the U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) and led the company's internal surveillance organization. He formed a radical faction within the company loyal to Oswell E. Spencer. He was still referred to as "Colonel" as a nickname.