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Project Umbrella Translation

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July 10 2:40 PM
ID: Don Weller
Purpose: For the transportation of specialty chemicals

August 16 2:40 AM
ID: Brian Irons
Purpose: For attendance at regular meetings

August 21 12:00 AM
ID: William Birkin
Purpose: For Raccoon City inspection

Official Transcript

June 28th

Project Umbrella Translation


Chief Brian Irons, Raccoon City Police Department

In the foolish betrayal of "S.T.A.R.S." Captain Wesker, the mansion was blown up.
But virus research will not be delayed.
The problem is that survivors escaped from the mansion. "S.T.A.R.S." officers Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Barry and Brad. Keep a close eye on them and restrict their movements, and if they bring back evidence, I want you to dispose of them in absolute secrecy. If this incident is made public, the company could be held responsible.
Your liaison will be my wife Annette, in the same manner as before.
William Birkin

Chief Brian Irons, Raccoon City Police Department

The God virus was a reassortant t-virus strain discovered and developed by William Birkin to promote human evolution. It didn't merely induce random mutations like the t-virus but evolved the host into a new species capable of breeding. Although initially an enhanced t-virus strain, its properties greatly differed. It was in the possession of several organizations after being stolen from Raccoon City. 1

Project Umbrella Translation


A skilled scientist prided by Umbrella.
The general director of the G-Virus development project.

He became the heart of t-Virus related research in order to take over Marcus' research.

However, he conflicted with Umbrella Headquarters on the circumstances of G-Virus development and secretly approached the U.S. government.

Therefore, he was attacked by the Special Forces of Umbrella, and just before his death, he administered G to himself and became a monster.
He had a wife, Annette, and only daughter, Sherry.

Official Japanese Transcript


Project Umbrella Translation


It seems a maturation period of just twenty one years since administration of the Progenitor Virus was necessary to lead to G's discovery. Thinking about it now I understand it easily, the test subject absorbed the "prototype parasite" we ordered from the French laboratory.
It indulged in a long slumber over twenty one years within the test subject's body and changed through mutation. ("evolution" is downright fitting.)